Best Soundbars of 2023


The stock speakers than come with most televisions are unsatisfactory at high volume. Most models vibrate or generate screeching or irritant sound. To solve this problem, you can do one of two things. First, connect your television to one of the best home theatre systems available online. A majority are loud and immersive but cost a fortune. The best 5.1 channel speakers and the best floor standing speakers are also suitable for people who enjoy loud music. However, to improve sound quality without cluttering personal space, opt for the best sound bar instead. They mount conveniently on televisions or walls. Most models also have simple plug-and-use designs that you can set up in seconds with most brands of TVS. Which are the best brands in 2023? The seven brands in our reviews have backward compatible designs that work with most TVS. They are durable and have premium sound systems that you can customize to satisfy your needs. Read on to learn more about each product.

List of the Best Soundbars of 2023

7. VMAI Sound Bar

VMAI Sound Bar

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To improve sound quality without cluttering your home with many speakers, opt for a wall-mounted sound bar such as VMAI. Its modern theme (black) looks good indoors. It is durable as well (plastic) and has high-speed connectivity ports that boost its performance. To upgrade a TV’s sound, you can pair it with this sound bar via a HDMI, AUX, optical, or USB input. You can also play music wirelessly through the Bluetooth 5.0 adapter that comes built into each original one. The connections are secure and clear in most environments. Moreover, in wireless mode, the sound bar is less prone to interference from devices such as phones due to its advanced DSP technology. The engine ensures fast signal transmission without distortion.

When choosing a sound bar, opt for a model that you can customize to suit your needs. VMAI, for instance, is a versatile model with on-board controls for sound and pitch. It also has bass reflex ports and a novel Power Bass technology that improves sound projection further. AT fill power, the bar generates up to 110 decibels (dB) of clear sound, which is sufficient for most rooms. Finally, you are getting a satisfaction guaranteed product. If one of its tweeters or its mid-range driver fails to work well, you can return it for a new one. The warranty also covers cosmetic defects such as chips or cracks or mechanical issues that developed during the production phase.

What We Like
  • Loud speaker (110 decibels)
  • Wall-mountable design
  • Many connectivity ports
  • Bluetooth 5.0 adapter
  • On-board sound controls
Our Verdict

If you do not have space to set up a home theatre system, the VMAI Sound Bar is effective as well. It is loud (110dB), long-lasting, and easy to set up at home. Besides, in wired and wireless modes, it generates clear and stable sound in most settings.

6. Yamaha ATS1080-R Sound Bar

Yamaha ATS1080-R Sound Bar

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The legendary Yamaha brand has captivated millions of people with quality products for decades now. Its bookshelf speakers are among the best in the market. The company is also home to quality sound bars – the ATS1080-R model being one of its bestsellers. Its ultra-slim and eye-catching design blends well with homes. It also complements the design of most televisions, which is a plus for movie lovers. Finally, if you want a high-performance sound bar for your media room, look no further than the Yamaha ATS1080-R. This product is naturally loud because of the premium subwoofer that comes built-in. The system is loud, clear, and less prone to interference while in use. Moreover, its premium speakers have enhanced dialogue clarity and thus are ideal for movie watching.

Yamaha ATS1080-R, as the VMAI sound bar in our review, is a plug-and-use multimedia device. To get it to work, all you have to do is connect it to your television via the analog, optical, and HDMI connection provided. Because it draws power from the TV connection, you do not need a separate power connection for it to work. You can mount the Yamaha ATS1080-R seamlessly under your television. Moreover, using the provided wall mount template, you can install it out of sight on your living room’s wall as well.

What We Like
  • Ultra-slim (discrete)
  • Built-in subwoofer
  • Clear and deep bass
  • Wireless Bluetooth adapter
  • Wall mount template
  • Low powered (27 watts)
Our Verdict

Sound bars not only light up living rooms but also improve sound projection while entertaining. The Yamaha ATS1080-R, for instance, is a universal model with a built-in subwoofer. It is loud, clear, and supports wireless music streaming via Bluetooth.

