Best Outdoor Firewood Racks of 2022

Outdoor Firewood Racks

Firewood is a perfect source of heat during winter, as it is eco-friendly and easy to use. It also burns hot for long and works well with stoves and or the fireplaces found in homes. To keep wood dry/ready to use and your home looking good, you will need an outdoor firewood rack. They keep wood from the floor to boost air circulation and drying. They are also stylish, secure, and work well outdoors.

List of the Best Outdoor Firewood Racks of 2022

1. Amagabeli Fireplace Log Holder with Canvas Tote

Amagabeli Fireplace Log Holder with Canvas Tote

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Are you shopping for a functional and stylish firewood rack that takes up little floor space at home? Amagabeli has a secure canvas tote that secures tons of material without sagging. The tote is stylish, weather-resistant, and therefore ideal for securing firewood outdoors/ indoors.

The flimsy firewood holders that some people have at home are safety hazards are they are prone to toppling over. This is not the case with an Amagabeli fireplace log holder. Apart from its secure canvas tote, you get a secure metal frame (V-shaped) measuring 40.16×15.55 inches. It has a stable/tip-proof design that holds 5-10 logs of wood. As such, it can satisfy the needs of a small to medium-sized home.

Amagabeli is easy to set up, as its frame and canvas tote have a simple slip-on design. Most people can set it up in minutes without using tools. It also has a protective coat that prevents it from rusting.

What We Like
  • Secure, slip-on design
  • Rust-resistant finish
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Sag-resistant tote
Our Verdict

Amagabeli has a sturdy V-shape that secures 5-10 logs of wood indoors and outdoors. It takes up little floor space and looks good.

2. Mofeez Outdoor Firewood Log Storage Rack

Mofeez Outdoor Firewood Log Storage Rack

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Recommended for securing firewood outdoors, Mofeez is a secure 13.2×3.7×6-inch rack that over-delivers. Due to its strength, for instance, expect a dependable product that will serve you well for long. Its wood frame is warm and sturdy. For added security, its manufacturer has secured steel brackets on corners that boost its strength further. Thus, the risk of it toppling over while in use is low. The brackets are charming and have a protective powder coating.

Mofeez is beneficial in homes as you can adjust its size to fit your available space. Therefore, whether you have a large or small space, you can customize its design to deliver the best experience. The process is easy. Adjust its brackets and cut excess wood for it to fit. Most people can do this with a rubber mallet, and a hand/electric saw.

What We Like
  • Adjustable size
  • Solid wood frame
  • Secure metal brackets
  • Weather-resistant
Our Verdict

Even though made of wood, you get a weather-resistant firewood rack that works in most spaces. You can adjust its size to fit. Moreover, you can fit different-sized lumber, as the rack is spacious and durable.

3. Inno Stage Fireplace Log Holder

Inno Stage Fireplace Log Holder

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The two-layer iron used to make an original Inno Stage fireplace log holder is one of the best. The material has a stylish black theme that looks good indoors and outdoors. It also has a protective coating and a simple stackable design that is easy to set up at home. Unlike brands that require you to screw parts to work, this model is ready to use.

The 22-pound design of the Inno Stage Fireplace Log Holder is secure. It does not tip over under load (as its base is broad) and has a handle for movement. You also get five pieces of fireplace tools, which include a shovel, brush, fireplace grabber, and a hook/poker, to name a few. Like the frame, the add-ons are durable and easy to use.

Inno Stage has a raised metal base (2-inches) that keeps wood from the ground. Therefore, while in use outdoors, it keeps wood dry for long. Moreover, by boosting air circulation, it prevents wood rotting.

What We Like
  • Airy firewood rack
  • Double layer iron
  • Five fireplace tools
  • Weather-resistant
  • Snap-on design
Our Verdict

Inno Stage is a secure fireplace log holder made from a weatherproof wrought iron. It has a heavy-duty bottom slab for stability. Moreover, because it has a rust-resistant finish, it works seamlessly outdoors.

