Best Steam Irons of 2022

Steam Irons

Steam irons use steam to moisten garments and facilitate the removal of creases safely. They have a reservoir where you add water, which heats up to generate steam. The steam then escapes through holes on the bottom on the iron and press and refresh clothes without damaging delicate fabrics. For the best experience at home, read on to learn more about the best steam irons to date.

List of the Best Steam Irons of 2022

1. BLACK+DECKER Steam Iron, D2530

BLACK+DECKER Steam Iron, D2530

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Black+ Decker Steam Iron comes in black, grey, blue, brown, and black. It has a 3-way auto shut-off function with steam settings for different fabrics and an LCD for selecting/customizing the level of steam with the touch of a button. This digital electronic iron has a stainless-steel soleplate that withstands high temperatures and does not fall out of shape easily. You can use the iron vertically like a steamer to iron clothes right on the hanger. The iron shuts off when it sits motionless for 30 seconds to prevent it from overheating and burning garments.

Black+Decker steam iron also has a clear screen that flashes on when the steam iron reaches the preset temperature. It has a retractable cord that you can fold away after use to keep your room neat. A nonstick soleplate prevents your garments from sticking onto its surface. A heat control allows you to adjust the level of heat you require for your various fabrics. Side by side, control buttons allows you to adjust moisture output depending on fabrics and density of creases.

What We Like
  • Adjustable heat levels
  • Nonstick soleplate
  • Digital Temperature control
  • LCD screen
Our Verdict

BLACK+DECKER steam iron has an LCD screen that shows all your active settings. Your clothes do not stick onto its surface since the soleplate has a nonstick construction

2. Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron

Sunbeam Steam Master Steam Iron

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Sunbeam Steammaster has a smooth soleplate that glides over fabric smoothly as it removes troublesome wrinkles. The large stainless-steel soleplate has a nonstick material construction that prevents the fabric from sticking on its surface. Macro sized steam holes on the soleplate release steam in large amounts, therefore hastening the smoothing of creases. A pointed tip allows you to iron the hard to reach areas like between buttons and pleats with ease. The variable steam settings enable you to set the desired level of steam, depending on the fabric you are ironing.

Sunbeam Steammaster steam iron is leak-free, so you can comfortably dry iron your fabric mess-free. A vast reservoir holds large amounts of water to steam many garments without refilling it. The 3-way motion smart technology has motion sensors that shut off automatically when the iron stays motionless. Its sensors shut off after 30 seconds-15 minutes, depending on the position of the iron. The retractable cord retracts to its storage compartment with the press of a button.

What We Like
  • Pointed tip
  • Stainless-steel soleplate
  • Anti-leak feature
  • 3-way motion sensors
Our Verdict

Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron shuts down automatically after few minutes of inactivity to prevent burning your clothes. It also has a smooth soleplate that does not scratch your clothes.

3. Steamfast SF-Mini Steam Iron

Steamfast SF-Mini Steam Iron

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Steamfast steam iron has three temperature settings that allow you to adjust it to the temperature that suits your fabric. It features 420 watts power that removes creases from your clothes fast, thus saving you time. An anti-slip handle gives you a firm grip that prevents the iron from slipping off your hands when ironing. The 7.5-feet power cord enables you to iron your clothes within a wide diameter from your power outlet. Its small size makes it ideal for traveling often. Moreover, you get a premium travel bag that provides a secure place to store or carry your iron.

Steamfast SF-mini steam iron further has a 1-touch steam control feature that enables you to control the steam production easily. The iron has a sturdy construction that withstands everyday use and serves you for a long time. Its lightweight design allows you to use the iron for long hours without tiring your hands. Its pointed edge reaches areas where bigger irons cannot reach to remove creases more efficiently, while its 15-second heat-up feature saves users a lot of time.

What We Like
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Compact size
  • Quick, powerful steam
  • 5ft power cord
Our Verdict

Steamfast steam iron has a nonstick soleplate that irons your clothes without scratching them. A long power cord allows you to iron your clothes from up to 7.5 feet from your power outlet.

