Best Joint Supplements for Dogs in 2022

Joint Supplements for Dogs

A dog is a mobile animal that loves to run and play. However, dogs cannot stay active when their joints are weak. Therefore, if you have an elderly dog or a breed that is susceptible to developing arthritis, offer the best joint supplements for dogs often. They boost mobility by improving the flexibility of joints. They also strengthen cartilages and enhance the health of dogs overall without costing you a lot of money. These top 10 all-natural supplements are ideal for most dog breeds.

List of the Best Joint Supplements for Dogs of 2022

1. Lintbells YuMOVE Joint Supplement for Dog

Lintbells YuMOVE Joint Supplement for Dog

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Lintbells YuMOVE Joint Supplement is ideal for all dog breeds. It, therefore, saves you the hassle of selecting the right one for your specific breed. This supplement is particularly essential for older and stiff dogs. Your dog will achieve a stronger joint structure and more collagen formation in their cartilages, tendons, and ligaments. The supplement, therefore, maintains healthy joints.

The Lintbells YuMOVE Joint Supplement also has Hyaluronic acid that reaches the joints within up to two hours. Hyaluronic acid supports lubrication that enables your dog to walk or play comfortably. It also enhances shock absorption, thus protecting the joints from injuries that may result from impact. Finally, it contains Vitamins C and E that boost joint mobility and prevents premature aging.

What We Like
  • Ideal for all breeds
  • Maintaining healthy joints
  • Supporting lubrication
  • Preventing premature aging
Our Verdict

You can feed the Lintbells YuMOVE Joint Supplement to any dog of any breed. It maintains healthy joints, promotes lubrication, and prevents premature aging.

2. Nutramax Dasuquin Joint Supplements for Dogs

Nutramax Dasuquin Joint Supplements for Dogs

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Nutramax Dasuquin Joint Supplement contains NMX1000 ASU, which is a plant lipid that is safe for dogs. This component regenerates connective tissues by blocking pro-inflammatory chemicals. It prevents deterioration of the cells lining the joints, thus supporting a healthy joint structure. The decaffeinated tea in the supplement prevents cardiovascular diseases, thus promoting heart health.

Your dog also achieves healthy cartilages thanks to the Glucosamine in the Nutramax Dasuquin Joint Supplement. Sodium chondroitin sulfate supports a healthy joint formula. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) in the supplement supports cartilages and promotes joint health. You will not have to force the supplement down your dog’s throat since it comes in tasty and delicious chewable tablets.

What We Like
  • Healthy cartilages
  • Tasty tablets
  • Promotion of heart health
  • Healthy joint formula
Our Verdict

Nutramax Dasuquin Joint Supplement comes in the form of tasty chewable tablets. It supports your dog’s heart, cartilage, and joint health.

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3. PetNC Natural Care Joint Supplements for Dogs

PetNC Natural Care Joint Supplements for Dogs

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PetNC Natural Care Joint Supplement is a USA product that promotes healthy hips and joints in your dog. The supplements undergo a laboratory test that passes them as healthy and safe for your dog. You can get the supplement for your finicky eater, as they are easily chewable and have a savory liver flavor. The supplement is ideal for all dogs aged between 18weeks and above.

The PetNC Natural Care Joint Supplement also contains glucosamine that will promote healthy cartilages in your dogs. It also contains Chondroitin that prevents the cartilages from breaking down as we stimulate their repair mechanisms. Your dog also attains better, painless, and fatigue-free movement, thanks to the present Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid promotes lubrication that protects joints from friction and enhances shock absorption. The supplements come in an airtight container that locks out air and liquids and protects them from other contaminants.

What We Like
  • Airtight container
  • Savory liver flavor
  • Joint lubrication
  • Laboratory tests
Our Verdict

The PetNC Natural Care Joint Supplement undergoes lab tests that pass them as safe for consumption by your dog. It also comes in an airtight container that prevents air and moisture from reaching the tablets.

