Best Electronic Dartboards of 2022

Electronic Dartboards

With more and more people opting to spend their free time outdoors, the demand for portable solo or team-based games is high globally. The best pool basketball hoops, for instance, are in demand during the summer. Water guns and the best pop-up tents are also in demand. However, if you are looking for a game that works indoors and outdoors, an electric dartboard is the best option. They come in many designs and sizes, each with a digital scoreboard and soft-tip darts that you can use around kids safely. Moreover, because a majority are battery-powered, they work seamlessly in hiking or picnic caps, which is a plus for outdoor lovers.

List of the Best Electronic Dartboards of 2022

10. Biange Electronic Dartboard

Biange Electronic Dartboard

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The Biange electronic dartboard has a 13.5-inch target face and uses soft-tip darts. The darts are safe, and you can play the games that the dartboard features even with your children. You can power the dartboard using four AA batteries that are not available in the package. AC adapter can also act as its source of power. Twenty-seven games are available in this dartboard and have 243 variations giving you more exciting choices. Sixteen players can play on this dartboard at the same time, enhancing competition and making playing fun.

LED displays further show the scores of four players at a time to enable you to track your performance. 30-days money-back guarantee allows you to return the dartboard and get a full refund if it does not work well. A one-year limited warranty also covers your dartboard against flaws and defects within one year after purchase.

What We Like
  • Battery and AC Power
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • LCD score display
  • Safe soft-tip dart
Our Verdict

You can return the Biange dartboard if it fails to work as you expect within thirty days for a full refund. You also get to power the dartboard using batteries or electricity.

9. Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard

Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard

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Viper Ion electronic dartboard has illuminated segments that make it attractive and makes playing fun. The package includes 315 variations of 48 games that provide you with an assortment of playing modes. Seventeen of these games are exclusively light-based and, thus, fun for most people. The dartboard measures 22×19.5×1.2 inches and weighs approximately four pounds. It, therefore, has a broad face target that reduces the chances of missing a dart.

The sturdy nylon used to make this dartboard’s target is long-lasting. Six darts are available in the starter pack that enables you to start playing as soon as you buy the dartboard. The dartboard can hold up to eight players making the games more enjoyable. With each dartboard comes a plethora of add-on accessories, which include premium mounting hardware. The availability of such hardware makes the Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard easy to set up in homes or bars.

What We Like
  • Free starter darts
  • Free mounting hardware
  • Illuminated segments
  • Large face target
Our Verdict

The package of the Viper Ion electronic dartboard includes all the tools you need to mount it. You also get free starter darts enabling you to start using the dartboard immediately. It is also an attractive addition to your space since it has illuminated segments making it eye-catching.

8. Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboards

Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboards

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Franklin Sports electronic dartboard has a scoreboard and an electronic display that updates the scores of players automatically. It also has safe, soft-tip darts that rarely harm players and large-faced target that is suitable for a beginner. The face target increases your chances of scoring as you hone your skills. Franklin Sports has a vast collection of exciting games (28) with more than 100 variations. As such, an original model can satisfy the needs of most people.

Franklin Sports ease of installation will save you time and energy that you need to set it up and start using it. You get all the hardware that you need to install the dartboard and built-in storage for your darts and other playing accessories well-secured when not in use. The box contains six darts with replacement tips, so you can have fun as soon as you get the dartboard home. Moreover, due to its versatility and lightweight design, you can carry it to use it anywhere.

What We Like
  • 28 different games
  • More than 100 variations
  • Easy installation
  • Free starter darts and tips
Our Verdict

Upon buying the Franklin Sports electronic dartboard, you can use it immediately. It has all the hardware that you need to set it up in its package. It also has six starter darts and pins.

7. Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard

Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard

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The Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard construction is durable, making it usable for a long time without wear. A large catch ring ensures cover protection for your wall that may result from stray darts. It also keeps the darts safe from damage resulting from missed shots. Ultra-thin spider board accords a larger surface area for the darts and reduces bounce outs chances. On both sides of this dartboard lies dart holsters that provide safe storage for the darts. The LCD scoring display is large and bright enough, making it visible from the throw line. A comprehensive gaming list further grants you an opportunity to battle between teams and the computer.

The mounting hardware is durable and provides a safe gaming experience by keeping the dartboard secured to the wall. Powering the Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard is easy. It has an accessible electric supply port on the back that you can use for as long as you like. Moreover, while on the road, you can power it using two AA batteries without a dip in performance.

What We Like
  • Quick key shortcuts
  • Variety game options
  • Extra-wide LCD
  • Built-in dart storage
Our Verdict

The Viper 797 Electronic Dartboard ensures that you enjoy your game and worry less about recording your scores manually.

6. Arachnid Bullshooter Lightweight Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Bullshooter Lightweight Electronic Dartboard

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Arachnid Bullshooter’s electronic dartboard features 21 games and has 65 variations. LCDs all your scores saving you from having to calculate and record them manually. It also features a display for cricket games. This dartboard accommodates up to 8 players who make the competition stiffer and more enjoyable.

