Best Floor Standing Tower Speakers of 2022

Floor Standing Tower Speakers

Floor tower speakers have amazing features such as woofers and Bluetooth technology for connecting laptops. Unlike the older models, today’s floor tower speakers also come with designs that help to save space. They provide quality music versatility and convenience. Below are 10 of the best floor tower speakers that will have you enjoying the feel of good music from the best that technology can offer.

List of the Floor Standing Tower Speakers of 2022

10. Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Floorstanding Tower Speakers

Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Floorstanding Tower Speakers

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Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi is a three-way floor-standing Tower Speakers ranked among the best units in the market. The system has exquisite sound quality. The twin speakers also have 8-inch woofers that deliver the best sound you can find in any subwoofer. At the base of the speakers are spikes that help to prevent vibrations from damaging your floor. The design of the speaker includes precision-crafted cabinets made with audio-grade MDF wood. The unique and beautiful design stands out in any room, adding charm and class.

The cabinets have tapering that reduces waves from the inside. They also have internal closures that help to keep the sound waves isolated to minimize acoustic interference. Other features include a midrange driver that can handle different levels of volume, a pointed dome that promotes better sound travel from the cone center to a soundstage, and ultra-high-end neodymium tweeters that provide optimal clarity.

What We Like
  • Long-lasting design
  • Interference-free system
  • Powerful neodymium tweeters
  • Audio-grade MDF wood
Our Verdict

The audio-grade MDF wood used to make an original Fluance Signature speaker is durable stylish and boosts sound output significantly. You also get powerful neodymium speakers that boost sound quality further.

9. Onkyo SKF-4800-2-Way Bass Reflex Floor-Standing Speakers

Onkyo SKF-4800-2-Way Bass Reflex Floor-Standing Speakers

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If you are shopping for the best sound system to give a spark to your music and movies, a pair of SKF-4800-Onkyo Reflex Floor-Standing Speakers will provide you with the best services. The construction of the speakers includes two 16 cm woofers that can handle different sound levels with equal balance. Whatever the music levels, the woofers will always make the sound natural and full at all times.

These two floor-standing speakers have a 2.5 cm soft-dome tweeter that provides better levels of detail and definition to the audio. They also feature an MDF stabilizer that helps to eliminate vibration and a stabilizer for the woofer that offers an accurate and faster response. The unique design of the speakers blends well with any décor in your home. The banana plug that comes with the speakers is compatible with different speaker posts. The speakers also provide value for money.

What We Like
  • Compatible with other speakers
  • Long-lasting MDF stabilizer
  • 5 cm soft-dome tweeter
  • High-powered woofers (16cm)
Our Verdict

Onkyo SKF-4800 is a reputable bass reflex speaker made of heavy-duty MDF wood. It is loud, clear, and compatible with other speakers.

8. Cerwin-Vega XLS-28 Dual 3-Way Home Audio Floor Tower Speaker

Cerwin-Vega XLS-28 Dual 3-Way Home Audio Floor Tower Speaker

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The Cerwin-Vega 3-Way Floor Tower Speaker is the new generation XLS series with better features than the renowned SL-8 series. The speaker has 8-inch dual high-excursion woofers that have a sturdy construction of premium surrounds and cast frames. A 6.5-inch mid-range driver joins the woofers. The drivers feature mica-fiber impregnation cones that help to provide better and more controlled sound.

A one-inch dome tweeter with a Ferrofluid cooling system balanced sound output. An elegant calibrated ash enclosure houses the sound system, while its audio is vibrant and crisp. These speakers measure 38-inches tall and can handle a peak power of 200 watts effortlessly. The crossover of the speaker is also seamless, which gives it a more natural sound. It also comes with a reasonable price range.

What We Like
  • Natural sound quality
  • High-powered (200 watts)
  • Mica-fiber impregnation
  • High-excursion woofers
Our Verdict

Cerwin-Vega XLS-28 is a high-powered 200-watt speaker that produces a loud and natural sound. It is durable and comes at a reasonable price.

