10 Best College Backpacks in 2022

College Backpacks

A style is all about how well you stand out from a crowd; it is what defines your outer charm. It is not restricted only to the way you keep your hair or the way you dress, it also includes how well you carry certain accessories on you. An awesome college backpack might not be necessarily an accessory you use always, but it definitely attracts the looks when you sling it over your shoulder and walk through the campus. The brand logo, the texture of the fabric, finishing and the colours- all these makeup as the pointers by which your style would be judged from your backpack and the way you carry it. It acts as a supporting role to your natural charm, with all the bold and shining parts of your personality getting accentuated with its presence.

Not only the style, but the quality is also a deal breaker which cannot be ignored in case of a backpack. After all, you don’t want your books to fall out in front of the class and bend down to pick them up, do you? The layers and compartments should be stitched well and quality fabric must be used to make the outer layer. Needless to say, one with a good quality backpack is known to be wise with choosing durable backpacks and one with cute school backpacks have wise fashion choices. There are different types of backpacks one can choose from. Starting from a simple backpack to Patagonia waterproof backpacks, you can choose from a plethora of choices in order to the one backpack you love and also the most comfortable backpack you can have.

HP Canvas Backpack
  • Power adapter (65W)
  • 22400-mAh battery
  • Waterproof design

KROSER Laptop Backpack
  • 40-litre capacity
  • Fits 18-inch laptop
  • Five-point strap

  • TSA approved
  • RFID protection
  • Waterproof design

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1. HP Canvas Backpack

HP Canvas Backpack

Made with heavy-duty canvas, the laptop backpack from Hewlett-Packard has a built-in high capacity 22400 mAh battery along with two USB micro cables and a laptop cable that makes it one of the best urban backpack. It also comes with a built-in heat sensor that controls the backpack’s temperature. Also compliant with the security prerequisites for in-flight carry-ons, this one is surely one of the cool backpacks for men and women who have frequent business travels and have to be in the work mode even on the flight. The interior padding and the durable straps make it a comfortable backpack to carry around. Even on the rainy days, as there is a separate raincoat that goes over the backpack.

See more information on HP Canvas Backpack.

Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • It is a chic looking laptop backpack for college.
  • Can charge smartphones, laptops, tablets and whatnots.
Dimensions: 6.299*19.685*12.992 inches
Fabric: Heavy duty canvas
Weight: 4.23 pounds.
Extra feature: Can charge smart devices and meets all the security requirements, hence can be carried on-board a flight.

Our Verdict

It looks elegant and you can charge your smart devices on the go. How cool is that? And being a top rated backpack, one cannot simply reject this one.

2. Everki Titan Backpack

 Everki Titan Backpack

Isn’t it inconvenient to keep your mp3 player in the pockets or to hold them always in your hands? Presenting you the best-rated backpacks from Everki, with their durable nylon exteriors and water resistant cover and quite the travel-friendly ones. The 5 point balance strap system ensures that the weight is evenly distributed so that the backpack doesn’t seem to be burdensome. There is a separate compartment for smart devices with a felt interior that also has a media cable outlet through which the cords of the headphones can pass. The large zippers and metal pulls are made using heavy duty materials so that they don’t break easily.

See more information on Everki Titan Backpack.

Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • One can listen to their podcasts and music with the device kept inside the bag.
  • Multiple layers of padded protection and straps for devices to be held in place.
  • Travel friendly.
  • 40 L capacity.
Dimensions: 21.3*15*8.3 inches
Fabric: Nylon
Weight: 4.42 pounds
Extra feature: Accessories pouch and media cable outlet. 180 degree foldout design.

Our Verdict

The name Titan itself stands out for the cool backpacks from Everki. For the one who is always on the go, this back to school backpack is a very great choice.

3. Swissdigital Extra Large Backpack

Swissdigital Extra Large Backpack

With a design that facilitates air flow around a reinforced structure made of durable polyester and high-density nylon, the Swiss digital Story stylish backpacks for college and office is one among the top in the list of durable and cheap school backpacks. The multipurpose bags have S curved padded shoulder straps that are wide and a luggage belt that comes handy when you have one hand free to pull the luggage. The lay flat 180 degree opening of the backpack is beneficial for safety checkpoints and is totally TSA friendly. The extra large backpacks have many side pockets for organised packing of things and extra strong zippers that have a long life.

See more information on Swissdigital Extra Large Backpack.

Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • USB charging port.
  • Large capacity.
  • Travel friendly.
Dimensions: 12*7.8*18.5 inches
Fabric: 1680D polyester and high density 210D nylon
Weight: 2.8 pounds
Extra features: EVA molded add a bag syste, reflective stripe and RFID Data Protection Pocket.

Our Verdict

At this much economical price, there’s no competition to these multipurpose heavy duty backpacks.

