Best Steak Knives of 2022

Steak Knives

Steak knives are sharp table knives used for cutting steak. Most models have wooden or plastic handles that fit comfortably in hand. Moreover, the stainless steel used to make their blades is not only durable but also ever sharp. Therefore, slicing meats, vegetables, and other ingredients is a breeze, which is a plus. Here are the bestsellers.

List of the Best Steak Knives of 2022

1. AmazonBasics Premium

AmazonBasics Premium

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AmazonBasics Premium 8-pieces Kitchen Steak Knife set, black, suits your kitchen perfectly for it got this amazing, satisfying features that we all crave. Pocket friendly is one of the reasons it stands out among many others. Its triple-riveted ergonomic handle ensures safe and comfortable gripping when in use. Besides that, its full tang nature enhances total balance for the knife hence no embarrassing moments, especially at the dinner tables. In conjunction with that, its full bolster improves durability and counter-balance, thereby keeping your fingers away from the blade.

The micro-serrated edge is efficient since you do not have to sharpen it often to cut. It requires hand wash, therefore no need for intensive care, making it to be economical. It is made of stainless steel, thus high corrosion resistance and low maintenance cost. The knife weighs 3.36 ounces. The dimensions are (8.94 0.59 0.87) (L W H)

What We Like
  • Eight pieces of water
  • Lightweight (3.3 ounces)
  • Riveted, ergonomic handle
  • Corrosion resistant blade
Our Verdict

AmazonBasics is a pack of premium knives (8) with corrosion-resistant blades and a comfortable handle. They are perfect for cutting steak and vegetables, to name a few.

2. Chicago Cutlery Fusion

Chicago Cutlery Fusion

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Chicago Cutlery Fusion Steak Knives set 6-pieces, black, is leading among cutleries all over the world for its efficiency in the kitchen and meal tables – it fully satisfies. With its low price, it gets friendlier. The ergonomic poly grip handles of these knives are easy to hold and control, thereby giving an easy time in the kitchen and other places of use. In addition, its bolstered design keeps fingers are away from the blade for safety.

The full metal tang of these knives is reliable and durable, which makes the suitable for day-to-day cooking. With this feature, balance is highly kept following easy control when in use. The knives have straight blades that deliver a perfect cut every time and comfortable weight and balance, which makes them effortless to use. They weigh 1.8 ounces and thus are user-friendly as they measure around 11.25×6.63×1.63-inches.

What We Like
  • Ergonomic poly grips
  • User friendly deign
  • Sharp straight edges
  • Full metal tang
Our Verdict

Chicago Cutlery Fusion straight edge blades are sharp, durable, and designed to fit comfortably in hand. Their full-tang designs without abuse for long. They are also BPA-free and have ergonomic poly grips that do not slip while in use indoors/outdoors.

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3. DALSTRONG Steak Knives

DALSTRONG Steak Knives

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DALSTRONG Gladiator Series knives have durable German Thyssenkrupp HC Steel blades. They come in a 4-piece set, a perfect number for your kitchen. The knives are very sharp and straight, ensuring clean and impressive cuts. They come hand-sharpened to 14-16 degrees per side, and carefully tapered to enhance its hardness, flexible in cutting with minimal resistance. This is to ensure that you have the best. In addition, its hand-polished to a satin finish hence durability and reflective looks.

Their creation is of Rock-hollow dimples, which ensure meat falls off the blade for frictionless slicing making your work clean and easier. On appearance, it has the most appealing looks. Black pakkawood handle imported from Spain triple-riveted for easy gripping and precise work. Dalstrong has new and luxurious packing that you can use for storage as well. It measures (9.65, 0.87, 0.08) inches, weighing at 3.84 ounces.

What We Like
  • Lightweight (3.84 ounces)
  • Black pakkawood handle
  • Luxurious packaging
  • Ever-sharp edge
Our Verdict

DALSTRONG Steak Knives have ever-sharp tapered edges that cut meat like butter. They have a solid handle (pakkawood) and a BPA-free design that lasts for years.

