Best Waterproof Selfie Sticks for Gopro in 2023

Waterproof Selfie Sticks

GoPro is one of the best inventions in the history of camera. If you are a professional photographer, you must own a gopro or at least planning to buy one soon. Once you have done your investment on a Gopro, you need to get some accessories for it. One of the best accessories to get is a selfie stick. You have to get the best selfie stick for your GoPro. If you are someone who is into adventures, then you should get a waterproof selfie stick for gopro so you can record underwater, or in rain/snow. Selfie sticks are ideal for when you want to snap a self-portrait to start the adventure.

There are many devices out there that you can use to click an amazing selfie, but nothing can beat a gopro pole. Gopro being the most versatile camera in the camera industry, you can take it anywhere and anytime with you to shoot or click photos. Starting from vloggers to wildlife photographers, gopro is an essential item for all. Hence, getting a gopro float pole is going to make things much simpler and efficient. So, in order to get the best out of a gopro, use a waterproof selfie stick.

Here, we have jotted down 10 of the best gopro stick or waterproof selfie stick for gopro in the market. We have made things much easier for you.

List of the Best Waterproof Selfie Sticks for Gopro in 2023

1. Mystery Waterproof Selfie Stick Pole

Mystery Waterproof Selfie Stick Pole

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Our first pick when looking for best buy gopro stick had to be Mystery Waterproof Adjustable Aluminium Monopod Handheld Extension Selfie Stick Pole.

  • This lightweight aluminium constructed selfie stick pole for gopro is quite easy to move around. The portability of this gopro is worth the mention. You know how gopros are portable and hence it needs a very portable selfie stick with it, and this is the best of all.
  • It can extend from 7 inch to 19 inch for a lot of selfie-taking situations. The call for an aesthetic selfie can pop up anytime, and it is important that your selfie stick has the potential to extend long enough.
  • This go pro pole has a wrist strap that provides maximum stability no matter where you are. If you are taking some shots underwater or during rain, do not worry, as it will never slip off your hand.
  • At an affordable rate, this is quite a good gopro pole to use. It has everything that a go pro needs.

2. FLOW by MicroJib

FLOW by MicroJib

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This underwater selfie stick is designed to float on the water, and it extend to 23 inches long. A selfie stick that can float on water, so even if it slips out, you will not lose it underwater. Plus, the extension of 23 inches is quite a great feature. It works amazing with all gopro models out there and various other action cameras as well such as Yi 4K, Campark ACT74, and AKASO EK7000. This gopro selfie stick best buy is amazingly compact and it will be your most favourite go pro accessory for your next adventure to the ocean!

  • This product can float on the water with any go pro or action camera.
  • Portable.
  • It can extend up to 23 inches.
  • It has ergonomic hand grip so it will never fall off your hand.
  • High visibility bottom.
  • This is the only gopro mount of its kind.
  • You can rotate your gopro 360 degrees with the help of this camera selfie stick. This is one of the top selfie sticks in the market.
  • You can extend from 22 to 60 inches and that is insanely amazing. Imagine the wide angle shots you would be taking under water.

3. VVHOOY 3 in 1 Universal Waterproof Action Camera Accessories Bundle Kit

VVHOOY 3 in 1 Universal Waterproof Action Camera Accessories Bundle Kit

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Here we have VVHOOY 3 in 1, and it is one of the most popular selfie sticks in the market for all gopro users. This gopro waterproof stick is compatible with every model of gopro and other camera devices. The selfie stick can adjust up to 8 inches to 48 inches, and it makes easy for you to keep it in your pocket or backpack. So, 100/100 when it comes to portability. Especially, the length of the selfie stick can be easily fitted to take the group of people into your selfie. More than that, the kit also has the adjustable chest strap mount and also a head strap mount. So, you can record all sorts of outdoor and indoor activities without any hassle.

  • Comfortable, fully adjustable design and it fits all sizes and shapes of gopro. You can easily adjust your strap length to suit your size.
  • Comes with chest strap mount, surface j hook buckle and long screw bolt.
  • You will not have to worry about the unsteady or unclear photo or video, as they are well made and well balancing so that you get the best quality video and photo.
  • No matter you are in a group, or alone, this gopro stick amazon will do its best to to capture the best photo for you.

4. PINRUI Floating Extension Pole Waterproof Selfie Stick

PINRUI Floating Extension Pole Waterproof Selfie Stick

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The PINRUI Floating Extension Pole Waterproof Selfie Stick is something that you would definitely like. This floating gopro stick is all you need to click the best photos and videos underwater. Taking selfies with fishes becomes easier with this selfie stick.

  • Lightweight product that floats, and hence makes it ideal to use during water activities.
  • Transparent stick which is quite invisible in photos.
  • Removable Wifi remote clip for simple and easy control.
  • The product is quite lightweight. The waterproof gopro pole can float on water which is quite helpful for all water sports person out there. There is no fear of losing it underwater as it will float immediately.
  • The gopro floating pole is transparent, so no one would see that you are using a selfie stick.

