Best Led Lanterns of 2023

Led Lanterns

Do you have an overly dark front porch and or backyard that you want to light up? Do you camp out often but have a hard time keeping your tent well-lit? To solve such issues professionally without spending a lot of money, invest in an LED lantern today. These low-powered items have a longer “shelf life” than traditional incandescent bulbs. They also run cool and generate a bright and soothing light, which is perfect for seeing and reading. Finally, these are portable items. During hiking or camping trips, you can carry one in a hiking backpack.

List of the Best Led Lanterns of 2023

10. Coleman LED Lantern

Coleman LED Lantern

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Coleman LED lantern has four separate light panels that attach onto one lantern to provide 360-degrees illumination. The lantern recharges the lights on the base and uses 8 D-cell batteries as a source of power. These batteries support 75 hours of lantern runtime and 1.5 hours of panel runtime. The four LED panels have a 190 super-bright lumens output, and each panel produces 47.5 bright lumens. The lantern is also water-resistant and does not overheat while in use.

Coleman Quad LED lantern further has a range of 26ft. The range is enough to illuminate your camping tent and other confined spaces. Each panel of this lantern has a comfortable handle that makes it easier to carry around the camp. You will find the on/off switches on the lantern’s top and each light panel. The LEDs have a sturdy construction that lasts a lifetime, which eliminates the cost of replacement. You can diffuse the lenses to reduce the LED glare. This lantern weighs 6.15 pounds with a measurement of 6.5-inches in width and 11.7-inches in height. Your purchase also includes a 5-year limited warranty to give you peace of mind.

What We Like
  • Removable light panel
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Wide lighting range
  • Long runtime
Our Verdict

Coleman Quad LED lantern has a premium construction that enables it to survive rough handling and any weather. It is thus a great addition to any camping and hiking hobbyist’s survival kit.

9. AYL Starlight 330 Lantern

AYL Starlight 330 Lantern

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AYL Starlight 330 lantern includes LED bulbs that have a 1000 lumens output to ensure efficient illumination. The LED bulbs have a 100,000 hours life span, which ensures long-term use without replacement. The lantern uses high-capacity 3 D batteries that can power the lantern for six consecutive days on one set. You can remove the convex reflector cap to access 360-degree lighting. The lantern features a hook on the bottom side that allows you to hang it anywhere for lighting a larger area. Thus, you can use it to light an entire camp, room, or backyard.

AYL Starlight 330 lantern has a lightweight and shockproof architecture that enables it to survive minor collisions. Its water-resistant rubber and plastic molding are durable. The lantern features three lighting modes, which include low, high, and flashing strobe modes. Cycle the switch button to switch to any mode, which allows you to control the lighting quality.

What We Like
  • Lightweight and shockproof design
  • Water-resistant for durability
  • Various lighting modes
  • Long-running time
Our Verdict

If you are struggling with a gift idea, the AYL Starlight 330 lantern is an excellent option for any occasion. This lantern is also a great addition to any emergency tool kit.

8. HeroBeam LED Lantern

HeroBeam LED Lantern

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HeroBeam LED lantern features the newest LED technology, which includes three 48mm COB strips for 360-degrees illumination. Therefore, an original one enables you to illuminate your entire tent, shed, garage, caravan, or boat. The lantern is also a great addition to your emergency tool kit for blackouts, hurricanes, or car repair. HeroBeam LED lantern has an ABS plastic construction without any glass, which allows it to survive minor collisions. It also complies with IPX4 standard and is therefore submersible in water without electrical or mechanical damage.

You also can collapse the lantern to a 5.5-inch height and 3.5-inch width. Collapsing it allows you to fit the lantern in your backpack, which makes it convenient to store and carry. The lantern uses cheaper AA batteries as a source of power, thereby reducing its maintenance cost. You should lift the top section to activate the lantern and expose the lights. You can deactivate the lantern by pushing the top section downwards. The lantern also has a wide-angle flashlight, which makes it ideal for use on night walks. Each original purchase includes a five-year limited warranty, a 30-day full satisfaction guarantee, and 24-hour customer support.

