10 Best Luggage Locks of 2022

Luggage Locks

While travelling, most of us depend on luggage to haul valuable items such as gaming computers and DSLR cameras. However, because of a lapse in security, over 37% of people have valuables stolen from their luggage in airports or train stations. Fortunately, you can avoid such losses by doing two things. First, buy one of the best luggage or backpack for travelling. You also need a secure luggage lock that can secure your personals without damage in most settings. This is where our article comes in. After thorough research online, we have identified some of the best TSA-approved models for local and international travel. They are secure and easy to use.

List of the Best Luggage Locks of 2022

10. Fosmon TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks

Fosmon TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks

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The Fosmon TSA Approved Cable Luggage Lock ensures your luggage remains intact after TSA inspection. The agent can easily unlock and relock your bag after inspection. Its zinc alloy body can withstand rough handling during cargo storage. The flexible cable of Fosmon can fit all bags and luggage without damage. Its versatility also makes it usable in different settings. You do not have to worry about losing keys anymore because the Fosmon lock is keyless.

You can further lock your bag by setting a keyword that is readable even without glasses. Remember to write down the dials to refer to when you encounter difficulties in opening or accidental resets. An instruction manual is also available to guide you on how to use this lock. Multiple color availability makes it easy for each family member to identify their luggage.

What We Like
  • Perfect flexible cable
  • Many exciting colours
  • Effortless to use
  • Great locking feature
Our Verdict

The Fosmon TSA Approved Cable Luggage Lock is available in a variety of colors. It is thus easy to identify your bag amongst several others.

9. Lewis N. Clark TSA Lock

Lewis N. Clark TSA Lock

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The Lewis N. Clark TSA Lock not only secures luggage/backpacks but also grants TSA inspectors easy access to luggage during inspections. This prevents damage and unnecessary delays while travelling. The brass and steel used to make this luggage lock last for many years. Robust construction also makes it hard to break, therefore maintaining maximum security. To unlock this lock, you use a key, and thus, you do not need to memorize any keywords or codes.

The perfect size of this padlock further makes it usable for different purposes, both indoor and outdoor. Extra keys available also reduce any frustration and mess that comes with losing a key. It holds up well even during cargo storage in a plane and when passing through the conveyer belt for screening. The padlock is small and does not, therefore, look cumbersome on your bag.

What We Like
  • Comes with extra keys
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Versatile design
  • Effortless to use
Our Verdict

Lewis N. Clark lock’s brass construction makes it robust and hard to break. It helps to keep your luggage and bags secure anywhere you travel to.

8. ZHEGE 2 Pack Luggage Lock

ZHEGE 2 Pack Luggage Lock

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The ZHEGE 2 Pack Luggage Lock ensures full protection for your belongings after inspection. You can set a unique 3-digit code with up to 1000 options in a few minutes. It is small, making it portable, while its solid compact body makes it long-lasting. It also features flexible cable threads through the zipper and case holes for easy locking.

The cable’s plastic cover does not scratch and or damage luggage as it keeps it safe. TSA recognizes this lock, which makes it an ideal lock during their inspections. This lock also has a lightweight does not, therefore, bring any additional mass to the luggage after locking. A variety of colors makes it possible for each of your family members to have their lock color. It is cost-effective and works efficiently to maintain maximum security for your items through your travel.

What We Like
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • TSA approved
  • Color variety
Our Verdict

The ZHEGE 2 Pack Luggage Lock brings relief and peace of mind knowing that all your luggage is safe. It is easy to use and available in many different colors.

7. Sure Lock TSA Approved Travel Luggage Locks

Sure Lock TSA Approved Travel Luggage Locks

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The Sure Lock TSA Approved Travel Luggage Locks has an alloy body that withstands huge impacts. The body thus keeps the lock safe from damage that may result from rough luggage handling. Its stainless-steel material does not rust or corrode and is usable for an extended period. A popup inspection indicator shows whether your luggage has undergone the inspection process at the airport. A button at the cable lock also pops out after a TSA inspection.

Hard to crack a four-digit combination further helps you to lock your luggage safely. This secret code is changeable at any time when you need to ascertain your luggage’s safety. These dials are readable, and you can easily set a combination that works well for you. The distinctive colours of this TSA-approved lock stand out. You can match one to your luggage for a classic look.

What We Like
  • Compact yet sturdy design
  • Rustproof and durable
  • Pop-up inspection indicator
  • Easy-to-set passcode
Our Verdict

The sure lock TSA Approved Travel Luggage Locks has a sturdy and durable construction. A unique pop-up feature shows when your bag is through with the inspection process.

6. Anvil TSA Approved 3 Digit Luggage Cable Locks

Anvil TSA Approved 3 Digit Luggage Cable Locks

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The anvil Luggage Cable Lock not only withstands the rough airport handling but also ensures maximum security for your luggage. White dials on a black background are visible, which reduces the chances of missing your set codes. Using the screw mechanism, you can easily set your desirable dial combination. Changing your set code is with much ease; thus, you do not need to worry about accidental code interferences. The cable threads-in to your bags thin zipper holes and hard suitcase locks further protects your items effectively. It also guarantees a high flexibility degree without sacrificing luggage security.

The TSA approved design of the Anvil luggage cable lock makes its inspection a breeze in international airports and or train stations. To maximize the performance of the lock, ensure that you lock the cable firmly to a solid object. Moreover, by selecting a secure combination password that you can remember easily, you will never have issues with the lock. Your luggage will be safe after inspection since TSA agents will be able to check its contents without damage.