4. VetlQ Joint Supplements for Dogs

VetlQ Joint Supplements for Dogs

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VetlQ Joint Supplement promotes healthy hips and joints. It contains MSM that strengthens connective tissues and muscles. Your dog will also have healthy cartilage, due to its glucosamine-rich all-natural formula. It also contains DHA and EPA Omega 3 that lubricates the joints for painless mobility. The supplement is in the form of soft chews that are easy for your dogs to take. Each bag of the supplement contains 180 pieces that will serve your dog for at least three months.

VetlQ Joint Supplement also contains all natural, GMO-free ingredients, making it safe for your dog. A tasty flavor keeps your dog looking forward to taking the supplements in the morning or at night. The soft chews can last for a long time without damage, thanks to the airtight bottle. This bottle has a tight lid that keeps air and moisture that may lead to their deterioration from reaching the chews.

What We Like
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Chewable chews
  • Airtight bottle
  • Tasty flavor
Our Verdict

For healthy hips and joints, get your dog VetlQ Joint Supplement. It contains Omega 3 that lubricates the joints, glucosamine that promotes healthy cartilages, and MSM that supports healthy connective tissues.

5. Bayer Synovi G4 Joint Supplements for Dogs

Bayer Synovi G4 Joint Supplements for Dogs

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Bayer Synovi G4 Joint Supplement comes in the form of soft chews that your dog can chew easily and comfortably. It is available in packs containing 60, 120, and 240 counts. Therefore, you can select the package that you prefer depending on your budget and the number of dogs you intend to feed. You can also feed this supplement to all your dogs of different sizes and breeds.

Bayer Synovi G4 Joint Supplement also strengthens your dog’s hips and joints and boosts flexibility. It also eases stiffness and supports a healthy inflammatory response. Poultry flavor entices your dog into feeding this supplement with ease.

What We Like
  • Soft chews
  • All sizes/breeds
  • Poultry flavor
  • Easing stiffness
Our Verdict

The Bayer Synovi G4 Joint Supplement is ideal for all your dogs of different sizes and breeds. They have a tasty poultry flavor that dogs love. Therefore, unlike some brands, you will not struggle to get your dog to eat during mealtime, which is ideal.

6. Paws & Pals Joint Supplement for Dogs

Paws & Pals Joint Supplement for Dogs

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Paws & Pals Joint Supplement contains glucosamine that will strengthen your dog’s cartilages, enabling them to move with ease. It also contains chondroitin that slows wear and tears of cells in cartilages. Finally, your pet will enjoy using these supplements, as they come in the form of soft, easily chewable tablets. The MSM component in the supplement act as an analgesic that eases muscle pains.

Your senior dogs will also achieve arthritis support when you feed them the Paws & Pals Joint Supplement. The supplement promotes immunity, thus enabling your dog to fight potential disease-causing pathogens. Your dog can walk for long distances without suffering fatigue since the supplement lubricates the joints, allowing for friction-free mobility. Consequently, your dog will burn excess calories, whose build-up can cause obesity and unhealthy blood sugar levels.

What We Like
  • Promoting immunity
  • Calorie burn-up
  • Joint lubrication
  • Analgesic effect
Our Verdict

Paws & Pals Joint Supplement eases muscle pain and lubricates joints, improving mobility for long distances. It also promotes healthy immunity. Therefore, your dog will not be prone to catching diseases, irrespective of its breed, and or size.

7. Cosequin Joint Supplements for Dogs

Cosequin Joint Supplements for Dogs

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Cosequin Joint Supplement supports your dog’s joint health, therefore enabling them to walk, run, climb stairs, and move more with ease. The supplement also gives your dog a soft and beautiful coat and healthy skin, thanks to the omega-three-rich all-natural formula on offer. Your dog gets to feed on the supplement easily, as it comes in easy-to-chew soft tablets. These tablets are tasty and thus easy to feed to dogs as a plain chew without mixing with food and or liquids.

The Cosequin Joint Supplement also contains MSM for better mobility, healthier cartilage, and hip and joint support. Being a USA product, it contains all natural and cruelty-free ingredients that are also safe for your dog. You can also store it for long in its airtight packaging, which locks air and moisture out of the pack. Each pack contains 60 soft chews that you can serve your dog for at least two months.