4. BEAUTURAL Steam Iron


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BEAUTURAL steam iron has a clear-view LCD screen that displays the heat settings. The nine preset modes allow you to select the right heat for different types of fabric. This iron is ideal for both heavy fabrics like jeans and light ones like nylon. The soleplate has a double ceramic material construction that is durable. This ceramic soleplate is scratch-resistant and easy to clean and maintain. It heats up quickly, saving time and distributes heat evenly on the soleplate.

The BEAUTURAL steam iron has an auto shut-off function with motion sensors that shut off automatically when the iron sits motionless. It turns off after 30 seconds when the iron lays flat and 8 minutes when in a vertical position for safety. The versatile steam settings allow you to either use the steam burst or water spray, depending on the wrinkles and the fabric. The water tank automatically filters water to prevent the buildup of calcium and increases the iron’s life.

What We Like
  • Calcium filters
  • Nonstick soleplate
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Auto shut-off function
Our Verdict

BEAUTURAL steam Iron has a digital LCD that enables you to set precise temperatures. The anti-calcium filter in the water reservoir prevents calcium buildup increasing the iron’s life span.

5. Maytag Steam Iron

Maytag Steam Iron

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Maytag steam iron has a stainless-steel soleplate that heats up quickly, saving you time. It powers up within 40 seconds of plugging in, and steam takes only three seconds to regenerate. The soleplate offers a smooth glide over your fabric and is non-static. It also slides in all, allowing you to iron all parts of your fabric with minimal movement. The temperature controls enable you to set the right temperature to use depending on your fabric’s material. A stand increases the iron’s stability keeping it from falling over when you place it in a resting position.

The vertical steam feature on the Maytag steam iron also enables you to steam your hanging garments. The long power cord increases room for ironing, so you can cover a large fabric without having to turn. The ergonomic grip gives you better control of the iron while its steam controls enable you to adjust the intensity of steam to match the fabric you are working on.

What We Like
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Compact size
  • Vertical steaming feature
  • Auto shut-off motion sensors.
Our Verdict

Maytag steam iron has a long cord that covers a large fabric without having to change position. It also irons clothes in the upright position, saving you time and energy.

6. CHI Steam Iron

CHI Steam Iron

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CHI Steam Iron has unique and precise controls that easy to use and require no particular skills. The fabric guide instructs you on the temperature you should use on different types of fabric. The adjustable steam lever enables you to change from no steam to full power.

The iron has over 300 steam holes that allow you to steam out creases fast, a long power cord for navigating a large area, and a sleek handle with a textured grip. Thus, it is comfortable to use.

The CHI Steam Iron also has a door that slides easily, exposing the funnel. This door allows you to fill the funnel with water that you need to steam your clothes. Always remember to fill your tank with water before plugging it to the power source. The soleplate has a titanium material construction infused with a ceramic material. This blend enables the soleplate to withstand high temperatures for professional ironing. The ceramic soleplate heats up quickly, saving you time, while its polished look and sleek design add a touch of elegance to your space.

The soleplate has a smooth design that makes it glide easily on your fabric.

What We Like
  • Polished sleek design
  • Sturdy soleplate
  • Over 300 steam holes
  • Adjustable steam controls
Our Verdict

With the over 300 steam holes, CHI Steam Iron delivers steam that eases the ironing of tough wrinkles. The variable temperatures settings help you to iron on different types of fabrics safely.

7. Panasonic Steam Iron

Panasonic Steam Iron

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Panasonic Steam Iron is easy to use, making it ideal for all users, including beginners. Its soleplate has a ceramic material that prevents your clothes from sticking onto the plate at high temperatures. The ceramic plate also distributes heat evenly; therefore, no part will be too hot damaging your fabric. This iron heats up quickly after turning it on, saving you time.

The 5-setting temperature control of this steam iron enables you to choose the right heat level for the fabric you are working on quickly. An auto shut-off feature automatically shuts the iron off after 1-10min of inactivity, depending on the position of the soleplate for safety.

