Best Macbook Pro Keyboard Covers of 2023

Macbook Pro Keyboard Covers

Smart devices such as computers are susceptible to dust and water damage. Others have loud or irritant keyboards that are hard to use while typing for long. Fortunately, you can overcome such issues today without spending a lot of money. If you own a MacBook Pro, for instance, we have reviewed some of the best keyboard covers in 2023. Made of silicone and TPU, they are protective covers. They fit the MacBook Pro accurately and are comfortable to use.

List of the Best Macbook Pro Keyboard Covers of 2023

10. KECC Keyboard Cover

KECC Keyboard Cover

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The KECC Keyboard Cover is perfect for the MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook 15 with touch bar. It has a dimensional concave-convex design that fits perfectly over each of the 1134dkeys an offers all-around protection. It also has coded colors for each key and legible silicone prints, which ensure a long-lasting, professional look. Its anti-spill and dustproof design protects the keyboard from environmental elements such as water, dust, allergens, to name a few.

Its silicon material is further reusable with Flexible and non-deformable characteristics to ensure durable performance. You can also easily wash the silicone keyboard skin cover with soap. You should put it to dry after washing and then apply it back to the MacBook once completely dry. The keyboard skin cover is only 0.3 mm thick with a super soft touch and ensures a comfortable feeling while typing. The silicon material is ecofriendly with RoHS certification. The characters on the keyboard cover are clear for efficiency. The cover neither slips nor bunch, thus, making it easy to use and does not obstruct any key.

What We Like
  • Eco-friendly
  • It is durable
  • Full keyboard protection
  • Extra slim
Our Verdict

The KECC keyboard cover is thick enough to be sturdy but thin enough to allow easy typing. Its soft-touch further makes it comfortable to use, giving you an exciting typing experience.

9. DHZ Ultra-Thin Transparent Keyboard Cover

DHZ Ultra-Thin Transparent Keyboard Cover

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The DHZ Ultra-Thin Transparent Keyboard Cover gives a perfect fit to your MacBook pro. It has good quality TPU material that is durable, healthy and environment-friendly. The TPU material has a 0.13mm (0.005 in.) thickness to minimize typing interference. This thickness also brings high transparency that preserves the elegance of your MacBook. The TPU material also allows for light to penetrate through the keys making it effectively usable even in the dark.

You can also easily wash the cover to keep it clean and as good as new. It should remain flat with no folds to avoid keyboard shaped smudges. In its package, you will find a warranty card, a keyboard skin, and a keyboard cover for your MacBook pro.

What We Like
  • Transparent structure
  • Sturdy/durable cover
  • High-quality material
  • Perfect fit for MacBook
Our Verdict

The DHZ ultra-thin transparent keyboard cover is dependable and natural, thus enhancing and preserving the natural beauty of your MacBook. The cover also fits perfectly onto your keyboard keys, protecting it against spills and dust.

8. Prolife Premium Keyboard Protector Cover Skin for MacBook Pro

Prolife Premium Keyboard Protector Cover Skin for MacBook Pro

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The Premium Ultra-Thin Keyboard Cover Skin for MacBook Pro has an excellent sleek and fashionable look. The cover provides full protection for your MacBook keyboard and slows key wear. There is no obstruction of keyboard backlight by this cover, making it effective in the dark. It is flexible and easy to apply and remove for cleaning and disinfecting if need be. It is of high quality and durable. You are safe when using this cover since it is environmental-friendly. You also get to use the cover comfortably due to its non-slip nature. It has a soft material that helps eliminate the sound when typing. The cover is thin, flexible, and designed to retain the natural feel of keyboard keys. The transparent nature of the keys enhances visibility. It is also sturdy and durable.

The keyboard cover is waterproof. It does not, therefore, allow any liquid spills to soak into the keyboard or the touch bar. When dirty, the cover is easily washable in soapy water. You should then leave it to dry and then put back on the MacBook. It fits perfectly on your MacBook and is unnoticeable as it blends well with the keyboard keys. Its design provides full protection for your MacBook keyboard against dust spills and key wear. This cover has a US ANSI certification that assures you of its quality.