4. Yorepek Travel/ Laptop Backpack,

Yorepek Travel/ Laptop Backpack,

Available in four attractive colours, the travel laptop bags by Yorepek are one of the best backpacks for college students. The extra large backpacks have 3 main multi compartments which are quite spacious and has a lot of pockets to keep smaller items. The side pockets are elastic in nature and can hold bottles or umbrellas easily. The bags can also accommodate a laptop with 17 inches dimension in terms of its length. The rugged handle with steel cable present on the top of the bags make it quite convenient to carry them around and with the additional features such as the external USB port for charging and the media cable outlet, the bags become more multipurpose. The shoulder straps have padded sponge and have a lanyard design making it easy to hang items on it. The backside has a U shaped three-dimensional ventilation design that allows easy passage of air.

See more information on Yorepek Travel/ Laptop Backpack.

Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Extra large capacity.
  • Multiple pockets.
  • Quite durable.
Dimensions: 18.1*8.3*14.2 inches
Fabric: polyester and nylon
Weight: 2.5 pounds
Extra features: 45L capacity, TSA friendly, tear and water resistant.

Our Verdict

The removable key ring is also an additional feature that makes it a best backpack. Also, there are four different colours to choose from, so that is one good choice from cute backpacks for high school to choose from.

5. KROSER Laptop Backpack

KROSER Laptop Backpack

The range of cool girls backpacks from Krosher has an anti-theft pocket that allows one to keeps their valuable items. Now that diamond chain won’t be lost if you keep them in this secure pocket. This is gender neutral, by the way, and thus it is also one of the best backpacks for men. Available in two elegant shades of grey and charcoal black, these backpacks with well padded back and shoulder straps have multiple compartments for almost anything ranging from a small pen drive to a 17 inches laptop. Though there is a USB port, it doesn’t include a power bank. There is also a luggage belt that helps you to pull along with a hook that can be used to hang those sunglasses.

See more information on KROSER Laptop Backpack.

Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Water repellent.
  • Multi compartment.
  • Comfort and durability.
Dimensions: 18.8*13.2*8 inches
Fabric: Water repellent canvas poly
Weight: 1.98 pounds
Extra features: Removable keychain, glasses hook, luggage belt and anti theft pocket.

Our Verdict

It is so worth the price, plus it looks stylish with minimal efforts.

6. The North Face Unisex Vault Backpack

The North Face Unisex Vault Backpack

The brand is so reputed that it has a separate fan base searching for best north face backpacks instead of normal backpacks. Top notch among popular college backpacks, the unisex vault backpacks have a front compartment with internal organizer, 15” padded laptop sleeve, padded tablet sleeve and padded straps. Not only backpacks, but Northface is also reputed for its hiking and outdoor apparels. The Northface backpacks are known for their amazing designs and colours. It is not waterproof, but it does quite a good job at shielding items.

See more information on The North Face Unisex Vault Backpack.

Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Top quality brand.
  • Athletic look and feel.
  • Available in 20 colours.
Dimensions: 15*13.25*13 inches
Fabric: polyester
Weight: 1.68 pounds
Extra features: high durability, 27L capacity.

Our Verdict

Northface is well, northface. The reputed brand is known to produce backpacks without any compromise on the quality.

7. Under Armour Storm Contender Backpack

Under Armour Storm Contender Backpack

With the UA technology, the backpacks of the Storm Contender series are made with 100% polyester and they have a tough abrasion resistant bottom panel. The laptop sleeve is soft lined, which takes extra care of your laptop at the same time protecting it well. The interior is fully padded and is quite adjustable, which makes it easy to be used by anyone. The heat gear present keeps the backpacks, especially the shoulder straps at the optimum temperature. The front pockets are water repellent which keeps your valuables safe from water. The top grab handle is comfortable to use and the 2-D rings on the front along with the molle webbing add up to its qualities of being good backpacks for college.

See more information on Under Armour Storm Contender Backpack.

Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Water repellent front pockets.
  • Abrasion resistant bottom.
  • Available in 7 attractive colours.
Dimensions: 19*13*10 inches
Fabric: polyester
Weight: 1 pounds
Extra features: Molle webbing.

Our Verdict

It’s quite a good investment if you are looking for a regular use backpack.

8. NEVO RHINO Backpack


The back to school backpacks from Nevo Rhino has a capacity of 30L, which is quite sufficient for a two-day hike into the woods. The backpack comes with a rain cover that can be used when it is all rainy outside and you have a couple of documents in the bag that you don’t want to be drenched in water. The shoulder straps are padded with the sponge and the mesh ventilation ensures that there is proper air flow. The backpack contains a security zipper compartment hidden within the backpack, along with the main compartment, two water bottle pockets and lanyard for convenient hanging of keys and chains. One year warranty is also included with the package.

