Best Spring Compressors of 2022

Spring Compressors

Spring compressors are compact care accessories that hold strut springs tightly, enabling you to remove, install, and replace them safely. They are heavy-duty steel and come in a plethora of designs and sizes that fit different types of springs and struts. Therefore, whether you are a professional or DIY mechanics updating his/her collection of tools, buy a compressor as well.

In this article, we have reviewed brands for professionals and beginners that excel in terms of design and function. Consider buying one today as they are durable and relatively easy to use.

List of the Best Spring Compressors of 2022

1. ABN Spring Compressor

ABN Spring Compressor

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ABN Spring Compressor comes in a set of two – a half-inch drive and a 13/16-inch socket to compress the coil spring. You can use it to replace the spring or shock absorber and to repair bent struts, strut tubes, and damaged pieces. It is easy to set up and requires you to attach the brackets into the spring, tighten, and remove the strut. This compressor has a durable construction with forged hooks and hard center screws for maximum strength and longevity.

ABN Spring Compressor further features Acme thread rod with broad spring contact and built-in detent pins. The threaded rod and pins lock the spring into place for safer spring compression without tension. You can further compress your vehicle’s coil spring on and off with hands or power tools. Lubricating threads with anti-seize compound prolongs service life. This product also has a plastic blow-molded carrying case for safe storage, secure storage, and organization.

What We Like
  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Durable construction
  • Easy storage
Our Verdict

ABN Spring Compressor features a wide range of compatibility with struts assembly. You can thus remove an old spring from your vehicle and transfer it to a new strut using the compressor. It has a durable construction that enables you to use it for a long time.

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2. OEMTOOLS 27036 Spring Compressor

OEMTOOLS 27036 Spring Compressor

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OEMTOOLS 27036 Spring Compressor compresses most MacPherson struts and is thus ideal for your shop or garage. It has a broad spring contact along with built-in detent pins. The broad spring contact and pins lock the spring in place for quick and safer spring compression.

By compressing coils, it allows for easy replacement of shock absorbers and spring. Therefore, if you can afford this tool, replacing the strut cartridge or for strut assembly of your car is easy.

OEMTOOLS 27036 Spring Compressor further features durable construction with forged hooks and heat-treated center screws for durability. You can lubricate the threads using an anti-seize compound for prolonged tool life. The compressor has wide compatibility, making it highly versatile. It also has a free blow-molded plastic carrying case for storing the tool safely.

What We Like
  • Sturdy blow-molded case
  • Quick and safe compression
  • Locks in place
  • Easy to use
Our Verdict

With OEMTOOLS 27036 Spring Compressor features a plastic blow-molded carrying case for easy organization, storage, and transportation. It is also easy to use, allowing you to install, replace, and remove your strut springs quickly and easily.

3. Hiltex 50604 Spring Compressor

Hiltex 50604 Spring Compressor

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The Hiltex 50604 Spring Compressor comes in a set of two 10-inch compressors that loosen up to 105,000-PSI bolts. Therefore, it permits quick and safe removal or installation of springs while repairing or setting up struts in most types of vehicles. These bolts have a hard and tempered precision-machined steel construction that lasts for years. This steel even has a stylish black oxide finish that prevents corrosion and rust when you expose it to water.

Hiltex 50604 Spring Compressor further has broad compatibility and fits most struts on domestic and import vehicles. You can also use it on other types of strut springs of different sizes. The compressor jaws feature drop forged heat-treated steel with chrome plating that makes it sturdy and durable. The compressor further maintains and preserves spring curvature while compressing and therefore does not damage your springs as you work.

What We Like
  • Quick and safe installation
  • Heat-treated steel construction
  • Wide compatibility
  • Maintains spring curvature
Our Verdict

Hiltex 50604 Spring Compressor consists of minimum tensile strength bolts that permit quick and safe removal, installation, and repair of struts. It fits most strut springs on most machinery.

4. ABN Auto Valve Spring Compressor

ABN Auto Valve Spring Compressor

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ABN Spring Compressor has five adaptors that fit snugly onto automotive valve springs to install and remove them with ease. The compressor has broad compatibility, allowing for use on motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and other vehicles that run on small engines. All its collets measure 1.75 inches long with a maximum jaw opening of 9.5 inches. The compressor is durable, thanks to its high-quality metal construction with a black-oxide finish.

ABN Spring Compressor also comes in a plastic carrying case that allows you to store and transport it with ease. The safety box is light with a small size that is easy to carry to work and back. In its package, you will find assorted extension jaws measuring 16, 19, 23, 25, and 30 millimeters. You will also find the spring compressor and a compression bar.

What We Like
  • Five snugly fitting adaptors
  • Plastic carrying case
  • Durable construction
  • Wide compatibility
Our Verdict

The ABN Spring Compressor is beneficial to people with cars, motorcycles, ATVs and other vehicles with small engines. It also has a sturdy metal construction with a black oxide finish that resists rust and stains, which prolongs its service life.

5. OEMTOOLS 24434 Spring Compressor

OEMTOOLS 24434 Spring Compressor

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OEMTOOLS 24434 Spring Compressor has broad compatibility and usable on 1991-2004 Ford vehicles with 4.6 L with 2V 8V engines. This handy tool compresses the valve springs for quicker and easier camshaft, valve seal, valve springs, or retainer service. You can thus remove or install the engine for retainer service without removing the head from the engine first. If you place the tool correctly, you can compress the valve springs by hand turning the knob, using no wrench.

OEMTOOLS 24434 Spring Compressor further works well with a 3/8-inch ratchet or breaker bar. Inserting the bar on one side of the tool allows for safe clearance, while its magnetic pick-up system prevents springs from slipping as you work. The OEMTOOLS 24434 Spring Compressor also features a center pin that you can knock out easily by punching it gently. Therefore, you can replace this pin with a bolt, allowing two-piece placement on tighter vehicles.