7. ELAC Uni-fi UF5 Floorstanding Speaker

ELAC Uni-fi UF5 Floorstanding Speaker

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When it comes to quality sound delivery, you can depend on ELAC Uni-fi UF5 Floorstanding Speaker to provide the best. The speaker’s midrange unit includes a one-inch soft-dome tweeter enclosed in an aluminum midrange driver measuring four inches. These offer excellent sound balance with crisp tones in synergy with the three aluminum woofers (each 5.25-inches) that come built into these speakers. The aluminum shell of the speakers is lightweight, durable, and sturdy.

The UF5 has 4 ohms impedance and an 85DP sensitivity, which helps to maintain sound quality irrespective of the power of the amplifiers. The speaker cabinets have a vinyl thick MDF fiberboard construction with internal bracing and rear triple ports. A pair of outriggers with spikes keeps the speaker screwed at the base for more stability. The speaker provides you with unmatched sound clarity at an affordable price that you cannot get from many other models in the market.

What We Like
  • MDF vinyl fiberboard
  • Soft-dome tweeters
  • Three aluminum woofers
  • Unmatched sound quality
Our Verdict

ELAC Uni-fi UF5 is a reputable floor-standing speaker with a durable vinyl MDF structure, and premium woofers (aluminum). Its soft dome tweeters balance sound quality well, while its style is impeccable.

6. Dayton Audio T652 2-Way Tower Speaker Pair

Dayton Audio T652 2-Way Tower Speaker Pair

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Dayton Audio T652 is an affordable 2-Way Tower Speaker with large woofers that provide crisp and high-quality sound. It has the same design as the original B652 speaker from the same brand. A 15 mm soft polycarbonate dome tweeter and two six and a half-inch woofers boost sound quality. The dome tweeter has a Ferro-fluid cooling system that enhances the two speaker’s performance as well as provides it with over-heating protection during high-frequency output moments.

The bass reflex cabinet enclosure of Dayton Audio T652 not only boosts bass output but also audio clarity. The modern aesthetics of the speaker tower that includes a slim tower cabinet gives it a unique and stylish look that makes them add beauty to the room. You do not have to spend a fortune for the perfect speakers when you have the Dayton audio two towers to provide you with superb clarity and detail.

What We Like
  • Superb sound quality
  • Modern aesthetics
  • Ferro-fluid cooling
  • Polycarbonate dome tweeter
Our Verdict

Dayton Audio T652 has a powerful two-way system that produces loud and natural sound in all settings. It is stylish and has high-quality parts.

5. Polk T50 150-Watt Home Theatre Floor Standing Tower Speaker

Polk T50 150-Watt Home Theatre Floor Standing Tower Speaker

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If you are on a budget ad looking for the perfect tower speaker for your home, you should try out the Polk T50 150 Watt Home Theatre Floor Standing Tower Speaker. The tower speaker comes with exquisite features that make brilliant and clear sounds. The T-series speakers have two T50 tower speakers, two T15 bookshelf speakers, a subwoofer, and one T30 center channel. The construction of the speaker is a furniture grade MDF cabinet with a black oak finish. The black color of the tower speaker matches different home decors effortlessly.

The speaker tower is effortless to set up at home with home theatre receivers, sound processors, and the best stereo systems. The speakers support DTS and Dolby. The speaker tower, which comes at an affordable price, fit well in medium and small spaces without compromising the sound. You can choose to buy the speaker as a single unit or purchase multiple of them for better entertainment and sound delivery.

What We Like
  • Dolby and DTS support
  • Power-efficient (150 watts)
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Black oak finish (stylish)
Our Verdict

Polk T50 is a 150-watt floor-standing speaker that supports both DTS and Dolby sound. It is easy to set up and has a stylish black oak finish.

4. Pioneer SP-FS52 Home Audio Andrew Jones Floor Standing Loudspeaker

Pioneer SP-FS52 Home Audio Andrew Jones Floor Standing Loudspeaker

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The SP-FS52 Andrew Jones floor-standing speakers are pleasing to look as they have a good-looking cabinet design (curved) and provide an exciting listening experience. The speakers generate excellent quality sound in most settings. They also have a durable design that is easy to set up with some of the best home theatre systems found in homes.

