10 Best Electric Shavers of 2023

Electric Shaver

The best electric shavers deliver a close and clean shave without irritating the skin. They work well on all areas of the body and are easier to use than straight razors. Therefore, if you are tired of nicking your skin and the razor bumps you develop after shaving, order yours today. These battery-powered accessories are portable and therefore ideal for grooming on the road. They also come in exciting designs for men and women.

List of the Best Electric Shavers of 2023

10. Fari Electric Shaver

Fari Electric Shaver

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You will achieve a clean and deep shaving when you use the Fari electric shaver. Three floating heads adjust automatically in all directions and adapt to your curves and contours. The shaver does not pull your hair, nor does it cause skin damage. Dual-track spherical cutter enables the shaver to cover all the parts that you need to shave. Self-sharpening blade gets rid of the need to sharpen your blades frequently, thus saving you time and energy.

A water-resistant body further makes it possible for you to wash the shaver in water without damaging it. It also allows you to use the shaver on any hair type, whether it is wet or dry. A long-range battery lets you use this shaver without connecting it to power for 45 minutes with a full charge. You only need to plug the battery into power for 8 hours to get it to charge fully.

What We Like
  • Three floating heads
  • Dual-track shaver
  • Self-sharpening blade
  • Water-resistant body
Our Verdict

The Fari shaver gives you a clean shave with no residues thanks to its dual-track shaver and three floating heads.

9. Kurener Electric Shaver

Kurener Electric Shaver

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The Kurener electric shaver gives you a smooth shave as it fits perfectly on your neck and face’s curve. It thus reduces pressure and the amount of irritation that you experience during and after shaving. You can clean the shaver’s whole body with water thanks to its water-resistance. It measures 8.3×3.5×6.3 inches with a 14.4-ounce weight. Its small size and lightweight makes it convenient to carry around to perform your shaving exercise wherever you want.

A three-dimensional head further enables the shaver to clip your hair fast. Its dual-loop knives increase the shaving area by 50{c4fea3e88328c83002bb5d821176890392b98b9cf2cf1124852b6b048349d6eb}, making the exercise quicker, consequently saving you time. You can use this shaver to perform a wet or dry shave thanks to its dry electric feature with an aquatic technology. It is also easy to replace the accessories of the shaver by pulling the head out upward. The Kurener electric shaver is also ideal for trimming your sideburns. It, therefore, saves you the hassles of finding different shavers for your head and beards.

What We Like
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Three-dimensional cutter head
  • Waterproof body
  • Ideal for sideburn trimming
Our Verdict

Upon purchasing the Kurener electric shaver, you do not need to buy a different shaver for your sideburns. You can also clean the shaver with water after use to keep it in a mint condition.

8. Braun Old Spice Electric Shaver

Braun Old Spice Electric Shaver

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Braun electric shaver measures 2.2×6.1×8.7 inches and weighs 5.8 ounces. The shaver is thus not bulky, which makes it easy to carry around. It is also rechargeable, where it runs for up to 30 minutes after acquiring a full charge. You can use the shaver without its cord, making it more flexible and increasing the area it covers. It also allows you to use it even in settings with no electricity. A thin foil on this shaver enables it to shave areas on your head or chin that are hard to reach. You can also use it to trim and define your facial hair.

The beard guard of the shaver has four available settings (1.2-6 mm) for trimming different types of hair. You can also use it to trim your eyebrows, which makes it ideal for use by men and women. Its stainless-steel blades are rust proof, sturdy, and long-lasting. The blades are also hypoallergenic. To prevent electric shock, you should not manipulate or exchange its parts.

What We Like
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Narrow foil
  • Adjustable guard
  • Stainless-steel blades
Our Verdict

The Braun electric shaver is multifunctional, and you can use it to trim the hair on your head, beards, and eyebrows. You can also use this shaver for home use or for use at your beauty parlor.