4. J.A Henckels International

J.A Henckels International

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J.A Henckels International stainless steel is an eight-piece steak knife set. Its content is more convenient since it is corrosion-resistant. With this, it makes it economical since you can have it with you for decades. The handles and blade are made of well-polished stainless steel that gives it a perfect appealing look, especially for use during meal times. Its 1-piece construction has a robust full tang that withstands a lot of abuse during meal times without breaking or bending. The knives have serrated cutting edges. Therefore, no sharpening is required. With its look, it qualifies as a suitable gift for people who enjoy cooking at home. Professional chefs also appreciate the quality of the knives on offer. They are dishwasher safe and, therefore, easy to clean after use. It has a lifetime warranty. It measures 11.5×9.5×3.25 inches and weighs one-pound.

What We Like
  • Serrated cutting edge
  • Dishwasher safe design
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Comfortable handle
Our Verdict

The serrated design of the J.A Henckels knife cuts meat without tearing. Blades are 100% stainless steel, while its dishwasher safe design features a comfortable handle.

5. Home Hero Steak Knives

Home Hero Steak Knives

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Home Hero Set of eight steak knives, just as the name suggests, bring the best feeling at your home, especially in the kitchen. Its stainless steel amply serrated blades allow smooth perfect non-frictional cutting for you. It combines classic good looks with its stout comfort designed polypropylene handle making it appealing, especially on dinner tables. The protective TPR Coating is stable and thus facilitates the perfect cut.

It is a rust resistance steel, which is inspiring during meal times. The material also makes it economical for most individuals since you can use it for a more extended period. Nevertheless, they are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and timesaving. They do not corrode or indent while in use at home. The knives measures 11.6×0.8×7-inches. Each weighs 15.2 ounces and is suitable for cutting steak, vegetables, and others.

What We Like
  • Dishwasher-safe design
  • Protective TPR Coating
  • Amply serrated blades
  • Decent size and weight
Our Verdict

Home Hero Steak Knives are dishwasher safe, durable, and have serrated blades that cut meats and vegetables cleanly. All parts are BPA-free and designed to last for years.

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6. Cuisinart C77TE-6PSK Triple Riveted

Cuisinart C77TE-6PSK Triple Riveted

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Cuisinart C77TE-6PSK Triple Riveted Collection 6-piece Steak Knife Set comes at a pocket-friendly price. They are carbon stainless steel, which is durable and wear-resistant. In addition, it has a forged bolster that improves the strength to weight ratio and the structural stability of this knife. Therefore, gripping these steak knives is comfortable since they prevent your fingers from running through the blade.

Cuisinart knives have three Stainless steel rivets that remain super firm for an extended period. In addition, it makes the user have light moments since it gives a quality surface area for gripping. The tapered blade has a razor-sharp finish, which can accomplish most cutting and slicing jobs. It comes in a 15-piece block containing premium knives with a lifetime warranty. Each measures 7.5×0.75×12.25-inches and weighs just 12.8 ounces.

What We Like
  • Sharply tapered blade
  • 15-piece knife set
  • Lightweight design
  • Lifetime warranty
Our Verdict

Cuisinart C77TE-6PSK is one of the few steak knives with a lifetime warranty. The quality of the blades is pleasing. They are also comfortable to use and can cut meats cleanly.

7. Kitchen Aid Classic

Kitchen Aid Classic

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Kitchen Aid Classic Forged 4-piece triple-rivet steak knives onyx black are among the must-have items in your home kitchen. It has a heavy-duty stainless steel blade, which offers a high rate of corrosion resistance, making it durable. Strength is also an added advantage since the steel undergoes cold hardening to reduce the thickness and heat treatment to complete its hardening. It does not wear out, making it to be durable.

