10 Best Car Phone Holders of 2022

Car Phone Holders

It is not recommendable to drive while using your smartphone. By doing so, causing an accident will be a click away. However, if you must use your phone while driving, make sure that you have a car phone holder around. They work on dashboards, cup holders, windows, and windshields of vehicles. They also have secure holders that you can adjust to improve the position of your phone. For the best results, shop for a heavy-duty model that can support the weight of your phone. It should be easy to set up and designed to fit and work seamlessly in your car.

List of the Best Car Phone Holders of 2022

10. Loncaster Car Phone Holder

Loncaster Car Phone Holder

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The Loncaster car phone holder will make your driving life seamless and enjoyable. It applies to several dashboards except on a few curved surfaces like 2008 Toyota Yaris, mini cooper, 2016 Subaru Impreza, among others. It is easy to mount on the dashboard, release and operate your smartphone with one hand. The Loncaster car phone holder is full of magnets and silicone material to prevent your phone from getting scratches, with a gel pad that is easy to clean. Its non-slip silicone contact secures phones even on bumpy roads.

The Loncaster car phone holder is a multipurpose device that can get used at home or in the office. You can also use it while reading or watching videos. It’s also suitable for most kinds of phones.

What We Like
  • Works in most vehicles
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Non-slip silicone grip
  • Durable, multipurpose design
Our Verdict

Loncaster is a multipurpose car phone holder with a non-slip silicone grip. It is durable (plastic) and has an adjustable holder that fits most smartphones.

9. Lorima Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

Lorima Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

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Lorima car phone holder ensures your hands stick on the wheel and the eyes affixed in the road. The device has numerous novel features to ensure you use the GPS navigation conveniently. Its holder’s base enables you to rotate your phone over 360-degrees once set up. Thus, you can adjust its view or positions to suit your sitting position. The gadget fits all known phones, even those with protective cases. Moreover, it fits most vehicles and reads voice commands. You do not have to touch your phone to answer a call or navigate.

There is a button fixed on the back that allows you to press and release the gadget in seconds. However, the maximum diameter of this car phone holder is 4in. Despite all the fascinating features, Lorima car phone holder is affordable.

What We Like
  • Rotating holder (360 degrees)
  • Fits up to 4-inch phones
  • Durable plastic frame
  • Works in most vehicles
Our Verdict

Lorima is a heavy-duty car phone holder that fits up to 4-inch phones. It is easy to set up, suitable from most cars and swivels over 360 degrees.

8. WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Holder

WizGear Magnetic Phone Car Holder

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The reinforced magnetic holder of the WizGear magnetic car holder sets it apart from other holders in the market. It has a universal magnetic that produces an intensive force of attractions to hold your phone tightly. This car phone holder is compatible with Blackberry, Microsoft, and Android. The WizGear air vent phone holder is the easiest to use among other magnetic holders due to its simplicity. The sturdy rubber at the base and a powerful magnetic head hold the smartphones firmly. The twist-lock designs give the device a stunning look.

Even with road vibrations or impacts, the holder will keep the phone in place throughout the journey. The air vent swivel allows you to adjust the phone to your desired position. The sturdy rubber base ensures the phone doesn’t fall.

What We Like
  • Secure magnetic holder
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Twist lock system (swivels)
  • Durable plastic parts
Our Verdict

WizGear is a secure magnetic phone holder with a non-slip rubber base. It is durable (plastic) and has a swiveling holder that fits most brands of phones.

7. Aukey Car Phone Holder

Aukey Car Phone Holder

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The Aukey car phone holder is an affordable, multi-functional car phone holder with a secure attachment for phones. The flexible holder not only fits most standard air vents in cars but also works both vertically and horizontally. The holder also features an adjustable air vent grip to attach to thinner or thicker vents. The unique design is convenient for phone charging. The cradle can accommodate phones up to 6.5in in screen size. The Aukey car phone holder has an instant release button to allow you to insert and remove phones safely.

The Aukey car phone holder has durable contacts with a soft silicone pad that prevents phones from slipping or scratching. The device is cheap yet durable.

What We Like
  • Fits 6.5-inch phones
  • Phone-safe silicone
  • Allows phone charging
  • Fits most car air vents
  • Instant release button
Our Verdict

Aukey is a versatile holder that secures up to 6.5-inch phones in cars. Its silicone padding prevents scratches. It is sturdy and easy to install as well.

6. Cellet PH600 Car Cup Phone Holder

Cellet PH600 Car Cup Phone Holder

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Cellet is a reliable and most significant manufacturer and wholesaler for the mobile accessory brand, boasting for over two decades of experience. With this, you can expect high-quality products, and the Cellet PH600 car cup phone holder is no exception. This adjustable automobile phone holder has a sturdy plastic frame and a stable base that lasts for long. While in use, phones do not slip nor slide in it even on bumpy roads. It also has a sturdy base with a one-button release system and adjustable clasps that secure up to 3.5-inch wide smartphones. The gadget is compatible with iPhone 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, S6, S5, Note 4, and other similar-sized phones.

Cellet PH600 Car cup phone holder can rotate at 360 degrees for unlimited viewing. The soft holder grips will not scratch your phone. You can install or remove your phone effortlessly.

What We Like
  • Rotatable holder (360 degrees)
  • Fits up to 3.5-inch phones
  • One-button release system
  • Non-scratch holder grips
Our Verdict

Cellet PH600 has an adjustable design with non-slip grips for phones measuring up to 3.5-inches. Whether you have an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy phone, you will benefit from this device. It is non-slip, safe, and swivels (360 degrees).