See more information on NEVO RHINO Backpack.

Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Made of high quality nylon and it is durable.
  • 30 L capacity.
  • Waterproof rain cover is included.
  • Best customer service.
Dimensions: 19.69*6.3*11.81 inches
Fabric: Nylon
Weight: 1.76 pounds
Extra features: Adjustable sternum strap, Reflective stripes on both shoulder straps and two adjustable buckles.

Our Verdict

This comes under an economical range, therefore, it’s a wise choice to be invested in.

9. GreenCity Outdoor Backpack

GreenCity Outdoor Backpack

One among the top backpacks, the expandable backpacks from GreenCity fulfils the criteria for the best multipurpose backpacks. The maximum capacity it can be expanded to is 64L and there are three main compartments in the backpack. The front part of the backpack has molle threading which allows one to add pouches and also to make carrying by hand easier. In an innovative DIY system, the backpack can be modified a bit here and there by adding pouches with Velcro. The chest belt reduces the pressure of the bag on the body. The thickness of the side can be modified by adjusting the zippers, which can change the measure of the side from 8” to 13”. In addition, this bag is also waterproof, thus making it suitable to be taken anywhere.

See more information on GreenCity Outdoor Backpack.

Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Thickness of the side can be adjusted.
  • Maximum capacity is 64L.
  • DIY system of adding pouches.
  • Waterproof.
  • Suitable for any activity.
Dimensions: 13*11*3 inches
Fabric: 600 denier polyester with vinyl backing
Weight: 2.6 pounds
Extra features: DIY system of adding pouches, organizer pocket with several mesh compartments, side parachute clasps and easy grip zipper pulls.

Our Verdict

The DIY is so cool as it allows us to customize a little. Also, this heavy duty backpack can be used anywhere.

10. Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack

Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack

One of the best backpacks among aer duffel bags, the 25 L backpacks of the Parkside series from Timbuk2 are quite the reputation. There are 3 interior slip pockets and 4 exterior pockets along with a large main compartment. The custom fit design allows the wearer to feel comfortable and there is a front zip pocket apart from the secure zip compartment that erases away any discomfort the user may have regarding the safety of his valuables. The backpack has two quirks that one may find amazing, one is the presence of an on-strap bottle opener that may come handy during chill out sessions with booze and the other being the vista loop to which blinky bike lights can be attached. The back exterior of the backpack is properly ventilated that makes space for air flow.

See more information on Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack.

Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Bottle opener and vista loops.
  • 20L capacity.

Dimensions: 10.6*18.1*7.3 inches
Fabric: polyester
Weight: 1.6 pounds
Extra features: Vista loops.

Our Verdict

With this backpack, one doesn’t have the chance of not being able to crack open a soda bottle. But other than that, this is a very good product which is affordable too.

Things to look for in a College Backpack – BUYERS’ GUIDE

A college backpack doesn’t come with many complications. It depends from person to person. But there are certain factors to keep in mind while buying one as sometimes we tend to forget that we want a bag that would carry our laptop and the books, but end up buying a duffel bag that looks like it can be used in an expedition of 21 days. College backpacks are all about style, durability and comfort. The backpacks are meant to help you carry your things and also to project a personality charm by the way it looks right on you and the way it complements your attire. Therefore, we are here to help you pick out the right college backpack for you. Follow the steps below and you will thank us later.

A prerequisite would be knowing what type of bag to buy. Whether it would be a regular backpack or a hiking backpack, it’s up to you. But it is advisable not to go for heavy-looking bags, which might look burdensome rather than casual and laidback.

First things first, you must have a budget. Because there are plenty of backpacks in the sea, sorry, the market, the choices are numerous. So, therefore, set a limit. If you have a particular brand in mind, then go for it. If not, browse accordingly. Know the expected range of a backpack that is simply looking but has great features and compares it with the budget you have in mind. Increase your expectations until the budget’s maximum limit. If you are still not satisfied, increase your budget accordingly. Once the expectations are met, bring out the features you really want to be there. Zero down by features like colour, style and size.

Once that is done, check for the durability of the backpack. A good backpack is the one that can handle stress and won’t show wear or tear until the backpack has been continuously used for 5-6 years in normal condition. The fabric strength, durability, resistance to wear and tear and it’s warranty should be looked out for.

Once you are sure with the price, style and the quality of the backpack, there is no stopping you. Go ahead and buy the backpack you love and make it yours for the rest of your college term. Hang it over your shoulder with the pride and feel good that a good investment has been done on a backpack that you have deemed to be the best one.


  • Add in a funky looking keychain like that of dreamcatchers, stars and letters
  • Use some quality colour shades to paint a minimalistic design on the backpack
  • Tie some threads and cloth on the handles
  • Use water and liquid soap to wash the exterior at an interval of 30 days
  • Do not scrub hard