Best Moana Toys in 2023

Moana Toys

Inspired by the 2016 Disney film Moana, a line of toys and merchandise has cropped up following in the footsteps of many popular films like before. And if you are wondering which ones are the best Moana toys, it is indeed difficult to answer, for there are just too many to count and they are simply awesome. With these toys, kids can bring their favorite characters home and relive the experience and action from the movie to their utter joy and satisfaction.

From Moana doll to Moana figures to numerous Moana merchandise, there are a wide range of moana toys in the market which might make it trickier to make a final choice. In this review, we take a look at the ten best moan toys 2023. Read ahead to find out and choose your pick.

The Ultimate Moana Party Kit
  • 51-piece set
  • Kid-safe toys
  • Fun to play with

Disney Moana Singing Feature Doll Set
  • Decent size (11 inches)
  • Stunning finishes
  • Kid-safe materials

Disney Moana's Magical Seashell Necklace
  • Comfortable design
  • Battery powered
  • Iconic blue shell

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1. The Ultimate Moana Party Kit

The Ultimate Moana Party Kit

How about a setting where everything is Moana? If you are a moana toys enthusiast then this toy cum party set is one you should definitely go for. Throw a lavish party with a moana themed setting where everything including balloons, plates, glasses and napkins are styled in Moana design and where these moana items enable you to recreate the magical world of your favorite character.

This party kit includes One 5-Piece Moana balloon Bouquet, One 18″ Birthday Present balloon, Eight 9″ Sq Moana plates, Eight 7″ Sq dessert plates, Eight 9 oz Cups, One Table Cover, Sixteen Lunch Napkins and Six 11″ Latex Balloons, two each in Yellow, Pink and Pale blue colors. With so many items in one set, it is more than one can ask for and makes for a thrilling and fun filled party evening. So, enjoy your food and drinks with Moana themed paperwares, in an ambient setting decorated with all things moana.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Moana themed party setting for a fun filled evening.
  • Includes balloons, plates, glasses, table cover and napkins.
  • Ideal for Moana Fans to relive the experience of Moana world.

Our Verdict

The Ultimate Moana Party Kit is on top of our list and the best overall. With so many moana accessories, it will be an evening to relish for any moana fan. This moana toy set definitely deserves the top honours and one you can certainly buy.

2. Disney Moana Singing Feature Doll Set

Disney Moana Singing Feature Doll Set

An awesome toy set to add to your overall moana collection, the Moana Singing Feature Doll Set features some delightful characters and accessories from the Moana universe. Present in this toy set are Moana herself in the form of singing doll, two cute moana figures of HeiHei the rooster and Pua the loyal pet pig, an extra outfit, a wonderfully decorated ceremonial headgear, moana oar and a light-up necklace which lights up in the dark and gives out a vibrant green color.

The doll here is the Moana singing doll which sings the popular track How Far I’ll Go from the movie at the press of her hand and is clothed in a cropped top with screen art print and skirt with tapa cloth print and also wears a necklace to give a look which is as close as the original moana character.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Moana toy set includes singing doll, 2 moana figures and 4 moana accessories.
  • Singing doll playing the popular track How Far I’ll Go.
  • Moana doll is clothed in clothes designed in detail to resemble closely to the original.
  • Awesome addition to build a overall moana toy collection.

Our Verdict

This Moana doll set is second on our list and the best premium. With so much moana items on offer all at once, you should definitely look to grab it without thinking twice. They are great addition in your effort to building your own moana universe and if you are willing to spend a bit extra, you should certainly go for it.

3. Disney Moana’s Magical Seashell Necklace

Disney Moana's Magical Seashell Necklace

Lay your hands on the Disney Moana’s Magical Seashell Necklace and keep Te Fiti’s heart close to yours by wearing it on your neck. This necklace from the movie has a very interesting backstory and was a special gift to Moana from her grandmother which she loved dearly. With this toy you certainly can add one of the most important accessories of the Moana world to your toy collection.