5. Trianium Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Trianium Magnetic Car Phone Holder

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If you’re looking for a versatile, sturdy, and affordable phone holder, then Trianium magnetic car phone holder is the ultimate choice. The Trianium stick on the holder has a powerful magnetic force to securely and conveniently attach to your smartphone. The versatile gadget is not only applicable to cars, but you can use it in the office, bedroom, or kitchen. It gives you a remarkable hands-free experience with your phone. The device is compatible with various smartphones like iPhone 11 Pro, Pixel, Nokia, among many others. Trianium magnetic features a durable casing that houses four heavy-duty magnetic, a 3M adhesive sticker, smooth rubber, and magnetic pad. The gadget will keep the phone stable even through curviest car rides.

There are no tools required to install your phone. You peel back the adhesive and stick the holder on your preferred surface. It also features a bendable surface to allow you to attach it even on curved surfaces. The holder allows for 360-degree rotation for optimal viewing.

What We Like
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Curved phone holder
  • Car-safe adhesive
  • Smooth magnetic pad
Our Verdict

Do you use your phone for navigation while driving in uncharted areas? To position your phone safely, you need a premium holder such as Trianium. Its smooth magnetic pad does not scratch phones. It also has a car-safe adhesive and a swiveling design made of heavy-duty plastic. Expect years of good service.

4. iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount Phone Holder

iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount Phone Holder

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The iOttie car mount phone holder is a universal smartphone solution designed to enhance your driving experience. You can attach it to the windshield or dashboard. The device has a patented one-touch mechanism that allows quick one-hand operation (opening and closing). More so, engineered to hold all phones and cases ranging from 2.3 inches to 3.5 inches, iOttie is a versatile product. It has a newly re-designed telescopic arm that extends from 4 to 6.5 inches and rotates at 225 degrees for a variety of optimal positions. The iOttie has a one-time use dashboard disc and a reusable high-strength suction cup.

The bottom foot of the cradle can be adjusted up and down, side to side, or moved to hold various phones and cases.

What We Like
  • Secures most smartphones
  • Patented one-touch mechanism
  • Telescoping arm (plastic)
  • High-strength suction cup
Our Verdict

Do you struggle to position your phone comfortably while driving for long distances? The one-touch iOttie phone holder is a good remedy. Its telescoping handle positions phones naturally, while its robust suction cup is secure.

3. Maxboost Car Mount Magnetic Phone Holder

Maxboost Car Mount Magnetic Phone Holder

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Maxboost car phone holder has a simple design that slips right in the air vent and attaches your smartphone effectively. This universal magnetic car holder features four powerful magnets, strategically built into the mount head to hold the phone securely throughout the ride. The pack of two holders each has a protection film that you need to use when installing the phone. The compact design of the Maxboost car phone holder makes it portable, and it can fit in tiny places. Its rubberized exterior increases the grip and keeps the cell phone scratch-free. You can mount or remove your phone from the holder effortlessly.

You don’t need tools or expertise to mount the phone. Its magnetic design does not require brackets, clamps, sticky residue, or cradles to work. It is also compatible with all iPhones, Nokia, Pixel, HTC, and LG. Enjoy versatile viewing due to highly-flexible rotation.

What We Like
  • Fits most phones
  • Rubberized exterior
  • Pack of two holders
  • Universal holder
Our Verdict

The pack of two Maxboost holders not only secure phones but also GPS devices. Both are durable, easy to set up, and have rubberized exterior that do not scratch phones.

2. WizGear Magnetic

WizGear Magnetic

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The magnetic technology used in engineering the WizGear car phone holder has a powerful grip. Even though the 2-pack is small in size, it will securely hold your phone even on the bumpiest ride. More so, you can move the phone quickly without the need to use lots of force. Installation is a simple task that anyone can do. The device is available in a pack of four metal plates, two air vents, and four protection films. The ultra-thin carbon plates attract the phone pretty fast and can be mounted seamlessly. WizGear phone holder is suitable for thicker and thinner air vent blades.

The compact size of this 2-pack car phone holder enables you to have a clear view. You can drive and focus on the road effortlessly while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

What We Like
  • Ultra-thin carbon plates
  • Four protective films
  • Easy to mount/remove
  • Quality magnetic technology
Our Verdict

The ultra-thin carbon used to make WizGear is not only durable but also safe for phones. The material is also durable, secure, and supports a lot of weight.

1. Beam Electronics Universal Car Mount Holder

Beam Electronics Universal Car Mount Holder

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Leading on the list is the Beam Electronics smartphone car holder. The universal device holds devices or phones, measuring 1.9 to 3.7 inches wide. With a one-click release button, the holder will rotate at 360 degrees for optimal viewing. It fits various smartphones such as Nokia, iPhone, HTC, and multiple brands. Moreover, with Beam electronics car phone holder, you’ll enjoy a single-handed operation. Install and remove the phones hassle-free.

The gadget fits and works seamlessly in most vertical and horizontal vents in cars. Furthermore, avoid using this device on curvy vents as it will lose its grip with the ground. If you’re on a tight budget and want to have a quality, durable holder, then this is the ultimate choice.

What We Like
  • Rotating design (360 degrees)
  • Adjustable (1.9-3.7 inches)
  • Fits vertical/horizontal vents
  • Single-handed operation
Our Verdict

Beam not only fits in most cars but also has a swiveling holder (360 degrees) that works horizontally and vertically. It fits 1.9-3.7-inch phones without scratching. Moreover, its plastic frame is not only stylish but also durable.