Best Paw Patrol Toys in 2022

Paw Patrol Toys

Paw patrol pups consist of super talented pups being supervised as a team under a 10-year-old boy, as a part of being with the police department to conduct rescue missions and help people trapped in various situations such as fires, water floods, structure collapse and accidents as well

If you are familiar with the paw patrol video for kids, the whole storyline looks adventurous and fun with animated animals playing the part of a police crew along with a boy running the paw patrol police department. Now we have a way by which we can get the storyline alive, at the comfort of our homes. Paw patrol presents you with various miniature sized toys and figures, which can be used by kids to do role-playing with their own fictional storylines. There are various sets and individual toys which can be bought as a collection and set on the ground.

Nickelodeon has been streaming episodes after episodes of the wonderful Paw patrol heroes. They have been recreated into these amazing toys which are available at many shops and websites. Now it is time for some actual cognitive development for the kids, as they unpack these toys and start to play out imaginary scenarios, revolving around the characters they have. As for the kids, they can save the day by solving mysteries and rescuing people along with the Paw Patrol pups. The tech expert human, named as Ryder, leads a team of seven pups which involve Rocky, Everest, Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye and Zuma.  Here is a list of paw patrol toys you can choose from:

Paw Patrol patroller on the move
  • Lovable character
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Figure and vehicle

Paw patrol masks for effective role-playing
  • Durable plastic
  • Kid-safe design
  • Soft-touch cover

Zuma’s hovercraft for the rescue mission
  • Transforming toys
  • Ideal for children
  • Three action figures

View The Best Paw Patrol Toys Below

1. Fire Truck to the Rescue

Fire truck to the rescue

Paw patrol fire department member Marshall is here a phone call away, to save you from the raging fires and damaged structures. He is always ready for his ruff-ruff rescue and he comes to the affected area riding his Fire Fighting truck, which has strong moving wheels to go on any rough surface. There is a ladder attached to the truck which helps him to rescue the people of Adventure Bay who are stuck at the top. Marshall is a funny pup who loves to rescue people from fires. His brave and funny nature is what made him a firefighter and he also loves being a paramedic. Kids love his jokes when he tries to cheer them up. He is very gentle with everyone and he is always ready to help anyone.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Energetic Marshall, who is the paw patrol firedog
  • Ladder on the fire truck

Our Verdict

We bet that there at a scene of the rescue, the presence of a paramedic is very important. When it is a proactive and funny paramedic like Marshall the brave pup, the reason is obvious as to why one has to buy this toy.

2. Plush Pup Mates

Plush pup mates

But then, Marshall is also a very sweet pup who is really funny as well. Some of the kids might have troubles dealing with the monsters under the bed or the aliens who hide in the toilet. Do not fear, for Marshall is here. He is there with you always as a plastic plush toy who will fight with the monsters and aliens. They are really of Marshall the brave pup, as his barks are really powerful and they are scared of the same. The toy is imported and is of very high quality. Each of the toys reaches up to a height of 8 inches. The material is soft to touch and does not cause allergies and skin irritation. Each of the plush toys come fully dressed in their bright uniforms.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Includes Marshall the brave and kind pup
  • Soft material
  • High quality imported toy

Our Verdict

Marshall is too sweet and he will be the best paramedic you would have. He is definitely one of those main characters whom you do not want to miss out. After all, wounds and trauma are dealt with by paramedics, therefore every rescue team has one paramedic to help out. Marshall is a star performer when it comes to being a paramedic.

3. The Adventure Bay Rescue Team Trio- Rocky, Chase and Zuma

The Adventure Bay rescue team trio- Rocky, Chase and Zuma

Adventure Bay is under danger and the situation is highly compromising. The paw control department is alerted about the situation and they are on their way to the danger area. The team comprises of Chase, Rocky and Zuma. A German shepherd by birth, Chase is a spy dog and has a cruiser of his own. His cruiser is not included with this set, but he is armed with cool gadgets. He is accompanied by Rocky, a grey and white coloured mongrel from the land of the mystery. His recycling truck is parked elsewhere and he is on the rescue mission to Adventure Bay. Zuma, who is the aquatic rescue pup, is there to save those who are stuck at water games and pools. He is a friendly Labrador with chocolate skin and he is an expert swimmer. The set of patrol pups comes with three pup badges, one for each pup, which is wearable and is to be used by the children in order to accompany the pups on official duty. The backpack of each toy is transformable, which when clicked open reveals a set of tools which will come handy during the rescue operation.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Paw patrol toy Chase is featured
  • The sweet Rocky paw patrol toy is also included
  • Zuma is the aquatic rescue pup who is the main star of the rescue team at Adventure Bay.

Our Verdict

There will be not a better trio than Rocky, Chase and Zuma to rescue those trapped at Adventure Bay. Only if you buy this set, will you be able to complete the Adventure Bay quest.