What We Like
  • High-quality (durable)
  • Easy to clean cover
  • Simple and stylish
  • Key wear protection
Our Verdict

The Premium Ultra-Thin Keyboard Cover Skin for MacBook Pro fits your keyboard perfectly. It offers your MacBook total protection against spills and dust keeping it functional for a long time.

7. JRC Premium keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro

JRC Premium keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro

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The JRC Premium keyboard cover provides a precise fit for MacBook Pro and has an easy to fix touchpad. It has an ultra-thin thickness, with shortcut MAC OS functional printing guide for a long time while typing. You also enjoy the cover’s elaborately low-key height giving you a better feel during typing. It also significantly reduces the sound of your key switches when typing.

The colors are further very vibrant, giving your MacBook Pro a sleek and elegant look. For the best results ensure that you clean your keyboard area and screen before applying the keyboard cover. You should also clean your pad often to clean dust and debris and thus retain your MacBook’s functionality.

What We Like
  • Soft typing sound
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Competent cover quality
  • Ultra-thin thickness
Our Verdict

The JRC premium MacBook keyboard cover protects your MacBook keyboard from all smudges dust and spills. You must ensure to clean the cover before applying it to the MacBook for effective results.

6. CaseBuy Ultra-Thin Clear Keyboard Cover

CaseBuy Ultra-Thin Clear Keyboard Cover

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The Ultra-Thin Clear Keyboard Cover has a TPU flexible polymer material. It is preferable for MacBook due to its flexibility, wear-resistance, strength, style, and temperature adaptability. The TPU keyboard cover’s ultra-thin design also has excellent visibility (transparent) and offer good dust resistance while in use.

The CaseBuy MacBook cover lays perfectly on the keyboard of MacBook and does not shift or move while you are typing. Its ultra-thin nature, on the other hand, is unnoticeable and therefore suitable for quick typing and key silencing.

What We Like
  • Wear-resistant design
  • Temperature adaptability
  • Excellent visibility
  • Ultra-thin/comfortable
Our Verdict

This keyboard cover is ultrathin with a TPU material that gives it maximum flexibility and durability. It therefore reduces keyboard noise and key wear.

5. All-inside Blue Ombre Color Keyboard Skin for MacBook Pro

All-inside Blue Ombre Color Keyboard Skin for MacBook Pro

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The All-inside Blue Ombre Color Keyboard Skin for MacBook Pro has every key in different molds and prints for personalizing your keyboard’s appearance. It has a waterproof and dustproof structure that protects most keyboards from dust and liquid spills, which often damage the MacBook. It is also soft silicone, which is comfortable to handle while typing fast. Finally, this Blue Ombre cover is flexible, easy to remove and install, and has excellent wear resistance.

The Blue Ombre cover will add another layer of protection to your MacBook keyboard and gives you a better typing comfort. The cover lays over the keys correctly providing complete wear and tear protection for the keys. Your keyboard also remains clean, and the typing speed does not slow down. It also adds a layer of protection and personalizes your keyboard at the same time.

What We Like
  • Stylish color options
  • Long-lasting cover
  • Good typing comfort
  • Sturdy/durability
Our Verdict

If looking for a colorful keyboard protector that will help to personalize the MacBook keyboard, choose the All-inside keyboard skin. It also provides you with keyboard protection and style.

4. TOP CASE – Faded Ombre Series Keyboard Cover

TOP CASE - Faded Ombre Series Keyboard Cover

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The TOP CASE Keyboard Cover has the Latest Design with beautiful flower prints. It gives your MacBook a long-lasting professional look with an extra slim silicone skin that makes typing more comfortable. Its cool dual colours, on the other hand, makes your MacBook fun, trendy, stylish, and exciting to use.

The cover fits the MacBook tightly without slipping off, which makes typing easier. The cover also keeps your keyboard clean and protects it from dirt and spills. You attain a perfect look for your MacBook due to its charming design.