4. Shelter SLRS Firewood Storage Log Rack/Holder

Shelter SLRS Firewood Storage Log

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The simplicity of the Shelter SLRS storage log rack is one of its major strengths. Its 28x12x33-inch design takes up little floor space. Thus, if you have a small deck or pouch, it is one of the best to use. Second, its metal frame has a secure, bolt-on design with a raised base that keeps wood dry and airy. Thus, set up in damp areas, it keeps wood dry and ready to use. You will love its quality design and versatility.

Even though simple looking, the 1.25-inch steel frame of the Shelter SLRS can support up to 1000 pounds of wood. This makes it one of the most stable and dependable brands for homes and hotels. The frame also has a chip-resistant powder coating (black) that protects the frame from corrosion and rust, if you install a new one outdoors.

What We Like
  • Chip proof powder coat
  • Supports 1000 pounds
  • Thick steel (1.25 inches)
  • Airy, raised bed
Our Verdict

The airy design of Shelter SLRS not only protects wood from rotting but also eliminates the nesting place of critters. It supports up to 1000 pounds and has a waterproof powder coat that stops it from rusting.

5. Plow & Hearth 10117 Heavy-Duty Steel Outdoor Firewood Rack

Plow & Hearth 10117 Heavy-Duty Steel Outdoor Firewood Rack

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With Plow & Hearth 10117, you get a 100% steel rack that performs seamlessly outdoors. Therefore, if you have a hard time securing your firewood outdoors, here are other key benefits of owning one. First, its Final design is not only secure but also spacious. You can fit and secure large batches of wood outdoors without cluttering personal space. It is also airy and therefore keeps wood dry for a long time.

Plow & Hearth has adapted this firewood rack for the outdoors. While the frame is steel, it has a protective powder coat that prevents rust. The hardware is also rust-resistant, while its stylish design works well in most areas of the home, including yards, porches, and even hearths.

The Plow & Hearth 10117 rack comes ready to use. If you can secure bolts using spanners or wrenches, you get a secure system in minutes.

What We Like
  • Powder-coated frame
  • Stylish Final design
  • Airy firewood rack
  • Heavy-duty steel
Our Verdict

Plow & Hearth 10117 is robust, airy, and has a protective powder coat that prevents rusting. It fits most spaces and has a unique Final design with arched ends and diamond final accents that boost its overall look.

6. Doeworks Indoor/Outdoor Firewood Rack


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The best gas logs and wood fireplaces keep people warm all year long, as they are efficient and low maintenance. However, you need a wood stock to keep your working and here is where the Doeworks firewood rack comes in handy. Its 17-inch design offers ample space for storing wood at home. Its 100% powder-coated steel frame has arch welded sections that support heavy loads. Thus, you can secure the wood of all sizes and shapes on it without sacrificing safety.

Doeworks is easy to install indoors and outdoors. Because all parts ship pre-cut to size and predrilled, all you do it secure its junctions with screws to work. The legs are sturdy and non-slip (rubberized ends). It also has a stylish lattice on the end that adds to its style. Thus, Doeworks racks make excellent accent pieces for fireplaces.

What We Like
  • Arc welded sections
  • Secure corner brackets
  • Keeps firewood dry
  • Corrosion resistance
Our Verdict

Doeworks is a stylish and corrosion resistant rack that works indoors and outdoors. It is spacious (17 inches), non-slip, and has a vintage design that not only secure wood but also keeps off bugs and wetness.

7. Inno Stage Wrought Iron Log Rack

Inno Stage Wrought Iron Log Rack

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Wrought iron is durable and thus suitable for securing heavy items such as wood. It is also resistant to the elements if it has a protective powder coat. The Inno Stage log rack offers these key benefits. Its thick, four-legged frame has a secure structure that does not wobble nor bend while in use. It also has a curved base that creates a safe storage space for wood, logs, and or fireplace tools such as hooks.