The dartboard is also lightweight as it weighs 2.2 pounds, making it easy to carry it around. It has a large target (18.5×17.5×2 inches) and a portable design that uses three AAA batteries to. Each package of the Arachnid Bullshooter dartboard contains three black and three red darts. You also get extra tips for replacing your tips when they break. This dartboard is also very easy to use even for new users, thanks to the user instructions that you find for free on the internet.

What We Like
  • Free instructional manual
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Free darts and tips
  • Large target face
Our Verdict

Arachnid Bullshooter’s electronic dartboard is easy to use and has an easy-to-follow instructional manual. You can also carry it wherever you need to use it thanks to its lightweight nature.

5. Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard

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The Fat Cat Electronic Dartboard has an in-built cabinet that has durable thermoplastic segments, which enables you long-time gaming. A large catch ring provides a landing zone for the darts in 360° and prevents your wall from damage by stray darts. An ultra-thin board reduces the number of dart bounce outs. A large LCD shows the scores per team/player and saves you from the hassles of recording the scores manually.

You can also play up to 38 games with eight players, which makes using the board more fun. The target face is durable and can withstand high impacts from the darts. You get free darts once you buy the dartboard that enables you to start using it immediately after buying it. A built-in cabinet also provides you a place for storing your darts safely and securely.

What We Like
  • Large and bright display
  • Variety of games
  • Free darts included
  • Sturdy built-in cabinet
Our Verdict

The Fat Cat Electronic Dartboard features may fun games. It, therefore, guarantees you fun and great nights of playing the dart with friends and relatives.

4. WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

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The WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board helps to cut off boredom from playing the same games all through. It features up to 21 fun games that have 65 variations. LCD ensures a transparent score display without eye strain. You do not, therefore, need to worry about manual scorekeeping as you play. With this board, you can choose to play against a friend, a team, or computer.

You can also play for fun or engage in a competition on the dartboard. These games help you to build on your teamwork skills and give you a place to spend your free time. Wide catch ring helps to protect your walls from damages that result from missed darts. The automatic voice announcer further makes the game livelier and fun by promulgating the scores.

What We Like
  • Automatic voice announcer
  • Wide catch ring
  • Bright LCD
  • Multiple fun games
Our Verdict

WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board features various games from which you can choose. It also has a voice announcer that broadcasts your scores and an LCD that displays the results.

3. Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat 727 Electronic Dartboard

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Fat Cat 727 Electronic dartboard runs on three AA batteries. You need to buy these batteries separately as they are not in the package. Its target face is 13 inches, thus large enough to catch most of your darts. If you miss any dart, the missed-dart ring catches it, which saves you from losing it. This dartboard further features eighteen games from which you can choose.

The six soft-tip darts in this package are not only flexible but also much safer to use while playing at home. You can use them in around pets and children safely. You get 24 extra tips with each dartboard, which are easy to install when the original tips break. A user manual is also available online, which provides you with guidance on how to use the dartboard.

What We Like
  • Large target face
  • Eighteen games available
  • Six free soft-tip darts
  • Twenty-four extra tips
Our Verdict

The Fat Cat 727 electronic dartboard has a large target face that is suitable for beginners. It has a dirt ring that minimizes damage and soft-tip darts that are safe to use indoors.

2. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

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The Arachnid Electronic Dartboard has micro-thin segments that prevent darts bouncing. It also has a Jumbo score display that shows the scores of the current player and up to eight other players in the game. The large screen allows you to scroll down the games, enabling you to select the game you want quickly. Responsive sensors on the board provide high accuracy throughout the gaming period and detect when a dart bounces out. At the end of each player’s round, the average point per dart offers an ideal game evaluation. It also has a three-level heckler feature that applauds impressive scores and boos poor ones, making the game enjoyable. The heckler feature is, however, optional, and you can switch it off.

The thin dividers of the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 ensure a high scoring potential for you and other players. The system also minimizes the bounce rate of darts and thus enhances safety. Tough nylon segments boost the longevity of this dartboard and are quiet, which people like.

What We Like
  • Sturdy mounting hardware
  • Thin segment dividers
  • 3-level heckler feature
  • Large scrolling display
Our Verdict

The Arachnid Electronic Dartboard provides has a thin target face that reduces the chances of darts bouncing off. It accommodates up to eight players simultaneously.

1. Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard

Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard

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The Bullshooter Cricket Maxx Electronic Dartboard has wooden cabinet doors that provide a secure place for dart storage. It has a target area of 13.5-inches and features 34 games for a more extensive choice. It also has 183 level variations that make playing more enjoyable. There are solo plays, team games, as well as computer challenges that keep the game competitive and fun.

The scores from each team also show on the LCD, and the scoreboard lights up after every score. The dartboard’s versatility makes it ideal to use with both Steel and soft tip darts without damage. Inbuilt dart holders store all darts that are not in use, ensuring minimal misplacement of darts. With the instruction manual, it is easy to use the dartboard. It is also more fun upon learning all the specifications and functions.

What We Like
  • Inbuilt dart holders
  • A large bright LCD
  • Game varieties
  • Optional heckler
Our Verdict

The Bullshooter Cricket Maxx Electronic Dartboard gives you a variety of games from which to choose. You can have solo gaming that is also interactive with the heckler feature.