What We Like
  • Wide application
  • Easy setup
  • Quick and easy compression
  • Timesaving spring compression
Our Verdict

OEMTOOLS 24434 Spring Compressor has a 3/8-inch ratchet or breaker bar for compressing valve springs quickly and easily. It is also usable on Ford vehicles with 4.6L and 2V 8V engines.

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6. OrionMotor Tech Spring Compressor

OrionMotor Tech Spring Compressor

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OrionMotor Tech Spring Compressor features All-in-1 kit that provides fast removal and installation of valve springs on motorcycles, ATV, and cars. It has a heavy-duty steel design with black anodic oxidation that resists rust and corrosion hence durable. The compressor includes a toolset with five collet sizes, wide C-Clamp, pusher, and extension screws. The 5-collet sizes provide wide compatibility with any automotive or small engine valve spring and cylinder head.

OrionMotor Tech Spring Compressor further has a forged steel construction that provides superior strength and hardness. The C-Clamp does not bend or twist under the stress while compressing valve springs. It is also easy to operate without specialized training. It requires you to turn the coil spring until it touches the center rod then insert the compressor. Compressing the spring further allows for easy removal and installation of strut springs. The compressor is easy to store in a high-impact case allowing for safety, organization, and easy transportation.

What We Like
  • Durable design
  • Simple operation
  • Easy storage case
  • Safe and efficient
Our Verdict

OrionMotor Tech Spring Compressor features a toolset with 5-collet sizes, wide C-Clamp, pusher, and extension screws. It is thus compatible with automotive or small engine valve spring and cylinder head for safe and efficient valve spring installation.

7. 8MILELAKE Spring Compressor

8MILELAKE Spring Compressor

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8MILELAKE Spring Compressor has a drop forged heat-treated steel material construction that lasts for long. It provides a professional performance, thanks to its heat-treated dropforged jaws and leads screws. It also compresses the coil springs of the Macpherson strut with ease.

You can also use the 8MILELAKE Spring Compressor to remove and install springs quickly. It has a universal design that makes it compatible with Macpherson struts of different sizes. You can carry it in your car trunk without requiring too much space or weighing your vehicle down.

What We Like
  • Sturdy, metal construction
  • Supports Macpherson struts
  • Small/light/portable
  • Professional performance
Our Verdict

8MILELAKE Spring Compressor serves you for a long time, thanks to its sturdy and durable metal construction. It is also light and small, allowing for easy transportation and storage.

8. DASBET Spring Compressor

DASBET Spring Compressor

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You can use the DASBET Spring Compressor on Macpherson strut springs of various sizes to replace or assemble the strut cartridge fast and safely. This compressor comes in a sturdy plastic kit. This kit allows you to carry the compressor and its other accessories with ease and store them securely. The kit is also robust and does not break or crack upon impacts.

The DASBET Spring Compressor also has a broad spring contact that enables it to hold the springs of all shapes and sizes snugly. A hardened center screw allows you to use the tool on heavy machinery without damaging it. The compressor also features safety latches that lock the hooks to the spring. However, you should not use it with impact driver tools. Its light 8.14 weight enables you to carry it in your car trunk for use whenever necessary, without weighing your vehicle down. It is also small and does not add too much bulk to your car trunk.

What We Like
  • Broad spring contact
  • Hardened center screw
  • Light and small-sized
  • Sturdy plastic kit
Our Verdict

DASBET Spring Compressor comes in a plastic kit for easier storage and transportation. It also has a broad spring contact for a snug fit on the springs and compatibility with most struts.

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9. OEMTOOLS 27200 Spring Compressor

OEMTOOLS 27200 Spring Compressor

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OEMTOOLS 27200 Spring Compressor has in-built detent latches that lock the coil in place. It also has a safety gauge that tests whether the compressor is compatible with your coil. Using this compressor, you get to compress most Macpherson strut springs fast and easily. The tool is also easy to use and has a user guide that instructs you on how to use it safely and correctly.

OEMTOOLS 27200 Spring Compressor is also durable as it has a high-grade steel material construction. Its sturdy construction makes the tool ideal for use on heavy machinery. A carrying case and lightweight design make it easy to carry the compressor around. The kit further allows you to organize the compressor and its tools to acquire a neat storage area.

What We Like
  • Detent latches
  • Safety gauge
  • Easy to use
  • Storage kit
Our Verdict

OEMTOOLS 27200 is easy to use as it has an instruction manual for beginners. It also features detent latches that keep the coil in place during installation or replacement.

10. ARES 70371 Spring Compressor

ARES 70371 Spring Compressor

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ARES 70371 Spring Compressor comes in handy when you need to install or replace shock absorbers, spindles, struts, and spring sets. The tool is easy to use and does not require you to employ too much energy or expertise. You should lubricate it threads using an anti-seize compound to prolong its lifetime. The manufacturer provides a storage case, ideal for neat organization of the tools and its accessories, and allows for easy portability.

ARES 70371 Spring Compressor also has a heavy-duty V-threaded rod that facilitates fast and precise movement. It also has a large surface area that provides broad spring contact. The coil remains in position, thanks to the detent pin latches. You will use the compressor for a long time, thanks to its sturdy and durable steel material construction.

What We Like
  • Easy to use
  • Free storage kit
  • Heavy-duty V-threaded rod
  • Durable steel construction
Our Verdict

ARES 70371 Spring Compressor has a sturdy steel material construction that makes it durable and gives you value for your money. It is also easy to use, as it requires little time and energy.