The smooth elliptical soleplate on the Panasonic Steam Iron can also glide in any direction. It enables you to get to the hard to reach parts fast, like between buttons and cuffs, saving you time and energy. The iron has a nonstick coating that slides easily on your garment without burning or melting it. You can use this iron in areas with low electricity voltage since it uses as low as 120V. The adjustable steam and dry setting allow you to switch from steam to dry modes.

What We Like
  • Nonstick ceramic soleplate
  • 5-setting temperature controls
  • Auto shut-off feature
Our Verdict

Panasonic Steam Iron has a streamlined soleplate that enables you to iron your fabric in any direction quickly. This iron is easy to use, which makes it ideal for beginners and homemakers.

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8. Vremi 1800-Watt Steam Iron

Vremi 1800-Watt Steam Iron

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Vremi can steam and remove creases from most surfaces without damage. It steams up instantly, saving you time, and has a soleplate with 53 steam holes that iron out wrinkles. The streamlined ceramic soleplate glides in all directions while the Tampered tip reaches the hard-to-reach areas of garments. The ceramic soleplate also distributes heat in all directions, balancing your ironing experience. Finally, the soleplate is smooth and thus does not scratch garments.

The Vremi Steam Iron has a red light that flashes as temperature increases. It also turns off automatically when it reaches the temperature level that you desire. The dual-moisture buttons enable you to dampen your fabrics as you iron or use steam burst trigger for tough creases. However, ensure that you maintain a 5-second delay between each steam burst. You must also fill your water tank before plugging in the power cord. The iron shuts off automatically after 30 secs to15 minutes of inactivity, depending on the position of your soleplate.

The anti-Calc and anti-drip features prevent mineral buildup making the iron last long.

What We Like
  • Adjustable steam settings
  • Instant heating
  • Dual-moisture buttons
  • Easy to use
Our Verdict

Vremi 1800-Watt Steam Iron straightens up the toughest wrinkles effortlessly with the steam burst trigger. It also heats up instantly, saving you time.

9. MARTISAN Steam Iron


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Martisan steam iron has a nonstick base to enable smooth gliding over clothes and fabrics of all types. The vertical steam it generates removes wrinkles from heavy materials. Its 8.5-foot swivel cord rotates over 360-degrees, while its five-range temperatures work on most fabrics.

Martisan steam iron further has a self-cleaning function that removes calcium deposits to maintain high performance and increase the iron’s lifespan. Its lightweight construction allows you to use the iron for long hours without tiring your hands. With its larger bottom area, its slides with efficiency on fabrics to get them smooth without damage. It also has a pointed tip that allows you to iron the hard-to-reach areas of your garment, such as under the seams with ease.

What We Like
  • Variable temperatures
  • Self-cleaning function
  • 8ft Long swivel cord
  • Cool spray feature
Our Verdict

The Martisan steam iron has a long cord that allows you to iron your clothes with minimal movement. The self-cleaning function removes calcium deposits, prolonging the iron’s life.

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10. AICOK Steam Iron

AICOK Steam Iron

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AICOK Steam Iron heats up within one minute with the rapid, even heat technology saving you time. The soleplate heats up evenly, minimizing the chance of burning your fabric. The nonstick soleplate construction makes it easy to clean and steam your clothes. The water tank has a 370ml/13.05oz capacity that provides full steam for long. The anti-drip function allows you to iron your fabric without water leakage, especially during quick-dry ironing. The iron has a self-cleaning system that removes calcium deposits, thus increasing the irons’ service life.

AICOK Steam Iron has an automatic temperature control that stops heating when the iron reaches maximum temperature. This control ensures your safety safe at home. The 5-temperature setting dial allows you to set the right temperature for different fabrics. The soleplate has a tempered design that slides smoothly to get rid of wrinkles quickly. You can choose the amount of steam that you need for your garment from the three steam settings available. The vertical steam enables you to iron hanging fabrics while the cool spray moistens fabrics for faster crease removal.

What We Like
  • Non- stick soleplate
  • Ant-drip function
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Variable steam settings
Our Verdict

AICOK Steam Iron has a large water tank that holds enough water to steam numerous garments. The three steam settings allow you to choose the amount of steam you need on your garment.