4. The Tech Leader of the Paw Patrol Department- Ryder

The tech leader of the Paw patrol department- Ryder

The paw patrol department is headed by ten-year-old Ryder, who gives out duties and assignments to the patrol pups. He also heads the tech department of the paw patrol. He designs and makes the cool gadgets the patrol pups use in their mission. He also coordinates the mission and makes the plans. How cool is that, to handle a whole department and to design cool tools and gadgets. He is definitely a character of prime importance. Now he is available as a plush toy for you to play with. Made with high-quality material, Ryder plush toy is soft to touch and you can ask him for any directions to solve mystery case. He is resourceful with ideas and theories that would help crack any mystery.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Features the Ryder Paw Patrol toy

Our Verdict

Knowing that his technological smartness is the driving force behind the whole paw patrol department, it would be great if you include Ryder in all of the quests. After all, you do need a mastermind who would help you out with strategy planning and ideas.

5. Snow Rescue Expert- Everest and His Racer Vehicle

Snow rescue expert- Everest and his racer vehicle

It is snowing heavily outside and there are some poor chaps stuck out there in the snowy areas. It is difficult for a normal vehicle to reach the affected area. So the locals alerted the paw patrol department to send help. Out there is Everest, with his racer vehicle, that has metal cutters on the side, to cut through the snowy paths and to make sure that the vehicle doesn’t get stuck. Everest is the new paw patrol dog, who is a Siberian husky by birth and is an expert with snow-related casualties. The racer vehicle has real moving wheels and they can be run on any rough surface. Everest and the racer vehicle is made out of plastic and is made of very high quality. With Everest always on the vehicle, it is up to you to play along and ride the wheels over the snowy paths and rescue the trapped people.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Movable tires which can be run along any rough surface

Our Verdict

If you do want to save those trapped in the thick layer of snow, you do need Everest’s racer vehicle to reach up to there. Everest is trained to help out people stuck in the snow. His natural Siberian husky instincts are powerful when it comes to sniffing out a survivor from under a heap of snow.

6. Zuma’s Hovercraft for the Rescue Mission

Zuma’s hovercraft for the rescue mission

The chocolate-skinned Labrador retriever Zuma is an aquatic rescue patrol dog and he is always on high alert for any distress calls coming from the water bodies. As soon as he receives the call of duty, he gets on his hovercraft and reaches the place. If the targets are underwater, he presses the blue button on the control panel and the hovercraft is transformed into a submarine, which jets past the water force with high speed. The hovercraft has some cool features, such as span in fans that spin for real. They are powered by the energy technology designed by Ryder and propels the submarine to the affected area. The set consists of a miniature sized Zuma and a hovercraft. Grab them soon and go to the rescue area with Zuma, the aquatic rescue paw patrol specialist.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • The set involves the paw patrol toy and a hovercraft.
  • The hovercraft has spinning fans

Our Verdict

With his hovercraft, Zuma cannot rescue the people trapped in the water bodies. Therefore, it is important that the hovercraft is brought along with Zuma, the aquatic paw patrol specialist. Zuma has a detailed map of every waterbody in the area, therefore if you have a rescue to be done from any waterbody, you better call Zuma.

7. Skye’ Aircraft to Rescue Those Trapped at Heights

Skye’ aircraft to rescue those trapped at heights

The control tower is on fire and the paw patrol is at the scene, trying to douse the fire out and to rescue the people trapped at the top floor. Skye is on her way in her aircraft to rescue the people stuck at the top. An aviation expert and pilot, Skye is a Cockapoo and has a pink uniform. Her aircraft has multiple features like a rope which is used to support the rescued and to be pulled into the aircraft. The high flying copter has cool features like extendable wings, rear wheels and a spinning propeller. This set consists of a miniature Skye and her helicopter. With this set, you can complete the rescue mission at the control tower with guaranteed success.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • The helicopter has extendable wings and the wheels are movable
  • The spinning propeller is another feature included in the helicopter
  • The set comes along with a miniature sized Skye.

Our Verdict

With Skye and her helicopter, the paw patrol pups won’t be able to rescue the people stuck at the top of the control tower. Therefore it is obvious, why we need Skye and her helicopter. Her sharp vision and quick decision-making skills along with bravery makes her a great pilot.