What We Like
  • Great money value
  • Flexible cable lock
  • Good lock design
  • Easy to set dials
Our Verdict

The TSA Approved 3 Digit Luggage Cable Locks keeps your luggage secure. It protects your belongings even after luggage inspection.

5. Lewis N Clark Triple Security Cable Lock

Lewis N Clark Triple Security Cable Lock

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The Lewis N Clark Security Lock provides secure locking of your bag while traveling or storing your luggage. You can easily add your laptop bag to your luggage by threading in the cable. This keyless lock also provides quick access to your bags with no worries about losing the key.

With this lock, TSA officials can check your luggage quickly without ripping your bag. You can also lock its zipper and handle and secure them to a fixed object for triple security. The locks reset mechanism enables you to change your passcode with ease when needed for added safety.

What We Like
  • Keyless cable lock
  • Triple security feature
  • Bulk luggage security
  • All-purpose travel lock
Our Verdict

The Lewis N Clark Triple Security Lock assures you of maximum protection for your luggage. Its long cable can secure luggage to solid objects to prevent anyone from walking away with it.

4. Master Lock 4689T Keyed TSA Approved Luggage Lock

Master Lock 4689T Keyed TSA Approved Luggage Lock

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The Master lock 4689T luggage Lock is safe for your luggage. TSA screens can inspect through your bags and relock them safely and conveniently without causing any damage to the lock. This lock is at the front of your bay, making it easily accessible. Each key unlocks all the locks, getting rid of the need to have different keys for your different locks. The lock’s body is metallic for durability and long-time service with a cut-resistant steel shackle.

Minimal shackle display that results from the padlock’s design further makes it less noticeable. Color variety gives you a chance to choose the color that you find attractive and makes it more identifiable. The small size of the locks makes it convenient to use on tour bags zipper. You can also lock your files and crucial documents using these little locks. Zinc-alloy construction and an ABS housing make this lock hard break further securing your luggage.

What We Like
  • Cut and hammer resistant
  • TSA approved design
  • Long-lasting materials
Our Verdict

Master Lock 4689T Luggage Lock is effective and solves the problem of item loss when traveling. It also keyless saving you from the trouble of having to carry keys around. You also do not need to worry that you may lose your keys and lack access to your luggage.

3. Tarriss TSA Luggage Lock

Tarriss TSA Luggage Lock

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The Tarriss TSA Luggage Lock makes a perfect gift to a friend. A search alert indicates when the TSA opens or rummages through your bag. The 3-dial combination is easy to read, thus making it more convenient for you to set and change. This code is also easy to memorize and may not be necessary for you to write it down to remember it. You can also thread the flexible cable through your luggage zippers for maximum security.

The Lock’s zinc alloy shell is durable, style, less prone to rusting or corroding when exposed to water. After keying in your code, the large push button opens the lock giving you access to your luggage. Tarriss can secure most types of zippers without scratches and or damage. It is also affordable and has a secure cable (stainless steel) that you can secure with the push of a button. The cables also stay in place after application until you press the push button to open the lock.

What We Like
  • Search alert indicator
  • Rustproof cable
  • Large release button
  • Easy to read dials
Our Verdict

Tarriss TSA Luggage Lock gives your luggage maximum protection. A zinc-alloy construction makes the lock sturdy and durable, allowing you to use it for many years. Locking the bag using a code further saves you from carrying keys around.

2. Forge TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks

Forge TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks

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The Forge Cable Luggage Lock has a secure lock mechanism that consists of a steel cable and a solid core. Its 3-digit combination system is secure and easy to set up, while its low-profile design does not clutter luggage. Therefore, set up well, a new one will secure your backpack or luggage without compromising its looks. The code is easy to set, and you can easily change it anytime you like. Flexible cables of different sizes allow you to choose the one that fits your bag.

With Forge, transport security officers or official must also lock your bag first before removing their key. This prevents losses in transit by air or rail. During travels, you can also control who gains access to your bags with this lock. You do not need extra tools to use this lock since you use a code to lock. The lock is also ready to use upon purchase. Rustproof stainless-steel material that does not corrode enables the lock to maintain its original look for a long time. Bright Variety of Colours makes it easy for you to identify your luggage quickly at the airport when traveling. You also get the liberty to choose the color that you find most attractive.

What We Like
  • Rustproof for durability
  • Lightweight material
  • Variety of colors
  • TSA approved
Our Verdict

The Forge Luggage Locks enables you to travel with confidence having your luggage secure. Using a passcode makes it easy for you to lock and unlock your luggage with no keys.

1. Travel more 4-Pack Luggage Lock

Travel more 4-Pack Luggage Lock

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The Travel More 4-Pack Luggage Lock can secure luggage, backpack, and handbags. You can also use one to secure a locker or the backseat organizer in your car. Each pack has four orange locks that fit most types of zippers. You can also use the extra locks to lock your other bags. Its lightweight and small size make it portable since it does not add excess weight to your luggage. The zinc alloy body provides you with long term service as they neither rust nor corrode. The weather-proof feature prevents the lock from damage that results from harsh conditions.

The Travel more luggage lock is further versatile and usable on various bags in various settings. Three-dial combination helps you to choose memorable yet secure passwords for your luggage, handbag, or backpack. Finally, its flexible metal cable is easy to thread through most zippers.

What We Like
  • Waterproof material
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Strong, flexible cable
  • Rustproof construction
Our Verdict

Travel more 4 Pack Luggage Lock has a rustproof construction that lasts long, giving you more extended service. You do not need keys to lock your bag since its keyless locking mechanism. You can also thread in all your zippers for security thanks to the lock’s flexible cable.