What We Like
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Bright LED lamps
  • Multifunctional usage
Our Verdict

You can use this lantern as both an underwater and dry surface illuminator. It saves you money since you need not by a different light for your various settings.

7. Lighting EVER LED Lantern

Lighting EVER LED Lantern

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Lighting EVER LE LED lantern has an IPX4 rating, which means it is waterproof. You can, therefore, splash water at it from all sides without causing any damage. This lantern is thus ideal for storm season, hiking, fishing, camping or hurricane lighting. The lantern offers 360-degree illumination and 1000 lumens brightness, which ensures enough illumination all around. This portable LED lantern has two hooks with one on the bottom and the other on the bottom. The hooks allow you to hang the lantern upwards or downwards for better illumination of large areas.

You also should purchase three 1.5V batteries separately to ensure that your lantern has a reliable source of power. It has a run time of around 12 to 25-hours, which is long enough to last you throughout the night. Lighting EVER LE LED lantern has four light modes to give you more flexibility when illuminating an object or area. These modes include 700lm cool white, 300lm warm white, 1000lm cool white, and 1000lm flash mode. Your purchase includes a two-year money-back guarantee and customer support that you can use at any time.

What We Like
  • Long run time
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Convenient to carry around
  • Many light modes
Our Verdict

Lighting EVER LE LED lantern is ideal for use in wet areas. You can also use it as a shallow water body illuminator.

6. Streamlight 44931 Siege LED Lantern

Streamlight 44931 Siege LED Lantern

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Streamlight 44931 Siege LED lantern has five C4 power LEDs that have two lighting modes; white LED and Red LED. The modes allow you to use the lantern as a decor to brighten up dull environments. It also features night vision mode, which you can use to extend its run time to ensure emergency readiness. It is thus an essential addition to your emergency equipment to keep you safe during hurricanes or storms. Rings on the bottom and the top enable you to use it in an upright or inverted position. You can also use the handle to give you a secure grip of the lantern.

You can further submerge the lantern to a 1m depth or float it to lighten up your water bodies. The lantern can resist the impact of a 2m drop, which ensures long-term durability. You should buy three D cell alkaline batteries separately to provide a reliable power source. The lantern has a keyed battery door to ensure that your batteries are always safe and secure.

What We Like
  • Keyed battery door
  • Multiple lighting modes
  • Removable cover
  • Long run time
Our Verdict

Streamlight 44931 Siege LED lantern can handle rough handling, making it the ideal lantern for any setting.

5. Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern

Rayovac Sportsman LED Lantern

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Rayovac Sportsman LED lantern has a durable ABS rubber shell that can survive a 3ft drop. You can temporarily submerge the lantern into the water, which makes it great for use in storms or hurricanes. The lantern has bright LEDs that emit 305 lumens from the lens. You can choose from the three available flashlight modes, which include Strobe, Energy saver and high. The lantern can also provide upwards of 140 hours of continuous lighting in energy save mode.

You can further use this lantern to illuminate up to 15m on energy mode and 10m on energy saver mode. The lantern has 360-degree lighting, which allows you to see everything around you in the dark. Rayovac Sportsman LED lantern includes thick rubber hooks on both the bottom and top. The hooks will enable you to position the lantern almost anywhere for adequate lighting. You also get a lifetime warranty upon buying this lantern, which gives you peace of mind.

What We Like
  • Versatile lighting
  • Shatterproof lens
  • Long beam distance
  • Long run time
Our Verdict

You should add the Rayovac Sportsman LED lantern to your camping or hiking equipment for reliable and bright illumination.

4. Odoland LED Lantern

Odoland LED Lantern

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Odoland LED lantern includes 18 individual super bright and low energy consuming LED bulbs, which provide you with reliable lighting. The lantern also features a fan with low and high settings. You can adjust the fan in various positions to ensure efficient air circulation. The lantern has a 20.5 circumference, and the fan blades are 4-inches across. Odoland lantern further has a military-grade construction that can survive minor collisions to ensure long-term durability.