Powered by 3 button cell batteries, this moana toy lights up at the press of a button giving out a soft green radiance. It glows irrespective of whether the shell is open or closed. With a chain that sports an exquisite and complex design, and a pendant shell the necklace looks really beautiful. It is ideal for users aged 3 and above.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Moana seashell necklace with Te Fiti’s heart.
  • Emits soft green glow when switched on.
  • Chain features an awesome design.
  • Glows whether the shell is open or closed.
  • Great addition to moana collection.

Our Verdict

This moana light up necklace is third on our list and the best value. Precious and priceless to Moana, this toy is available at an affordable price which makes it one of the best budget options to go for. Any moana fan would not want to miss an opportunity to get hold of this moana toy.

4. Disney Moana Starlight Canoe and Friends

Disney Moana Starlight Canoe and Friends

With the Disney Moana Starlight Canoe and Friends, set sail on a thrilling sea adventure with Moana and her friends and relive the experience by yourself. This moana toy set includes the Moana doll, moana oar, moana rooster Hei Hei, Pua the pig, outfit and the canoe.

It’s no ordinary boat though. To begin with, at the push of a button, this canoe projects light in the form of a constellation of stars and the direction of the light can be adjusted up or down depending on how you want. This will let kids imagine the night time sea adventures and allow them to roleplay. To achieve this, it is powered by 3AAA batteries. The canoe has a slight rocking action and is also equipped with wheels at the bottom so kids are able to move the boat forward. The kids can easily role play and pretend that they are on the boat along with the characters.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Moana toy set includes Moana doll, moana oar, Hei Hei and Pua characters, outfit and the canoe.
  • Canoe projects light at the push of a button which can be adjusted up or down.
  • Wheels at the bottom with a rocking action.
  • Great for roleplaying and relive the moana adventures.

Our Verdict

The Disney Moana Starlight Canoe and Friends with its set of accessories and moana figures serves two purposes at once. With an interesting backstory, kids will definitely have a great time imagining and role playing with the toy and at the same time, it makes for a great showpiece and addition to one’s overall moana adventure collection.

5. Disney Moana Collapsible Storage Trunk

Disney Moana Collapsible Storage Trunk

The Moana Collapsible Storage Trunk is a toy that will not just make for a good showpiece but one that will also double up as a useful accessory. Made of soft canvas material, it is a durable product. Measuring, 30 inch in length, 14.5 inch in height, and 16 inch in width, it provides enough room to store your essential belongings like clothes, books, and other personal items and your child’s room can be free from clutter. This trunk can be your own little treasure box.

Embellished with colorful design and graphics of your favorite Disney princess moana, this storage trunk looks very appealing and will lend you an identity of a true moana fan. This trunk is extremely lightweight and collapsible which means, when not in use, you can just fold it and tuck it away in a safe corner all this for your own convenience. It is a toy, useful home accessory and user comfort, all combined in one.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Moana toy and a useful home accessory.
  • Store essential belongings like clothes, books and other personal items.
  • Made of soft canvas material and measures 30” L x 14.5”H x 16” W.
  • Colorful graphics and Princess moana design.
  • Lightweight and collapsible.

Our Verdict

The Disney Moana Collapsible Storage Trunk, with a durable build and beautiful design and enough room for storing things is a good piece of moana merchandise. If you are an avid follower of the Disney character then, you might want to include this moana item on your shopping list.

6. Moana Maui’s Magical Fish Hook

Moana Maui's Magical Fish Hook

The Moana Maui’s magical fish hook is a powerful weapon of the demigod Maui which allows him to shape shift and perform some incredible feats such as stopping the sun and pulling out islands from the sea. With this Maui fish hook toy, kids too can own one of the central accessories from the Moana universe and pretend play being Maui while having some great fun at the same time.

