Best Overbed Tables of 2023

Hospital bedside tables are convenient units to care for people with restricted mobility. These bedside tables can be used for your home as well and comes with rolling wheels. The tables come in a variety of sizes, and you need to choose according to your convenience.

It is essential to figure out your purpose before purchasing this hospital bed table. This guide of the top 10 hospital bedside table will help you to find the best one for your mission. The product has been selected after careful consideration height, safety, durability, and many other features and will be a comprehensive buying guide.

List of the Best Overbed Tables of 2023

10. Lumex Modern Overbed Table

Lumex Modern Overbed Table

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These modern hospital bed tables come with an elegantly designed traditional look. The table comes with a rolling caster wheel, which makes it convenient to take it anywhere. The roll castor wheels make it comfortable to fit this table its tight spaces and can be placed conveniently under beds, chairs, and sofa. This over bed table comes with flexible height adjustment features which can be easily activated by pressing a button. The medical bedside table is simple to assemble and can be installed without any tools.

What We Like
  • Rolling castor wheels for smooth movement
  • Automatic height adjustment features with easy to clean top
  • The large top easily supports up to 50 lbs of weight
  • Metal base lends solid supports and is durable
  • Elegant design with a wood grain finish
Our Verdict

This beautiful and space-saving hospital bedside table with drawers is perfect for hospitals which can be put to other users depending on your requirement.

9. Invacare Overbed Table

Invacare Overbed Table

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Invacare is a renowned name when it comes to foldable tables, and their new product does not disappoint either. This large hospital bed tables adjustable comes with a wooden finished large top in molded edges, which supports most of your essentials. This unit is fitted with a solid metal base, which is durable and lasts for years. This unique hospital table comes with spring-loaded auto height-adjustable features that can be easily raised or lowered according to your preference. This beautiful table is fitted with rolling caster wheels and gives it smooth mobility across any surface. The table can easily fit under your bed, couches, or any furniture of your room.

What We Like
  • Smooth-rolling castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Easy to assemble and set up without any tools
  • Unique auto height adjustment by tapping on the top
  • Large, durable wood finished top with metal base
Our Verdict

This portable and flexible hospital overbed table is a popular choice among buyers. So, it’s going to be a great addition to any room for multiple purposes.

8. Able Life Able Tray Table

Able Life Able Tray Table

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This efficient bed tables are specially designed for people with restricted mobility and is perfect for seniors. The product comes with ergonomic handles that provide a healthy balance when you are trying to get up from your couch or chair. The table tray is manufactured using bamboo, which gives it a durable design. This unit has ample storage space and supports all your essentials on the top. The tabletop comes with a 360-degree swivel motion and supports 30 lbs of weight. The table is made from the highest quality of material and comes with all the necessary assembling equipment with the purchase. The adjustable bedside table is fully customizable and equipped with auto height flexible features. This makes it convenient for the table to be used in variable heights from 26 to 32 inches.

What We Like
  • 360 full swivel table supporting large weights
  • Specially designed for people with restricted mobility
  • Large handles for getting up from your favorite chair
  • Auto height-adjustable features and extremely durable
Our Verdict

These hospital bedside trays are a must-have when you have older adults at home as it will give them reliable support and hold their necessities in one place.

7. Table Mate II TV Tray Table

Table Mate II TV Tray Table

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Table Mate is a trusted hospital overbed table for over the years now, and their new product comes with the best features. This table is fully adjustable with six heights and three angles and supports any activity. This is a multipurpose TV tray and can also be extremely useful as a hospital bedside table. The unit comes with L shaped legs that conveniently rolls down under any obstacles and requires no assembling. The tabletop is manufactured using polypropylene and is food rated certified.This adjustable bed table makes your life easier and can also be used as a workstation desk due to its natural storage features and are value for your money.

What We Like
  • Six varying height-adjustable features with a fresh design
  • Easy to assemble and L shaped design supports any frame
  • Affordable and durable options for your workstation
  • Easy to store and perfect for hospitals as well as small apartments
Our Verdict

This beautiful bedside table on wheels is a refreshing addition to your room and serves multiple purposes making your life extremely easy.

6. Couch Height Adjustable Overbed Table

Couch Height Adjustable Overbed Table

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This premium overbed table with storage is perfect for hospitals as well for your home. The table is built using a solid steel base and supports large weights. The table is straightforward to install and assembles in minutes without any need for tools. The unit comes with a large knob to adjust the heights according to your convenience. The top panel is made from high-quality, durable chipboard and is large enough to hold all your essential items. The product also comes with rolling castor wheels, and you can quickly move your table across any surface. The table can be easily cleaned with a cotton cloth and is soft to touch.