You can also use the lantern for a maximum of 37 hours of continuous lighting with the ideal battery capacity. You need to buy 2 D 1.5V batteries separately to keep the LED bulbs and fan operational. These batteries support the fan for 15 hours in a low-speed mode and 5hours in a high-speed mode. It also supports and 20 hours of continuous LED lighting. You can collapse the lantern into a smaller size, which enables you to take it with you anywhere. The lantern has an ergonomic handle with a non-slip grip, which you can use to hang it on branches of hooks.

What We Like
  • Ultra-lightweight built
  • Multi-functional usage
  • Collapsible design
  • Bright illumination
Our Verdict

If you like spending your nights outdoors, then you should add this lantern to your gear to aid your vision.

3. MalloMe LED Lantern

MalloMe LED Lantern

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MalloMe LED lantern is a military-grade ABS light with CE and ROHS approval. Its robust design enables the lamp to survive minor collisions and water splashing and thus is long-lasting. 146 lumen LED lights in this lantern to provide bright 360-degree illumination. You can add this lantern to your camping equipment or survival gear for reliable lighting. Collapse the lantern into a smaller size for easy storage and carrying. You further can collapse or expand the lantern to reduce and increase its brightness to the level you want.

MalloMe LED lantern is also available in four colors, which include gold, yellow, pink, black, red, purple, blue and green. The LED bulb has a lifespan of over 100,000-hours, which ensures long-term service without replacement. Lightweight construction with handles makes the lantern ideal for carrying and hanging on hooks or branches. You can use this lantern to provide lighting during various situations such as auto emergency, blackouts, hurricane, reading, and more. Your purchase also includes two AA batteries and a 30-day return policy that covers factory defects.

What We Like
  • Interesting colors
  • Ultra-bright illumination
  • Long-lasting bulbs
  • Collapsible and portable
Our Verdict

You can fit this lantern in your backpack to take it with you anywhere. It also makes a perfect gift to any camping enthusiast during any occasion.

2. Etekcity CL10 LED Lantern

Etekcity CL10 LED Lantern

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Etekcity CL10 LED lantern includes 30 different low energy consuming LED bulbs that provide 360-degrees bright illumination while saving power. The lantern features high capacity batteries that can illuminate for 12-hours continuously. You can collapse the lantern, which makes it possible to adjust to the illumination you want. Collapsing the lantern reduces its storage space, which makes it easier for you to carry it with you anywhere. The lantern also has handles that make moving it easier and you can use them to hang it on most hooks. It is thus great for camping, night walking or emergency and power outage situations.

Etekcity CL10 LED lantern further has a military-grade plastic housing construction that can handle slight water splashing or collisions. The lantern’s top lid features a tiny room, which you can use to store small items such as keys or spare batteries. This lantern is also RoHS compliant and includes FCC certification to assure you of its quality.

What We Like
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to operate
  • Ultra-bright illumination
  • Tactical storage
Our Verdict

Etekcity CL10 LED lantern is an essential addition to your emergency kit to keep you safe during storms or hurricanes.

1. Vont LED Lantern

Vont LED Lantern

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Vont LED lantern has 30 bright LEDs that offer 360-degrees illumination. It includes three AA batteries that offer continuous lighting for more than 30-hours and has a patented design that you can collapse for easy storage or transport. You can expand the lantern halfway or fully for dimmer lighting and bright lighting, respectively. By collapsing the lantern, you can save storage space. It also makes it easy for you to fit the lantern in your emergency kit or backpack.

Vont LED lantern also has aircraft-grade construction, which enables it to survive from a 10ft drop. You can temporarily submerge the lantern underwater without causing damage. Water-resistance makes it suitable for emergencies such as hurricanes to keep you safe. The lantern is super lightweight and has a handle that enables you to carry or hang it on a branch. It has a CE/RoHS certification for quality and a lifetime warranty with reliable Vont customer support.

What We Like
  • Waterproof and durable design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ultra-bright lighting
  • Long battery life
Our Verdict

The Vont LED lantern is an excellent choice for camping enthusiasts to provide steady and bright light.