The moana toy is 20 inches long and just like the original Maui magical fish hook from the movie has some beautiful markings and sculpted details on its body. Made of plastic, it will last long and will not break. To add the fun element, it has motion activated lights and sounds which can be switched on by pressing a small button and 3 AAA batteries power this awesome feature. Kids would definitely love roleplaying one of the central characters from the film with this moana fish hook toy. It is recommended for children three years and above.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • One of the important accessories of Maui which grants him incredible superpowers.
  • 20 inches long plastic body.
  • Beautiful markings and sculpted design just like the fish hook from the movie.
  • Motion activated lights and sound at the press of a button.
  • Great for roleplaying.

Our Verdict

The Maui’s magical fish hook toy is designed to provide a feel of the original as closely as possible. With stunning design patterns on the body together with the lights and sound, children will definitely get to wield an amazing toy weapon. Certainly, a good toy to go for to add to the moana collection.

7. Luck Sea Moana Cupcake Toppers Wrappers

Luck Sea Moana Cupcake Toppers Wrappers

If you love treating your friends with delicious tiny cupcakes then, this moana toy might just be right for you. The Luck sea Moana Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers toy set comes with 48 pieces of wrappers in two different colors- red and blue, beautifully patterned with designs from the Moana movie. And so are the 48 pieces of cake toppings designed in the form of ship’s sails and printed with awesome pattern designs.

The wrapper measures around 3” in diameter at the top, 2” at the bottom and 2.1” in height and these wrappers are made of card stock which is durable enough to hold the cakes. Moana’s story was about exciting adventures at the sea expeditions and these paperwares with moana designs are great for a jungle or tropical themed party and giving your cupcakes an amazing look. However, it must be noted these merchandises are for decoration purpose and are not edible or suitable to be placed in an oven.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • 48 pieces of wrappers in red and blue colors.
  • 48 pieces of toppings with various designs.
  • Paperware made of high-quality card stock.
    • Great for decorating cupcakes and for jungle or tropical themed parties.

Our Verdict

The Luck Sea Moana Cupcake toppers and wrappers are a beautiful piece of merchandise that would double the thrill quotient of your birthday parties by giving your cupcakes an awesome look. If you are a fan of moana universe, you will definitely want to get hold of these.

8. Moana Pua Pig Plush Pillow Buddy

Moana Pua Pig Plush Pillow Buddy

A loyal pet and friend of Moana, Pua the pig supports Moana to the hilt and is quite an endearing character. Now with the Moana pig plush pillow buddy, you can get hold of Pua for yourself and keep him always with you whether in your bed while sleeping, or take him along with you to your school. Every kid would simply love to cuddle and play with this toy and derive great joy and comfort.

The Moana Pua stuffed animal is made of 100{c4fea3e88328c83002bb5d821176890392b98b9cf2cf1124852b6b048349d6eb} polyester microfiber and is very soft, safe and provides great support as a stuffed pillow. The durable material is designed to make the toy last long across many washes and is easy to clean as well. This moana toy is so cute, the child will surely love it and keep it by his side. A great addition to one’s Moana toy collection, it is also a great item parents can gift their child with.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Great buddy for the child either during bedtime or playtime.
  • Made of soft polyester fiber and provides good support as a pillow.
  • Easy to clean and will last across numerous washes.
  • Great addition to Moana collection.
  • Makes for a great gift to children.

Our Verdict

With the Moana Pua Pig Plush Pillow Buddy you can get hold of one of the most well-known character from the Moana universe. Soft and comfortable, kids would fall in love with this cute looking pillow buddy and keep it by their side always. It is certainly a good toy to go for.

9. Moana Tamatoa Musical Jewelry Box

Moana Tamatoa Musical Jewelry Box

For a giant monster crab from the Moana world, who loves materialistic pleasures and has a weakness for things shiny like gold, it is perfectly fitting to have a jewelry box toy named after him. With the Tamatoa Musical Jewelry box, you catch hold of a small treasure box to stash away your most special treasures and precious items, not to mention a valuable addition to your toy collection if you are an admirer of the moana franchise.