What We Like
  • Flexible and auto height adjustment features
  • Durable with a steel finish and chipboard top lasts for years
  • Four rolling wheels for smooth mobility
  • Simple to assemble and use hospital tables with wheels
Our Verdict

This sleek-looking couch table is perfect for daily use and is a must-have addition for your rooms.

5. Ansley & HosHo Medical Overbed Table

Ansley & HosHo Medical Overbed Table

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This adjustable bedside hospital table is specially designed for hospital use and is made from durable materials. The table is manufactured using galvanized steel construction and supports considerable weight. This product is smaller than a desk table and slides easily under or over your hospital beds. The product top is made from MDF board and is a scratch-resistant surface. The wide tabletop practically holds all your essentials intended for medical use. The package includes all the essential assembling materials and comes with an easy to read the instruction manual. This robust hospital bed table with drawer is fitted with rolling caster wheels, which comes with locking features. This ensures that you can close the table when in use and unlock to move it across your rooms.

What We Like
  • Easy to use adjustable height features
  • Simple to assemble requires no tools
  • Durable steel body with MDF board top
  • Rolling castor wheels with locking features
Our Verdict

This durable rolling bedside table is durable and can be used for multiple purposes over a long time.

4. Ellymi Overbed Table

Ellymi Overbed Table

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These used hospital bedside tables come with a large top made from brushed anti-scratch metals. This is a convenient table for hospitals and doubles up as your desk table. The unit is straightforward to assemble and clean. The product is loaded with adjustable height features between 26-33 inches, and you quickly raise your height according to your purpose. The table comes with four adjustable knobs for the heights and large castor wheels with locking features. This overbed tables are perfect for sick and injured and requires zero mobility to use the features. A sturdy steel frame supports a considerable weight and doesn’t bend over time.

What We Like
  • Durable and anti-scratch resistant top
  • Large wheels for swift mobility hospital bed tray table
  • Polished top easy to clean and assemble
  • Large knobs for easy height adjustments
Our Verdict

This beautiful hospital overbed table is perfect for hospitals and is a decent buy for people with restricted mobility due to injury or sickness.

3. Easycomforts Rolling Tray Table

Easycomforts Rolling Tray Table

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This is a small and compact hospital bed tables perfect for hospitals and suitable for your reading activities. The table is entirely height adjustable and comes loaded with locking mechanisms. Four rolling wheels make this table extraordinarily mobile, and the sturdy steel base gives outstanding durability. You can quickly bring this table closer according to your convenience. The table comes with a wood finish surface and is exceptionally stylish, adjusting perfectly with your décors. This is a classic portable bed table that is perfect for sick and elderly.

What We Like
  • Flexible and mobile with rolling caster wheels
  • Durable H base with premium steel construction
  • Fully height adjustable according to user preference
Our Verdict

This small polished over bed table is perfect for multiple uses and value for money buy for your home.

2. Homemaxs Sofa Side End Table

Homemaxs Sofa Side End Table

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This is a stylishly designed rolling bed table conveniently slides under any surface. The tabletop is made from engineered wood and seamlessly blends with your modern décors. This table can be used in hospitals as well since it fits almost any furniture. It is quite a small but powerful unit made from a solid steel base that lasts for years. The unit comes with adjustable height features and is extremely simple to assemble without the need for tools. A detailed instruction manual is provided with the purchase, along with the essential tools for fitting.

What We Like
  • Easy to assemble and clean hospital overbed table
  • Sturdy steel frames last for years
  • Stylish top made from engineered wood
  • Rolling castors slides under any surface and easy mobility
Our Verdict

This compact hospital bed table with drawer is a good purchase for your home, fits across any surface, and double up as a hospital bedside table according to your convenience.

1. Emall Life Upgrade Overbed Table

Emall Life Upgrade Overbed Table

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These bedside hospital bed tables are perfect for multiple uses and come in a cool finished design. The table is fitted with a fully 360 swivel top panel with rolling castors for easy mobility. The adjustable height from 27 to 35 inches makes it convenient to position the table according to your use. The surface is easy to clean with simple assembling features. The table with wheel is anti-slip and things don’t fall off easily. An extremely cool looking table with beautiful features this is a perfect accessory for home and hospital.

What We Like
  • Durable anti-slip top with height adjustable features
  • Full height adjustable with 360 top panel swivel
  • Easy to assemble and clean
Our Verdict

This elegant medical bedside table is perfect for your home and doubles up as a nice hospital bedside table.