Best Plush Interactive Toys of 2022

Plush Interactive Toys

While choosing a toy for your child, you need a charming and kid-safe product made from BPA-free material. It should also be of a decent size and able to withstand abuse from children while playing at home. The best Calico Critter toys are ideal because of their colorful and versatile designs. The best Paw Patrol toys and Moana Toys, on the other hand, stimulate creativity and are therefore beneficial at a young age. However, to offer a toy that can teach your child moral and entertain him or her at the same time, buying a plush interactive toy is the best decision. Besides, because they offer a unique experience every time children are playing with them, they do not bore kids as fast as standard ones do. Here are some of the best brands in 2022 that offer kids a memorable experience indoors:

List of the Best Plush Interactive Toys of 2022

10. LeapFrog Storytime Buddy

LeapFrog Storytime Buddy

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LeapFrog Storytime Buddy contains five exciting stories for your child. This Buddy is best for children between the ages of two and five. It is easy to access the different stories. All you need to is press the respective number of the story on Buddy’s collar. Every story that thus, Buddy contains teaches your child a different lesson. These lessons include different emotions, various colors, as well as multiple shapes and opposites.

Your child also gets to explore the different letters of the alphabet from this Buddy. The child can also ask comprehension questions by pressing the respective button on their book. This Buddy further plays bedtime stories and lullabies. These stories and songs make Buddy light up its collar and attain changing nightlight colors. Ensure that the Toy’s AA batteries have enough charge for your child to use it for a long time.

What We Like
  • Easy to operate
  • Different lessons
  • Changing colors
  • Bedtime stories and Lullabies
Our Verdict

LeapFrog Storytime Buddy has educative content that instills knowledge to your child. Your child can also efficiently run this toy on their own since it is easy to use.

9. Little Live Pets Cozy Dozy

Little Live Pets Cozy Dozy

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Little Live Pets cozy dozy is a super soft and cuddly toy for your child. This toy is suitable for children above the age of three. Once you buy this toy for your child, you get them a Buddy to play with. The toy is also an excellent bedtime Buddy.

This toy is entertaining as it tells your child different amazing stories when they prompt them. The snuggly toy also gives your child to cry on when they encounter a sad situation. It is interactive, thus listens and talks back to your child.

What We Like
  • An interactive toy
  • Super soft structure
  • Playtime Buddy
  • Storytelling toy
Our verdict

Get your child the Little Live Pets cozy dozy to keep them company. Your child will have a companion to interact with even when you are away.

8. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Diggity Dance and Play Mickey

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Diggity Dance and Play Mickey

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If you are looking for an exciting plush toy, then consider getting the Mickey Mouse dance and play mickey. This toy can perform various dances such as the Hot Dog and Freeze dance. It also sings the song by the title “Hot Dog.” It additionally plays games such as “What is that sound.” It, therefore, gives your child an enjoyable experience.

This Dance and play mickey further has a T-shirt that lights up every time it dances or sings. Your child also gets to have interactive sessions with this toy. Children from three years and above can comfortably use this toy independently since it is easy to operate. You do not, therefore, need to be present to help your child use this toy.

What We Like
  • Easy to operate
  • Lighting-up T-shirt
  • Interesting dance moves
  • Interactive toy
Our Verdict

Children above three years get to run this toy without your help. The gadget keeps your child company even when you are absent. Your child gets to interact with the toy as well as dance and sing with it.

7. Little Live Wrapples Slap Bracelets

Little Live Wrapples Slap Bracelets

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Little Live wrapples slap bracelets have a rainbow coloring that makes them very attractive. It also wraps around your child’s wrist once they slap the toy on their wrists. It can, therefore, function as a fancy bracelet. This toy is also very easily portable, and your child can carry it wherever they go.

Your child also gets to enjoy the many sounds that the toy produces. This toy also shows over 50 reactions. When your child pets with this toy, it giggles and purrs. Its eyes light up to correspond to their immediate reaction.

What We Like
  • Easily portable
  • Rainbow coloring
  • More than 50 sounds
  • Fancy bracelet
Our Verdict

The rainbow coloring feature of this toy gives it a lovely look. This toy is also portable, and your child can use it as a bracelet. It also produces more than 50 exciting sounds making it an exciting toy for your child.

6. Peppa Pig Hug n’ Oink Plush

Peppa Pig Hug n’ Oink Plush

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Peppa pig n’ Oink plush is a battery-powered (three AA) ineractive plush toy that keeps kids engaged and entertained for long. This toy giggles talks and can also snort when your child squeezes its belly. It only functions purely as a toy hence contains child-friendly features. The toy features a red dress and flat black shoes. You do not, therefore, need to spend more money buying the toy some clothes. You can, however, choose to buy some clothes when your child needs to change its clothes from time to time.

You should also consider getting your child this toy if they need a cuddly companion. This toy has a big size of about 12 inches and is very soft, thus suitable for cuddles and hugs. You can also get a separate pig plush that gives your child warmer and cuddlier hugs.

What We Like
  • Giggles, talks, and snorts
  • 100% kid-safe toy
  • Cuddly companion
  • Big and soft
Our Verdict

Due to its big size, this toy is very huggable. It is also soft, making it cuddlier. The Peppa pig n’ Oink plush is an exciting toy that giggles, talks, and snorts.

