Best Calico Critter Toys in 2023

Calico Critter Toys

According to the Calico Critter Brand Statement, they are classic toys which promote good moral values for the children. Children are quick learners at an early age, they pick up on whatever happens around them and try to imitate the same. So when this fact is a reality, the games we let them play also can be picked out accordingly. Calico critters stuff is made out of a very special flocked material and it is a collection of miniature animals and their life like environment which requires the kids to use their creativity to play out scenarios that would require a morally based decision making, which in turn is inculcated in the kids. It broadens the scope of imagination and morality within the cute little minds.

Toys like calico critters come with the Papa Critter, Mama Critter, Baby Girl Critter, Baby Boy Critter and even a Critter dog. Together they all live on the green lane within the Calico village which has its own pin code. They are wholesome and lovely, and any kid above the age of three can freely play. Babies under the age of 3 can also play with Calico critters but under strict adult supervision. Given below are some of the best collections of the Calico critters:

Calico Critters Luxury Townhome
  • 15 furniture piece
  • Safe for 3+ years
  • Long lasting design

Calico Critters Baby Choo-Choo Train
  • Multi-colour design
  • Stylish critters
  • Kid-safe design

Calico Critters Adventure Tree House
  • Tree house theme
  • Battery powered
  • Long-lasting items

View The Best Calico Critter Toys Below

1. Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Starter Home

Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Starter Home

To the lovely adorable kids out there, here is a cosy house waiting for you with the Critter family awaiting your presence at their tea party. The whole set comes already assembled and ready to play. There are over 15 furniture pieces and accessories. Well, the Critter family here has gone for a visit to their extended family in California somewhere, but they know you are coming for the tea party. That’s why they have left the house in the safe hands of Bell Hopscotch Rabbit. He will be happy and pleased to show you around the house and play with him.

All the furniture and accessories are moveable, so you can help out the rabbit to arrange them in a proper way. The floor is reversible therefore it helps you to select some other floor colour. You can find almost all kinds of furniture in here such as the ladder, bed, stove/sink combo, dining table set and even a cute frying pan. There is even an omelette and sausage that you have to just heat up on that tiny stove. But if you are in a mood to bake something, you can try out the oven as well.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • There are 15 pieces of furniture.
  • You will love being with Bell Hopscotch Rabbit.

Our Verdict

This cosy house is all yours, and you can play out the scenarios like cleaning the house, helping the rabbit keep the furniture properly and to help the rabbit sleep well.

2. Calico Critters School Friends Play Set, Multicolor

Calico Critters School Friends Play Set, Multicolor

The Calico Critter family has two school going kids Rebecca and Dominic who are fun-filled kids. They go to the nearby Calico Critters nursery school and they have been the best students in their class. They learn many things at the school and memorise their rhymes pretty well. At night when they are at home, they do their homework well in advance before they have their dinner. They play for a while in the evening and then set to do the homework. Our kids are going to be with them, helping out with their school life tasks.

They get to dress them up in their school uniforms and pack their backpacks and take them to the school. They even have a pair of shoes that need to be polished so that the Calico kids get a 5 star on their report card for well-maintained uniform and shoes. There are two sets of uniform, shoes and the backpack so that the kids can customize according to the different days of the week. Both the Critter kids have movable arms and joints which can be adjusted as needed. You can also combine with the other Critter sets and try to make a larger group of friends for the Calico kids.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Lessons on Friendship and brother-sister relationship.
  • Lessons on the importance of going to school.

Our Verdict

This one is a great choice for anyone who wishes to bring in the enthusiasm of going to the school and inculcate the same in their kids.

3. Calico Critters Adventure Tree House

Calico Critters Adventure Tree House

The big village of Calico has an adventure tree house where the whole neighbourhood comes to have fun. The treehouse is particularly busy during the vacation time and it is open the whole time. Families come here to enjoy the weekends and the kids get to use the slide to have a great time. The whole set includes the tree trunk with the grass base, two tree branches, tree stem for pulley, two railings and two ladders.

The cabin door can be closed and there is a basket pulley that can bring supplies up till the sun desk. There is even a small birdhouse near the cabin so that the birds can rest for a while and regain some energy for their next flight. A ladder is also there which is used by the Critters to go up to the treehouse. The Critters believe that vacations like these are important and it helps the kids to relax. It also adds up to the quality time the family spend with each other. The Critters wish that you too join them and relax with them. You can combine other Critter sets in order to form a bigger compound.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Values the importance of outdoor games.
  • Has a lovely set of accessories.

Our Verdict

This set of calico critters country treehouse is fun to play with and it can be clubbed with other sets to form a bigger set.