What We Like
  • Stylish look
  • Smooth feel
  • Extra slim design
  • Key wear protection
Our Verdict

The top case-faded ombre series keyboard cover improves the appeal and the functionality of the MacBook. You will love its look and comfortable design.

3. UPPERCASE Ghost Cover Premium Ultra-Thin Keyboard Protector

UPPERCASE Ghost Cover Premium Ultra-Thin Keyboard Protector

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The Uppercase Ghost Cover has a thermoplastic polyurethane material. The material makes it sturdy and durable. It also provides total protection for the MacBook keyboard against any spills and dust. Its thin and transparent nature makes it unnoticeable, and your typing experience remains the same. With this keyboard cover, there is no need to use the included sticky strip. It stays put and does not leave a ghost image on the screen.

Made of a sturdy TPU material the UPPERCASE Ghost Cover retains its shape for long on MacBook keyboards. The ghost cover has a transparent design that helps preserve the elegance of your MacBook. It also allows the backlight of keyboards through, which adds shine to keyboards and boosts the visibility of keys. The cover’s ultra-thin nature makes typing easy with no interference of the touch bar operation. It also comes off easily and does not slip upon fixation. It is also washable and therefore, reusable and easy to keep in good condition.

What We Like
  • Robust and durable
  • Invisible protector
  • Ultra-thin and transparent
  • Washable and reusable
Our Verdict

The UPPERCASE Ghost Cover Premium Ultra-Thin Keyboard Protector is an ideal keyboard protector for your MacBook pro. It fits onto your keyboard keys perfectly and gives you a quieter typing experience. There is no formation of streaks on the MacBook upon closing with the cover on therefore recommended.

2. MOSISO Silicone Keyboard Cover

MOSISO Silicone Keyboard Cover

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The MOSISO Silicone Keyboard Cover provides maximum protection for your MacBook against key wear, spills and dust. Its design fits precisely to your MacBook keyboard, making your typing experience easier. Its non-toxic silicone makes it safe for your health and the environment. The cover’s ultra-thin design is not only easy to install but also comfortable to handle while typing.

You can also reuse this cover since it is washable and easy to keep clean and in good shape. It does not fade quickly when subjected to high temperatures. It fits into your keys well ensuring that there is no interference to your typing experience. This cover does not damage the screen and keyboard when you close it, and the key colours do not degrade. You can also use it on a wireless keyboard. The cover, therefore, saves you the money you would need to buy different covers for your MacBook and wireless keyboards. It has a soft and non-slip structure, which is pleasant to touch while typing for a long time.

What We Like
  • Keyboard visibility
  • Strong and durable
  • Ultra-thin thickness
  • Perfect key-fit
Our Verdict

For the best keyboard cover that will complement the MacBook case, consider the MOSISO Silicone Keyboard Cover. It is soft, making typing more enjoyable.

1. Kuzy – MacBook Keyboard Cover

Kuzy - MacBook Keyboard Cover

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The Kuzy – MacBook Keyboard Cover has an excellent keyboard skin that fits snugly onto the low-profile keyboards. Once you apply it to the keys correctly, this silicone cover does not compromise the efficacy of keys in any way. Your MacBook’s keyboard will not only have a soft and comfortable feel but also last for a long time. Expect the best experience from an original model.

Kuzy is a thin MacBook cover, which stays in place for long if set up well. It is easy to clean and provides full protection for your MacBook keyboard against oil, grease, dust, spills, and key wear. It is easy to apply and also remove if the need arises. The extra slim silicone skin is quiet and soft to the touch. Thus, while in use, it is hard to tell that a MacBook has a Kuzy cover on it. It has a thick grippe feel hence typing is comfortable with the cover on the keyboard.

What We Like
  • Wide color variety
  • Soft feel on Keyboard
  • Easy to clean
  • Zero typing interference
Our Verdict

You will have a pleasant experience with the Kuzy MacBook keyboard cover as it offers maximum protection to MacBook. It also makes the MacBook look great leaving it looking as good as new throughout the life of your MacBook