8. Paw Patrol Patroller on the Move

Paw Patrol patroller on the move

Danger can happen anywhere and no help is small. The distress calls need to be effectively answered, be it from the remote places or the risky Adventure Bay. The paw patrol force chief Ryder decided that the faster they are able to reach the affected places, the more effective would their rescue would be. Therefore, Ryder introduced the paw patroller- paw patrol force on wheels. The patroller patrols through the whole city and they reach the danger area quickly. The patroller can transport three vehicles inside, which also includes Ryder’s ATV. There is an elevator inside the van, which takes up the vehicles up to Ryder’s command centre. There is a button, which when pushed, generates the real sounds from the Paw patrol mission show. The van is powered by 3 LR44 batteries, which are included with the package. There is a space at the front, where the pups ride and wait for Ryder’s instructions.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Spacious paw patroller
  • Ryder’s ATV can be kept at the back of the van

Our Verdict

The ultimate rescue vehicle is here and it fits in the other three vehicles. This is a very good investment for the paw patrol dogs and the kids as well. The rescue team will be dispatched as soon as the distress call starts. It is also easy for Ryder to carry three vehicles to the site of rescue if needed.

9. Paw Patrol Puzzle for the Mystery Solving Kids

Paw patrol puzzle for the mystery solving kids

Not all kids are fans of paw patrol plush toys and vehicles. Some are the real mystery solvers- they like to solve puzzles, solve crosswords and to figure out how to help Ryder solve problems. For those who are more of the problem-solving kind, here is a trivia crack for them in the form of paw patrol puzzles. A huge puzzle which measures 36 inches in length and 24 inches in width is waiting to be solved by them. The giant puzzle has 46 pieces and involves a lot of effort and dexterity from the kid who has to solve the puzzle. The puzzle is of import quality and is made out of cardboard. The puzzle reveals the main protagonists of the paw patrol show and has colourful graphics. The cardboard puzzle comes with a rectangular storage box, which is used to keep the individual puzzle pieces safe.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Improves mental dexterity of the brain
  • Has colourful graphics

Our Verdict

This puzzle is meant to unravel the secret picture of the paw patrol team. This surprise can be only unlocked by solving this puzzle. If you feel that this a good challenge, then we suggest you get this puzzle.

10. Paw Patrol Masks for Effective Role-Playing

Paw patrol masks for effective role-playing:

When it comes to role-playing, some prefer that they emulate the characters themselves. They make themselves look like the characters and use masks to effectively portray themselves as the characters. The Paw patrol masks are meant for the same purpose and they come as a set of 8. They can be used at birthday parties, shows and fun events. The main characters that are available in this set are Chase, Rubble and Marshall. The masks fit most of the children and are secured at the back with the elastic band runs from one side to the other side. Chase is the most mature and athletic amongst the paw patrol dogs and playing his character would be really fun. Rubble is gruff but is a very able construction worker with a really good heart. But when it comes to having a heart of gold, no one can beat Marshall. He is the sweet paramedic who cracks funny jokes and cheers up people. It would be fun to emulate these characters and involve in some real role-playing scenarios.

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Things to look for in a Paw Patrol Toy – BUYERS’ GUIDE

Knowing about the characters of the actual show would be helpful in knowing about the trends of paw patrol toys. The paw patrol show is a Canadian cartoon series which is aired on Nickelodeon. Paw patrol is a rescue department headed by Ryder, who is a human and a very intelligent person. He designs and co-ordinates the pups and sends them to the rescue operation. Chase is the most popular patrol pup, as he is very athletic in nature and is always the first one to receive the duty assignment from Ryder. The other main characters include Marshall the Dalmatian, Rubble the English bulldog, Rocky the grey-white mongrel and Zuma, the chocolate skinned Labrador. Others are new and Everest the Siberian husky is the latest addition.

The pet patrol toys are trending among the kids which include a variety of toys, such as the paw patrol toy cars, paw patrol jungle rescue toys, paw patroller truck, paw patrol vehicle and figure and so on. The toys are meant for kids above the age of 3 and others can use the toys under strict adult supervision. When it comes to select a set or individual toys, there are some points which need to be thought about. The first condition depends on the age of the child. If your kid is an infant, buying a puzzle would be impractical as babies would rather prefer holding the plush toy in their hands, than solving puzzles.

Best Paw Patrol Toys

Puzzles, on the other hand, can be considered for kids slightly above the age of three, as they start learning patterns and this is the perfect age for them to be taught about arrangements. Vehicles and miniature toys are restricted for infants and they can be bought for kids over the age of two. Whilst parental guidance is needed, as the toys might have small parts, which can cause choking is unknowingly put in the mouth by the kids. Therefore, when it comes to picking the right pup patrol toys, choose the one which is fit for their age.

Secondly, consider the budget for the toys. If you want a premium set, buy more toys and accessories. If you are looking for something on the budget, buy a single set which includes the character and the accessories. This ensures that you have a toy to interact with and the accessories to enhance the role play.

Last, but not least, know the characters well. As it helps not to buy the same character again. Suppose, if you already have the energetic Chase, avoid buying another set of Chase toys. You can buy the accessories separately and just keep on adding to the whole paw patrol toys set. The aim should be to create an overall set which contains all the pieces of patrol toys.