5. Meva PawPals Dog Toy Pet

Meva PawPals Dog Toy Pet

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If your child loves puppies, then the Meva PawPals toy pet is the best choice. The toy is very furry beautiful, and adorable. It resembles a real pup that yaps and walks around the house. Its tail also wags when the environment is enjoyable. Your child also gets a companion to cuddle with once you buy them this toy. The toy thus offers companionship to your child when you cannot.

You also easily control this toy using a remote controller. It, therefore, saves you and your child the energy you could use on a toy that you control manually. The toy is 9 inches tall and 11 inches long. Thus, it is big enough to play and cuddle with as it mimics a real pup. You need to insert AA batteries into the belly of this toy for it to run.

What We Like
  • Comfortable design
  • Furry and cuddly
  • Remote control
  • Tail wagging
Our Verdict

This toy is ideal for pet lovers. Your child easily controls it using a remote controller. Controlling the toy using a remote makes operating it easier and demands less energy and movement. It is also big and very furry, making it snuggly and cuddly.

4. PJ masks Song and Talk Gekko Plush

PJ masks Song and Talk Gekko Plush

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Singing toys are exciting for your kids, which is why you should get this song and talk Gekko plush. This toy sings along to the rhymes from the PJ Masks TV series. The plush toy also sings the theme song. You only need to press the toy’s hand to have it sing these songs. Your child can thus learn these songs form the toy more effortlessly since the tone and accent are child-friendly. You can also have the toy light up at night by activating the amulet you find on its chest. This toy can, therefore, make your child’s night beautiful and thus enjoyable.

This plush toy also functions as a cuddling companion for your child. It has ultra-soft fabric that makes it cuddly. Children from the age of three can comfortably use this toy. This toy requires AA batteries to function, which are available in its package.

What We Like
  • Free AA batteries
  • Ultra-soft fabric
  • Singing toy
  • Nighttime light-up
Our Verdict

Beautiful lights make the night attractive, which is what this toy provides your child with. This toy also has free batteries that you find in the package once you buy this plush toy. Your child also finds a cuddly Buddy in this plush toy since it is very soft.

3. The Last Jedi Action Porg Plush

The Last Jedi Action Porg Plush

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The last Jedi plush toy is merchandise with a license from the Star Wars. Your child gets to enjoy interactive moments with this toy. This toy is 8.5 inches in height, thus big enough and huggable. You should only get one for your child once they attain three years. When you buy this toy, you get three AA batteries, which you need for it to function. You, thus, save the money you would otherwise spend buying new batteries with your new toy. The Last Jedi, a creature from the Star Wars, is the inspiration behind the construction of this toy. It is thus an ideal toy for Star Wars enthusiasts.

The Porg plush toy is further very soft, complementing its size to make it cuddlier. It is also durable and hence lasts long enough to create a strong bond with your child. The wings of this toy can flap, creating a real and alive illusion. The lips and the head of this toy also move as it speaks further, making it look it real. With this toy, therefore, your child may not need a real pet.

What We Like
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Decent sized toy
  • Free AA batteries
  • Star Wars inspiration
Our Verdict

Star Wars lovers can relate with this toy whose construction is an inspiration of one of the Star Wars creatures. The toy is also soft and makes an excellent cuddly companion for your child. Its big size, flapping wings, moving lips, and head makes the toy seem and feel like a real pet. Your child, therefore, gets to enjoy interacting with their toy as they would with a real pet.

2. FurReal Munchin Rex Cool Dino

FurReal Munchin Rex Cool Dino

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Children age four and above enjoy having the Cool Dino around them. The toy produces more than thirty-five sounds and motions when your kids wave or feed him. It also shows excitement by hoping and begging when it receives treats. It responds to treats by either chomping on them or spitting them. Broccoli is one of its preferred treats.

Cool Dino further loves Caveman cookies. AA alkaline batteries are necessary for this toy to function. You receive demo batteries upon buying this product. Its package also includes an instruction manual, a feeding bottle, its favorite treats, and a pet. Therefore, you receive all the items your kids need to have a fantastic experience using the toy.

What We Like
  • Over thirty-five sounds
  • Hopping and begging
  • Free demo batteries
  • Instructions manual
Our Verdict

It is easy to learn how to operate this toy as it has an instruction manual in its package. Your child also gets to enjoy listening to over thirty-five sounds that the toy produces. The gadget also has demo batteries that you use after buying it. The demo batteries save you money as you only need to buy new batteries after you exhaust the free ones.

1. WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark

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Baby Shark hit song official creators are the creators of the Pinkfong plush toy. This toy sings out the four Baby Shark song verses in English. It is also soft and cuddly and has a width of 3 inches, a height of 3 inches, and a height of 3.5 inches. It is, thus, big enough for your child to hug. It is also small enough for your child to carry.

When you buy this toy, you also benefit from free long-life batteries that you can easily replace once you exhaust. The plush toy is also available in three characters from which you can choose your favorite. The characters include the baby shark, the mommy shark, and the daddy shark.

What We Like
  • Long-life batteries
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Portable design
  • Huggable kids toy
Our Verdict

You can consider this toy as a gift for your child, who enjoys listening to the Baby Shark nursery rhyme. Your child will get to enjoy listening to the full song in the English version. You will also benefit from the free batteries available in the package. You, therefore, do not have to incur an extra cost on batteries upon buying the product. You only purchase batteries once you exhaust the free ones.