The 5-1/4-inch woofers of this speaker system produce powerful bass and crisp audio from DVDs, CDs, and other audio sources. They also have a one-inch dome tweeter for high efficient and soft sound. Unlike many other speakers that utilize simple, low-cost single capacitor and inductor for the crossover, the pioneer speakers use an 8-component high quality and sophisticated crossover. Using high-quality crossover ensures that the speakers provide high-quality sound.

What We Like
  • High-quality crossover
  • Curved cabinet design
  • Powerful bass output
  • Crisp audio (lows) output
Our Verdict

Pioneer SP-FS52 is a versatile home audio system with powerful bass and crisp highs. It also has stunning bass and a long-lasting shell.

3. Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

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Sony is a brand that you cannot go wrong with when it comes to quality. The SSCS3 is a 3-way tower speaker that delivers some of the best quality sounds that you will not find in many other models. The construction of the Sony SSCS3 features a tweeter made with polyester, a reinforced woofer made with mica cellular frame, and 4-speaker bass-reflex systems. The reinforced woofers do not lose their shape or compromise sound quality even when at high pressure or speed.

The tapered faceplate edges of the speakers minimize diffraction to provide natural and precise soundstage. The Sony speakers that come as a pair do not need any special setup requirements or listening rooms, and they connect well with most home theatre systems. They are also affordable, stable, versatile, and they go well with any room décor. They use 145-watt power input with a sound resolution of 50 kHz.

What We Like
  • Four-way speaker system
  • Reinforced mica cellular frame
  • Low-powered system (145 watts)
  • Cost-effective speaker system
  • Three-way tower speaker
Our Verdict

Sony SSCS3 is a cost-effective speaker system with a versatile four-way design that uses only 145 watts. It is durable and easy-to-use.

2. Polk Audio Floorstanding Speaker 70 Series Ii Tower Speaker

Polk Audio Floorstanding Speaker 70 Series Ii Tower Speaker

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Polk is a reputable firm that has manufactured many high-quality speakers for years. The above speaker is an advanced copy of their old monitor series that came into the market in the mid-70s. The speaker has a robust and durable construction with a stylish modern design. The aesthetic looks of the speaker come out more from the cherry wood grain finishes that enhance the beautiful design. It has a clear and clean sound quality enhanced by side-to-side internal bracing.

Other notable features of the tower speaker include bi-laminate lightweight composite balance drivers that help to minimize sound distortion and provide excellent and high-efficiency bass. A polymer dome tweeter is also another feature that allows for producing high and clear frequency response. Mylar bypass capacitors help to provide the speaker with high frequencies while a 5-way binding post connectors help to secure the connections. The affordable tower speaker will provide you with the most amazing crisp and clear sound.

What We Like
  • Mylar bypass capacitors
  • Cost-effective tower speaker
  • Side-to-side internal bracing
  • Stylish mid-70s design
Our Verdict

The 70 series Polk Audio speaker system excels where many brands have failed. It is stylish, durable, and has quality sound that users like.

1. SVS Ultra Tower Speaker

SVS Ultra Tower Speaker

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SVS Ultra Tower Speakers is a pair that provides flawless sound. The beautifully designed speakers also have a premium design that lasts for many years. It has a single tweeter and twin midrange drivers measuring 6.5 inches that come with composite glass-fiber cones for excellent sound. At the base of the speakers are 8-inch drivers placed horizontally for low frequency and room-filling output.

The faces of this speaker are in different directions, which leads to better and accurate sound dispersion while in use. The speakers also have a transparent and precise aluminum dome tower made of aluminum. The material is rigid, light, and impervious to sound distortion at different pressure levels. SVS ultra tower speakers are costly than other tower speakers on the market, but the pair is worth the cost.

What We Like
  • No sound distortion
  • Clear low-frequency sound
  • Accurate sound dispersion
  • Composite glass-fiber cones
Our Verdict

The SVS Ultra Tower Speaker generates superior sound with accurate sound dispersion. It is durable and easy to set up in most settings.