5. Polk Audio SIGNA S2 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar

Polk Audio SIGNA S2 Ultra-Slim Sound Bar

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In addition to its high-powered car speakers, Polk Audio is famous for its sound bars. This ultra-slim SIGNA S2 model, for instance, is a universal fit item that works with most televisions. Once plugged in and set up as directed, it produces a loud and soothing sound for two reasons. First, the sound bar is one of the few slim models with an in-built subwoofer. The subwoofer draws power directly from televisions and is loud and immersive, which is good. Polk Audio SIGNA S2 also has high-powered tweeters that produce rich sound from most sources. While watching a movie, thus, you will not struggle to hear what people are saying. Music, on the other hand, is loud and well-balanced, which is a plus for users. Finally, Polk Audio SIGNA S2 is a wireless-enabled device. You can connect it to a phone and play music remotely.

The build quality of the Polk Audio SIGNA S2 sound bar is one of the best in this niche. The thick plastic used to make it is not only stylish (matte black) but also durable. It is also fade and scratch proof and has well-placed connectivity ports with a plug-and-use interface. Thus, you do not need tools or electrical skills to set up and use one at home. Its Bluetooth adapter works seamlessly, while its wall-mountable design is easy to conceal behind TVs for a clean look.

What We Like
  • Wall-mountable design
  • Powerful Bluetooth adapter
  • Loud subwoofer (inbuilt)
  • Voice adjust technology
  • Supports wireless streaming
  • Clear highs and deep bass
Our Verdict

Polk Audio SIGNA S2 will improve how you entertain at home. Even though slim, it features a powerful in-built subwoofer with fantastic bass. Its plastic shell is durable, while its plug-and-use design is convenient. Off the shelf, most people can set up this sound bar in minutes tool-free.

4. Wohome 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar

Wohome 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar

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Wohome is a 2.1 channel Bluetooth sound bar with a bass-rich in-built subwoofer. It has three drivers and a two full range (60 watts) speakers (3-inches), which are suitable for gaming, watching movies, and listening to music. Whether you have a small or large living area, therefore, expect good results with one. The sound bar is also beneficial to people with analog or digital TVs and want to improve their audio experience while entertaining. At full power, it generates 100dB sound without crackling. Its compact (34 inches) design is also convenient if you have a small living area at home.

The 2.1 channel Wohome sound bar had four pre-programmed music modes that work off the shelf. The movie mode, for instance, has well-balanced highs and bass for a comfortable listening experience. It also has a music mode (default), a news mode, and adjustable bass and treble. Thus, if its pre-programmed settings do not fascinate you, you can set your own for a custom experience. Other exciting attributes of Wohome 2.1 are its many connectivity options, an array of advanced settings, and the free mounting kit on offer. You get AUX, RCA, optical, and coaxial inputs for pairing it with computers, tablets, smartphones, and projectors. You also get a free remote control (universal), lifetime technical support (free), and a satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer. If yours fails prematurely, the company can offer monetary compensation or offer you another bar.

What We Like
  • Soothing 2.1 channel design
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Free wall mounting kit
  • Satisfaction guaranteed (100{c4fea3e88328c83002bb5d821176890392b98b9cf2cf1124852b6b048349d6eb})
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Programed music modes
  • Universal remote control
Our Verdict

The Wohome 2.1 channel sound bar is a reputable household accessory with many inputs (wired and wireless). Apart from your television, you can pair it with a phone or Xbox and use it as a sound source.