4. Calico Critters Luxury Townhome

Calico Critters Luxury Townhome

The Calico Critters Luxury Townhome is a calico critters cosy cottage away from the village and located in the outskirts along the green fields. There are a lot number of details such as indoor and outdoor balconies with rails, working doors, a moveable staircase, outdoor patio floor and extra floor area. They are hinged so as to make it easier to open and close the numerous doors that are present. Many games of pretend and play and be done.The more the number of Calico Critters bunny families, the more merrymaking. The luxury house has a lot of space to keep many pieces of furniture and accessories.

There is also a rotating wall on the top floor so that one room can be divided into two rooms. There are two battery-powered lamps that can be used to light the house and the rooms. They require two AA batteries, which needs to be brought separately. The interiors of the house are just so impressed with the hardwood style floors, Victorian charm and the terracotta style roof. The package just contains the house, movable floor, patio, second-floor corner floor area and movable stairs. The miniature animals and the accessories need to be brought separately.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Kids can learn about the actual interiors of a house.
  • With the extra accessories, they can have a pretend and play of a luxury townhouse.

Our Verdict

The Calico town is incomplete without a luxury townhouse, therefore it is important to complete the set and buy the rest of the accessories.

5. Calico Critters Baby Choo-Choo Train

Calico Critters Baby Choo-Choo Train

Every village or a town has a local railway station and even our sleepy village of Calico has its own railway station. The train for the Calico village is the Choo Choo train which is a little steam engine driven train that takes you all around the station. The mayor can expand the railway lines after a meeting with the people of the village and you can help him extend those lines by bringing in more sets. The Bear Baby is a frequent traveller who likes to explore new places. Therefore, no matter what, you will always find him at the station. Join him and go on a wonderful ride on the Calico Choo Choo train.

The set also includes a movable railroad crossing gate which can be used to stop the others from accidentally coming on to the railway lines when a train is actually going to come. The Chugga Chugga Choo Choo always runs according to the scheduled time and does not wait for anyone. So you better be at the station on time before the train comes on the platform and try to board the train on time. Also, do not cross at railway crossings unless there is a green light. When the gates are closed, do not try to cross the railway crossing.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Teaches the kids the importance of being on time at the railway stations.
  • Also teaches about the importance of waiting at the railway crossings when it is closed.

Our Verdict

Train is the only way to get to the Calico Village as of now. Children need to understand the importance of safe travel and being punctual for their trains. This set can help them understand these points.

6. Calico Critters Baby Friends

Calico Critters Baby Friends

What is a village without its people? The Calico toys include the people of the village, aka the Critters in the form of little Calico critter babies named Luke, Grace and Faith. They are the famous cute babies of the town and are absolutely adorable. The Calico kids measure 1.75 inches and are very cute. They come with movable hands and legs with joints. They also have a movable head that can look around for birds and bees that pass by them in the air. They have removable clothing as well which can be replaced by other dresses. They would like to be your friends and be a part of your storylines.

As a short introduction, you should know that Luke loves to paint pictures and colour them. He is known at the school as the Chipmunk Boy Luke. His friend Grace Hopscotch Rabbit is a very kind soul and she plays with all her friends at the nursery. Luke and Grace have another cute friend named Faith Silk Cat. She likes to make glittery pictures and loves to spend time with her family at the sparkling lake. The three friends are very happy that you have decided to include them in your narrative. It would be cool if you bring in more characters.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Helps the kids to develop their cognitive sphere of the brain.
  • Values friendships.

Our Verdict

How can you say no to cute little calico babies who just want nothing but your company and care? You will definitely have a great time with these kids.

7. Calico Critters Baby Nursery Set

Calico Critters Baby Nursery Set

Sometimes, babies love other babies as well. They too feel like taking care of them and their needs. Also, most children, if they are a single child or is an older child who is expecting a little baby sibling sooner or later, they too want to help out. This is sometimes difficult in real time, but they can surely have an experience of it through Calico Critters by choosing a critter baby and taking care of them using little critter toys.

In this set of Calico critters baby nursery set, there are twenty pieces including a cot, high chair and a slide. The other main accessories which are there includes mattress, bed cover, cushion, photo album, plush toy, ball, plate, mug, rattle and spoon. The baby also has a mobile- probably for the nanny to use, which means you. You need to pick up the phone when the parents call and tell them about the baby’s wellbeing. The mobile can be kept neat the cot for easy access. You can use the swing to entertain the baby by helping them enjoy the ride down the slide and catching them at the pit below. You will even get to rock your baby to sleep in the crib.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • To know how to take care of babies.
  • To have a basic understanding of little kids.

Our Verdict

The nursery set gives a different kind of experience as it involves taking care of someone little. It also creates creative imagination about handling babies.