This moana item sports an awesome design with Tamatoa figure sitting atop the lid guarding the treasures inside, displaying his enormous love for collecting treasures and rare artefacts. To be as close to the original, just like the crab character in the movie, here too, Tamatoa is covered in a golden shell and the Jewelry box too has a golden color and gives out a shiny look. Not only this, at the push of a button, you can also hear the song Shiny from the movie. This item is powered by batteries.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Treasure box to store precious items.
  • Features Tamatoa figure on the top of the lid.
  • Golden color with a shiny finish to give a feel of the original.
  • Plays the song ‘Shiny’ from the movie.

Our Verdict

The Moana Tamatoa Musical Jewelry Box with its beautiful design will make for a great addition in your toy collection and will also sit pretty to add to the room’s décor. An affordable option, it surely deserves to be in your shopping list

10. Disney Moana Adventure Pack

Disney Moana Adventure Pack

If you are looking to build a moana collection to reenact and relive the heroic exploits of Moana, then this moana adventure collection is something you shouldn’t give a miss. The last item on our list is the Disney Moana Adventure pack boasts of a long Moana character list consisting of Moana herself, Maui the demigod, grandma tala, chief Tui Montunui and the two animal characters Hei Hei and Pua.

Not only the characters though, a range of accessories too come with this pack namely the Moana oar, Maui’s magical fish hook, grandma tala’s cane, Tui’s staff and the necklace. With 4 characters and nine accessories and two animal figures in one pack, kids would be absolutely delighted and the little one can embark on an epic journey to save the world from evil forces, use the fish hook to defeat monsters, use the oar to sail the seas while keeping the Te Fiti’s heart safely stored in the necklace.

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Compelling Reasons to Buy

  • Moana adventure collection consisting of Moana, Maui, Grandma Tala, Tui, Hei Hei and Pua characters.
  • 5 accessories namely the magical fish hook, oar, necklace, tala’s cane and Tui’s staff.
  • Great item to start building Moana collection.
  • Ideal for roleplaying and reliving the moana adventure.

Our Verdict

The Disney Moana Adventure Pack is a great starter to initiate any child into the Moana world and also great toy for role playing which will stimulate imagination of the child. With a total of 11 items in one pack, you can surely opt for this Moana toy set.

Things to look for in a Moana Toy – BUYERS’ GUIDE

The principal protagonist of the 2016 movie Moana is the teenaged young Polynesian girl Moana who is also a wayfinder and who sets sail on the seas and her adventures is what the movie is about. The Moana toys are typically made for kids and are especially popular among girls as the principal character is a female. That however doesn’t boys don’t enjoy them or that if you are an adult you can’t use them. For, among the toys are also useful accessories that provide some good utility and adults can buy them too if they admire the movie.

Before buying the toys, you might want to understand certain things so you make an informed choice;

Age Specific Toys

As is the case with any toys, while buying the toys you should definitely consider whether the toys is age appropriate. Typically, the moana toys are meant for kids aged between 3 years to 12 years, while while some moana accessories may also appeal to adults as well.

Inclination of the Child

The child may be inclined or interested in certain things, so the toy must be compatible with the interests of the child. You may compare the features of the toy or its utility and buy the one which perfectly matches the needs

Choking Hazard

When small kids are left alone with their toys, there is always the risk of choking as the toys may contain small parts which can be accidentally swallowed by the child. So, look for toys which don’t put the child’s life in danger and if the toy does have tiny parts which can be swallowed, then letting the child play under parental supervision could perhaps be the best option.


Since the movie contained many popular songs, the toys that followed have incorporated songs in them like the singing doll and the like. So, as a consequence some of the moana toys are powered by batteries. As such, care must be taken while the kids are playing with battery powered toys. They must not be submerged in water or played with using wet hands as this might pose a risk to the child.

Online resources

To gain more information about characters and accessories from the moana universe, you can visit the site or which will provide all the information and back story associated with the characters that will make you fall in love with the characters and will also make the toys more appealing.