What We Like
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Airtight packaging
  • Tasty soft tablets
  • Omega 3 components
Our Verdict

Cosequin Joint Supplement contains omega three that promotes healthy skin and a beautiful coat for your dog. It contains all-natural ingredients that will harm neither your dog nor the environment. The best flea collars prevent irritation from fleas.

8. MOVOFLEX Joint Supplement for Dogs

MOVOFLEX Joint Supplement for Dogs

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MOVOFLEX Joint supplement provides flexibility on your dog’s muscles and relieves joint discomfort during their early stages. For huge dogs that weigh over 80 pounds, one chew of the dosage per day is equivalent to a 60-day supply. Thus, the supplement does not require you to feed it to your dog continually, which also saves you money. You do not need a prior loading dose to feed these soft chews to your dog. These chews have a liver flavoring that all types of dogs like.

The MOVOFLEX joint supplement consists of a self-blend with five active ingredients. The creative use of an eggshell membrane strengthens the joints during flex movements. It is ideal to use on dogs with certain dietary confinements that may affect their overall health. The supplement contains no gluten for dogs who perceive to be allergic to gluten. It is also shellfish/sugar-free and has a low sodium concentration for better natural health effects.

What We Like
  • Liver flavor
  • Gluten-free ingredients
  • Low sodium concentration
  • Enticing taste
Our Verdict

MOVOFLEX soft chew is a premium supplement that aids in the strengthening of your dog’s muscles for better movement. It is easy to dispense this dosage to your dog, as it has a liver flavoring and a delicious taste. You can also serve them to your dogs with a gluten allergy since they lack ingredients containing gluten.

9. PSCH Phycox Max Joint Supplements for Dogs

PSCH Phycox Max Joint Supplements for Dogs

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PSCH Phycox max joint supplement for dogs contains ample amounts of Phycox, which boosts the flexibility of the joints of dogs in just 30 days. Its patented support matrix contains Phycocyanin, which increases anti-inflammatory activities and has analgesic effects. Phycocyanin has antioxidants, which boost the immune system of your dog by fighting disease-causing pathogens. Your dog will achieve a healthy heart when you make this product part of its meals.

You can use the PSCH Phycox max joint supplements to cure dogs of all breeds and sizes. All the ingredients making this supplement are natural and thus safe for your dog’s everyday consumption. It also solves urinary tract issues that are common in your mature dog. This product improves weight loss in your aging dogs, thus reducing the chances of obesity. It also keeps the level of blood glucose healthy, thus preventing damage to such organs such as the eyes and limbs.

What We Like
  • Improves blood glucose level
  • Potent anti-oxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory product
  • Improving weight loss
  • Blend of natural nutrients
What We Like
PSCH Phycox max joint supplements improve blood glucose and promote a healthy urinary tract. Potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in the product improve the general well-being of your dog.

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10. Pro Sense Joint Supplements for Dogs

Pro Sense Joint Supplements for Dogs

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Pro Sense Joint Supplements are a regular strength glucosamine tablets suitable for everyday use and dogs of all sizes. Each tablet contains 650 mg of glucosamine that supports healthy cartilages for easier mobility. It also contains vitamin C to help support healthy hips and joints. The tasty, easily chewable tablets are easy for your dog to take, and therefore you will never have to force them.

Pro Sense Joint Supplements are suitable for all dog breeds and ages. They, thus, promote healthy joints for all your dogs throughout their life stages. The chondroitin present in the tablets protects your dog’s cartilages from wearing out. Pro-Sense is a member of the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) and a holder of the NASC Quality Seal. Thus, it is safe and effective to use on your dogs.

What We Like
  • NASC quality seal
  • Tasty, easily chewable tablets
  • Healthy cartilages
  • All dog sizes/breeds
Our Verdict

Pro Sense Joint Supplements for Dogs is suitable for use all dog breeds of all sizes. It contains glucosamine and vitamin C that help support healthy hips and joints.