5. AFAITH Upgraded Pole for GoPro


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Here is another great gopro floating stick which is compatible with several kinds of action cameras. It is quite different from many other models out there in the market, as one can tell from the tripod stand which is a great upgrade from the past models on the market. If you want the best gopro selfie stick amazon, then perhaps this is the greatest thing you can get in the market.

  • It is designed with an improved aluminium material.
  • This device is very sturdy and it is strongly constructed as well.
  • It uses 2 in 1 extendable pole and also uses an adjustable telescopic pole that works as the tripod stand.
  • The tripod features a method of lock and it makes it more durable.
  • If you are looking for a durable gopro tripod stick then this is it. This has the best durable construction and it is more stable than several other products in the market.
  • It is compatible with many action cameras and gopros, so it is as versatile as gopro itself.
  • Easy tripod locking method to unlock the stand and then you can fold the tripod.

6. HSU Selfie Stick Bluetooth

HSU Selfie Stick Bluetooth

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Are you going for skiing, fishing, hiking, snowboarding or swimming? Well, you can totally capture the moments on your gopro with the help of HUS selfie stick. It is a must have item for your overall adventure. This waterproof gopro stick is also made of heavy duty materials, and it is quite lightweight. It can be easily stated to be the best selfie stick for iPhone users and gopro.

  • Rustproof and waterproof- this is the best selfie stick as it is waterproof and rustproof so you can use it underwater.
  • Comes with a slip resistant rubber and wrist strap around the pole handle to prevent unexpected falling off because safety comes first.
  • This selfie pole has a Bluetooth remote control.
  • No fear of the gopro falling off your hand unexpectedly, as the selfie stick has slip-resistant rubber and wrist strap around the pole handle.
  • It is rustproof and waterproof, hence you can enjoy clicking underwater.
  • This item is the best selfie stick with tripod as it provides you the best friendship for your outdoor activities, and mostly perfect for your beloved people who loves to take selfies at any circumstances.



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Sandmarc Pole is made from an industrial grade lightweight and airtight plastic material that allows your gopro to float while you are surfing, diving, jet skiing and so on. This waterproof gopro selfie stick that can float on water is one of the best selfie sticks you can get in the market.

  • Unibody design- sturdy and floats on water.
  • This camera stick tripod is ideal for all types of gopros and action cameras.
  • Versatile to use- It comes with a detachable mount and remote holder clip. The removable mounts allows for using the pole.
  • It is made of airtight and lightweight plastic, hence this for camera for selfie stick this is the best one if you are into swimming, diving or any other sports activities.
  • Non-retractable stick will not take on water when you are telescoping.
  • It comes with 100{c4fea3e88328c83002bb5d821176890392b98b9cf2cf1124852b6b048349d6eb} lifetime guarantee.
  • This gopro underwater stick is amazing and perfect if you are an underwater photographer.

8. Smatree F1 Waterproof Floating

Smatree F1 Waterproof Floating

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If you want to make it easier on how to take selfie with gopro then this selfie stick is perfect for you. For multipurpose uses, this selfie stick is all you need. This selfie stick is made up of high quality carbon fibre material to ensure durability and superb performance. This is made from super lightweight aluminium as well.

  • Floating stick to discover the beauties of the unknown underwater world.
  • Made of carbon fiber material and super lightweight aluminium for maximum solidity and durability.
  • Fixed aluminium tripod mount that comes with built-in nut to make sure there is security, so no fear of losing it.
  • Very comfortable to hold in your hands, and provides superb convenience to take the best shot.
  • Do not worry about the pressure of the weight as there is none.
  • It has a sturdy ¼ inch threaded hole at the bottom, hence you can easily attach tripods or mounts.
  • It can be used as a hand grip. If you are searching for the best go pro stick underwater, this is it.

9. Floatpro Waterproof

Floatpro Waterproof

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The Floatpro waterproof 3 in 1 extendable monopod selfie stick made the list because of its sturdy, lightweight construction and a lot more.

  • Rugged and lightweight construction that stands up even after a lot of usage.
  • It comes with a detachable, floating wrist strap for effortless retrieval.
  • The best gopro handle 11” collapsed, but can extend to 36” so you can use it in many situations.
  • It supports phone calls, lighting earphone built in hands free microphone and remote control. You can take call, play, pause, increase and decrease volume with this gopro camera stick.
  • It has wide compatibility, can support all types of IOS.
  • It is designed with high end technology for perfect quality and sturdiness.

10. CamKix Waterproof Telescopic Pole

CamKix Waterproof Telescopic Pole

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If you are thinking that being no10 it is of no value, then you are very wrong. This top selfie stick can be used as a bobber hand grip or as a telescopic pole.

  • The handle is made of heavy dury rubbery, and it has a nice grip even being wet.
  • This selfie stick is waterproof and dustproof, which is an amazing benefit for recording any kind of outdoor activities.
  • This will give you a length to capture the best moments. Adjustable from 6.7 inch to 15.7 inch.
  • It has a smart design, and is a famous gopro extendable stick for gopro hero 5 users.
  • You can easily pack it up in your backpack, so full point when it comes to versatility and portability.
  • The tripod connection can be used with all the other CamKix accessories.