Due to their ergonomic designs, the knives are easy to hold and comfortable to use. The knife is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre through your steak, vegetables, and anything else that involves cutting. In addition to that, the blade is dishwasher safe, hence timesaving. The fully serrated edges are very sharp and thus deliver a perfect cut every time. It measures 12.2×6.1×0.6-inches and weighs only 12.8 ounces

What We Like
  • Comfortable to use
  • Fully serrated edges
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Ever-sharp design
Our Verdict

Kitchen Aid Classic knives are ever sharp, and therefore suitable for people who cook fresh meals at home often. They are also durable, food-grade, and very easy to clean.

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8. Chicago Cutlery Traditional

Chicago Cutlery Traditional

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Chicago Cutlery Traditional Steak Knife presents a Set of Brown knife, which blends your kitchen so well. It has an ergonomic fibrox pro handle with an exquisite look and it’s originated in Switzerland in 1884. It has high carbon Stainless steel blades ensuring optimum sharpness and easier sharpening

This product has a full tang blade extending to the handle, which is triple-riveted. Hence, it is very concrete, not prone to breakage. It offers a comfortable clutch, thereby cutting and slicing gets easy. The knife gives a clean frictionless razor-sharp cut. Hence, it is very pleasing for home use. It is easy to clean and makes an excellent gift for chefs.

The handles are made of solid walnut, which is very efficient for insulation. They offer a full-time warranty for all customers. Each knife measures 10x10x10-inches (L W H), respectively. These knives weight 3.52 ounces, making them light and user friendly.

What We Like
  • Lightweight (3.52 ounces)
  • Razor-sharp cutting edge
  • Ergonomic fibrox pro handle
  • Decent length
Our Verdict

Chicago Cutlery Traditional steak knives have a decent length that fits comfortably in hand. They are also durable (stainless steel) and have dependable, ever-sharp edges.

9. Wusthof Gourmet Knives

Wusthof Gourmet Knives

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Wusthof Gourmet Four 4-piece laser cut high carbon stainless steel kitchen steak knife set. It has triple-riveted polythene handles, which allows many opportunities with it. This helps it resist fading and discoloration. The handles ensure maximum insulation hence safe for the user. Its lightweight design is also an added advantage as it makes cutting easier. Its riveted nature delivers a comfortable yet secure grip that its users like. In conjunction with that, the handle has a full tang, which is reliable, robust, and steadfast.

With the above features, the knife gets to be durable and thus long-lasting. Its high carbon stainless steel blade is durable, rust-resistant, and razor-sharp. Wusthof is hand washable and has a lifetime warranty. Wusthof cutlery meets stringent quality standards that have been in force in the company for over seven years. It measures 12.2×9.3×6.6-inches and weighs 9.9 ounces, which makes it comfortable to use irrespective of hand size.

What We Like
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Full tang handle
  • Triple-riveted handle
  • Carbon stainless steel
Our Verdict

Wusthof has carbon steel blades, which are BPA-free, solid, and resistant to stains and or corrosion over time. As such, it makes a perfect household accessory for use at home.

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10. ZWILLING J.A Henckels


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ZWILLING J.A Henckels 39130-850 Zwilling Accessories Steak Knives set comes in 8 pieces with a wood case that makes storage and handling safety. They are stainless steel, which offers high corrosion resistance, as it contains an alloy. The knives are very sharp, therefore, clean cuts to precise Zwilling specifications. They include well-furnished forged blades bringing a captivating and appealing appearance. They suit very well at dinner tables with their fascinating looks. This makes it an ideal gift for chefs.

Each steak knife has a 4-inch serrated blade, with razor-sharp precision, no need for sharpening. They have a tapered design from the blade to the handle hence lightweight, allowing it to be quicker in hand and distribute balance on the knife offer an ergonomic grip. The knives weigh 3.15 pounds and measure 11.38x10x1-inches.

What We Like
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Weighs 3.15 pounds
  • Solid forged blades
  • Appealing appearance
Our Verdict

ZWILLING J.A Henckels knives look good, are durable, and are very easy to use. They fit seamlessly in hand, as they are light and have a comfortable grip (ergonomic).