3. Yamaha Audio YAS-207BL Sound Bar

Yamaha Audio YAS-207BL Sound Bar

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The standard entertainment systems in homes are not complete without a quality sound bar. They are smaller than most home theatre systems. They are also loud, durable, and compatible with most brands of televisions found in homes. The Yamaha Audio YAS-207BL, for instance, is a versatile matte-black model with an in-built subwoofer. The system is loud, clear, and supports wireless streaming of music from phones and computers. It also has a virtual DTS technology that prevents interference from third-party sources while in use. Whenever you are listening to the news or watching a movie, therefore, expect clear and interference-free sound. Moreover, with an original one at home, you can play loud music (100dB) without distortion.

Even though slim, Yamaha Audio YAS-207BL is a fully-fitted sound bar with versatile connectivity ports. It has analog, optical, and HDMI ports, which support most televisions and other smart devices. Its drivers, woofers, and tweeters are high fidelity, while its plug-and-use design is convenient. Off the shelf, you can set it up and create an immersive media system at home in minutes. Finally, like other sound bars we have reviewed herein, Yamaha Audio YAS-207BL is a long-lasting product. Its plastic shell lasts for many years. The connections and speakers are premium, while its flexible placement is beneficial.

What We Like
  • Flexible placement options
  • Long-lasting plastic shell
  • Plug-an-use design
  • Wireless music streaming
  • 3D surround sound
  • DTS virtual technology
  • Powerful bass and highs
Our Verdict

The Yamaha Audio YAS-207BL has everything that you will need in a sound bar. For a few dollars, you get a durable, plug-and-use device with soothing bass. It supports wireless streaming and supports many placement options at home. Using a commercial kit, for instance, you can install it discretely on the wall. You can also mount it on a TV.

2. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System

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If you enjoy listening to music, the Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar will make your life fun in several ways. First, the quality of the sound it generates makes it suitable for entertaining. Its drivers and advanced speaker system, for instance, produce a loud and clear sound. Even though it lacks a sub-woofer, bass output is excellent due to its superior design. Thus, instead of the large and expensive home theatre system that you are planning to buy, order this sound bar. It is compatible with all televisions.

The Bose Solo 5 sound bar weighs just 3.73 pounds. Thus, mounted as directed, it does not destabilize televisions as some models often do. You can also mount in on to a wall or the media unit in your living room in minutes. With Bose Solo 5, streaming music from smart devices such as phones is also a breeze. All you have to do is pair it via Bluetooth and load your preferred song or video. Finally, each original sound bar comes with a universal remote control. This enables you to turn the device on and off, set up Bluetooth connections, or adjust bass output on demand.

What We Like
  • Adjustable bass output
  • Sensitive Bluetooth adapter
  • Optical, coaxial, and Bluetooth output
  • Advanced dialogue mode
  • Low profile sound bar
Our Verdict

Bose Solo 5 is one of the few sound bars on our list with a dialogue mode. Thus, as per our review, it is the best brand for watching movies. It is durable and generates soothing bass as well, which is a plus.

1. VIZIO SB2920-C6 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

VIZIO SB2920-C6 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

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The 2.0 channel VIZIO SB2920-C6 sound bar generates 95dB or room-filling sound while in use. The sound bar is loud, clear, and has minimal harmonic distortion (1{c4fea3e88328c83002bb5d821176890392b98b9cf2cf1124852b6b048349d6eb}), which is rare for sound bars. The DTS TruSurround, DTS Tru Volume, and DTS Studio Sound systems on offer boost its performance further. They not only streamline sound output but enhance sound clarity as well.

VIZIO SB2920-C6 supports wired connections via USB, HDMI, and optical ports. However, for a cleaner look, you can streamline music via the Bluetooth adapter that comes built-in. It supports not only smart devices such as televisions, but also phones, tablets, and computers. It also synchronizes fast and maintains clear and stable connections for long in all settings. You will like it.

What We Like
  • Powerful Bluetooth adapter
  • High-speed wired connections
  • Low harmonic distortion
  • Premium sound system
Our Verdict

VIZIO SB2920-C6 is a durable, two-channel sound bar that produces room-filling sound in all settings. Its plug-and-use design has a wireless Bluetooth adapter for streaming music from phones or computers.