8. Calico Critters Apple & Jake’s Ride n Play

Calico Critters Apple & Jake's Ride n Play

The babies and their mother is taking a stroll through the Calico village and you are going to guide them through the whole village. You will enjoy the sceneries, sunset and the landscapes as you discuss grown-up stuff with the mother and check up on the babies sometimes. Mother Bunny Gwyneth was happy as the kids were excited about their new push car and wanted to take them for a ride around the Cloverleaf Corner’s community park. Baby Bunny Apple and Baby Squirrel Jake are way too excited about the ride and are on the best of their moods. Their dress can be changed accordingly as they have removable clothing.

The whole set comes with a tricycle with a basket and rotating wheels, two attachable push handles, a car with rotating steering wheels and tires, a watering can and a shovel. Mama Gwyneth measures 2.5 inches whereas the babies measure 1.25 inches. Once you and the mother bunny are outside taking the kids on the stroll, you can help by watering the flowers that line on the path along the garden. You can also carry some seeds as you can use the shovel to dig a hole and to plant the seed. Then you can accompany the mother bunny every evening so that you can water your sapling.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Learning to make friends.
  • Enjoying strolls and outdoors.

Our Verdict

Mother Bunny Gwyneth and the babies are a wonderful company to be with. Therefore there is no reason why they should not be included in your set.

9. Calico Critters Baby Castle Playground

Calico Critters Baby Castle Playground

Every child is the prince/princess of their own world and it is in their ideal concept that there exists a castle somewhere near them. The village of Calico has not let them down in this matter. The village has a castle of its own, with all the fairytale-like interiors and the soldiers. You can also imagine a dragon who lives in the river that surrounds the castle. The castle belongs to the miniature Chocolate Rabbit Baby and he is your good friend. Occasionally, you go and visit him in his castle and catch up with each other. The castle has a playground with a tower which has the most fantastic view.

There is a slide that goes down till the pit and the sandbox nearby. Kids take turns to build sand castles and go on the top of the tower to see the view from the castle playground. The set includes the playground and the rabbit. This set can be combined with other sets in order to form a bigger set. Occasionally, the children from the Calico village come and play in the royal playground. The Calico critters collection are truly one of the best collection of toys for the children to think creatively and understand the world better.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Great value for the price.
  • Fairy tale imagination can be enhanced.

Our Verdict

This fairy tale come true scenario which is in the form of the royal playground is surely going to amaze little minds. Grab a set of them and include them in the storyline

10. Calico Critters Toy Shop

Calico Critters Toy Shop

In a village like Calico which has a lot of kids, it is impossible to not have a toy shop. Where else would all the kids get their little critter toys from? The central Calico critters toy shop is a one-stop for all the different types of toys you could ever imagine. Puzzles, dolls, lego blocks, toy trains, stuffed toys, teddy bears- name anything, you will find them here. Join the other critter kids in buying new toys and help them pick out the good ones. The whole set includes 40 accessories, such as the building blocks, assorted toys, toy boxes, stock shelves, books, chalkboards, squeakers, rattles and the activity table. There are a few more additions, but they all form the part of the main toy shop. If you are tired of shopping, you can take a timeout and go to play in the corner where there is a mini slide. Or you can just pop into the social corner, where many kids get together to talk and play, at the main play area. The parents can continue shopping while you can stay back with the kids and have a lot of fun. The shop is open from the morning to the evening and you will find the closed sign if you visit it after the evening. Oh, and there is a main rule, you cannot take a toy home unless you show it at the counter and get them checked out. Simple shopping rules, which you can learn.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • To learn the importance of checking out shopping items.
  • To know how a shop works and create imaginary situations accordingly.

Our Verdict

Kids will learn about the inside of a shop and try to be inquisitive the next time when you go for shopping in real life, opening up chances of learning about the etiquette to be followed at shops and shopping.

Things to look for in a Calico Critter Toy – BUYERS’ GUIDE

When it comes to toys, Calico Critters are a household name. Although there are no specific rules and points to be noted about buying them, the right settings should be chosen. Calico critters is a game which involves various scenarios and the whole set grows with the addition of newer sets. So it is wise that if you want to introduce the critters to your kids, you first go with the basic starter set.

In that way, an initial interest is ignited in the kids and they take it up as a saga. Therefore, the next time, they would buy a set that would be like an extension to the previous one. For example, if you started out with a basic set of critter homes and three to four critter family, you can start building upon that scenario by introducing the school, the market, the roads, the park and so on. So that by the end of the saga, there is a miniature Calico town at your home and your kids will have had experienced the happiness of having built a whole town by themselves.

The only thing to be taken care of is, to buy only the authentic product. Do not buy fake Calico critter sets as the experience might get ruined otherwise.