Inno Stage has an eye-catching design that works well outdoors and indoors. Its stylish black theme is less prone to rusting, corroding, or staining. It also has a unique bear shape with beautiful artwork that adds to the unique design of the rack. Therefore, set up in a hallway or porch, it creates a secure space for wood without sacrificing looks.

What We Like
  • Stable, freestanding design
  • Detailed assembly instructions
  • Special bear shape
  • Sturdy 10-pound design
Our Verdict

Even though Inno Stage weighs just 10 pounds, it secures heavy-loads well safely. It is also weatherproof, easy to assemble, and looks good.

8. Nest & Nook Fireplace Log Holder

Nest & Nook Fireplace Log Holder

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Nest & Nook works well outdoors and indoors as it is durable, stylish, and multifunctional. Apart from storing wood on it, for instance, you can also store hearth logs and or kindling as well, which makes it a fantastic product. It also has an artistic, patent-pending design that makes an excellent conversation piece when set up next to fireplaces.

With Nest & Nook, you will not think about buying a new firewood rack soon. Its steel frame is not only sturdy but also has a protective powder coating that prevents corrosion and or rusting. It also has a stylish black theme and does not require tools to set up and operate.

You get a money-back guarantee with each Nest & Nook log holder that you order online. Therefore, if you get a faulty product or one that fails to meet your needs, your investment is safe. You can request a money-back guarantee from the factory without questions asked.

What We Like
  • Money-back guaranteed
  • Protective powder coat
  • Long-lasting steel frame
  • Multifunctional design
Our Verdict

Nest & Nook is a multifunctional firewood holder made of heavy-duty steel with a protective powder coat. It is easy to assemble rust/ corrosion resistant and effortless to assemble using standard tools.

9. Inno Stage Firewood Log Rack Holder for Fireplace

Inno Stage Firewood Log Rack Holder for Fireplace

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Inno Stage has a stylish minimalist design that works equally well at home and other areas. Therefore, whether you have a fire pit on your lawn or an indoor wood burning fireplace, order one for these primary reasons: first, its foldable steel frame is not only durable but also easy to store when not in use. It supports massive logs issue-free and has a stylish outlook that does not lose its appeal when exposed to water.

Ike most products we have reviewed, Inno Stage Firewood Log Rack comes ready to use. Off the shelf, all you do is unpack and use one. It is also roomy (16.8×12.6×15-inches) and can carry between 15 and 25 medium-cut logs or pieces of wood. These can last throughout winter. Finally, by keeping wood off the ground, it keeps it dry and rot-free.

What We Like
  • Spacious firewood rack
  • Robust steel frame
  • Protective powder coat
  • Eye-catching design
Our Verdict

Inno Stage is spacious, durable, and has a powder-coated design that works seamlessly outdoors. It fits up to 25 medium-cut logs or trunks.

10. PHI VILLA Heavy Duty Firewood Racks

PHI VILLA Heavy Duty Firewood Racks

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You will like the sizeable angular frame of PHI VILLA, as it works well outdoors. Apart from its stellar looks, it is a favored brand by millions of people for its strength. The rack not only supports a lot of weight but also is less prone to breaking and or rusting over time. Its black frame looks good and measures around 33x13x30-inches, which is sufficient for most people – those with large homes like this.

The assembly process of PHI VILLA racks is effortless. Use the provided stainless steel hardware to secure its frame, and it will be ready to use. PHI VILLA also has I-Beam reinforcements that boost its stability further and a raised platform that keeps firewood dry.

What We Like
  • Thick steel (1.2mm)
  • Powder-coated finish
  • I-Beam reinforcements
  • Stainless steel hardware
Our Verdict

PHI VILLA is sturdy, spacious, and has a reinforced design that can support a lot of weight. It is easy to set up and looks good outdoors.