7. HATTEKER Electric Shaver

HATTEKER Electric Shaver

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The HATTEKER shaver has a 4-direction floating head enabling it to cover all the contours of your head. A 3-dimensional rotary head allows it to clip your hair fast and give you a smooth shave. You can immerse the shaver into the water to clean it since it is waterproof and will not rust. It is possible to perform a dry shave using this shaver. You can also use the shaver to wet-shave your hair using gel or foam to accord your skin extra protection.

You can further use the shaver for one hour with no power connection after fully charging it. To acquire full charge, you only need to charge this electric shaver for 90 minutes. An LCD screen displays the amount of remaining charge in percentage. Knowing how much charge you have remaining saves you from the inconveniences of the shaver running out of charge unexpectedly. The shaver is also cheap and thus affordable without having to part with too much money. In this shaver’s package, you find one shaver, a cleaning brush, and a USB cord for charging the shaver. You also find one carrier bag for storing and carrying the shaver around. An instructional manual that contains all the information you need to operate the shaver is also available in the package.

What We Like
  • Free storage bag
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Dry and wet shaving
  • Easy to clean
Our Verdict

Upon buying the HATTEKER shaver, you get all the accessories you need to operate it efficiently. You also get a user’s manual to guide you on how to operate the shaver well.

6. MAX-T Electric Shaver

MAX-T Electric Shaver

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The MAX-T electric shaver gives a painless shaving thanks to its sharp and well-designed blades. It produces low noise while shaving, saving you from having to deal with too much noise close to your ears. A high-speed motor further gives you a smooth and beautiful 3D rotary shaving. Stainless-steel blades serve you for a long time, given that they are rust and corrosion-proof. These blades are also hypo-allergenic and are therefore unlikely to induce allergies.

You further require only a little time to achieve a close shave since the shaver has a double-blade trimmer. Fully charged, its lithium battery allows powers it well for many minutes. This battery has a quick-charging system that charges it in one hour. You can also use its while it is still charging to save time without damaging the battery and or the shaver over time. A battery countdown with an LCD further lets you tell the amount of charge you have remaining. The safety lock on this shaver prevents it from starting unexpectedly and injuring its users.

What We Like
  • Usable while charging
  • Safety lock feature
  • Bright LCD display
  • Quick-charging battery
Our Verdict

With the MAX-T electric shaver, you do not have to wait until the battery acquires full charge to use it. You can use its battery is still charging, which saves you time.

5. MOOSOO M Electric Shaver

MOOSOO M Electric Shaver

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The MOOSOO electric shaver has an ultra-sharp precision and flat 30-degree blades. Its blade cover minimizes wear and tear. A 2-in-1 trimmer allows you to use the shaver for wet and dry shaves. This shaver never misses any of your contours thanks to its flexible pivoting shaver head. Its powerful motor that runs 14,000 times in a minute enables you to achieve precise shaving. The shaver measures 6.1×2.4×1.5 inches and is therefore small enough to allow you to carry it from place to place. The lightweight nature of the shaver also makes it easily portable.

An LED display feature also helps you track the amount of charge you have remaining. The safety lock feature prevents the shaver from turning itself on while you do not intend for it to. It is also easy to keep the shaver clean by washing it in water since it is waterproof and will not suffer water damage. The package has a shaving head, a carrier bag, and a lubricant as well.

What We Like
  • LED Display feature
  • Easily washable
  • Durable blade cover
  • Flexible pivoting
Our Verdict

The MOOSOO electric shaver has a sturdy and durable blade cover. It protects your blades from corrosive agents, keeping them safe and durable.

4. SweetLF 3D Electric Shaver

SweetLF 3D Electric Shaver

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The SweetLF 3D electric shaver has a rechargeable battery that takes only one hour to acquire full charge. With a full charge, it serves you for 120 minutes, making it ideal for use in settings with no electric connection. 5-level battery gauge shows you how much charge you have remaining. Its 4-dimensional floating heads can shave the face and head without irritation, while its 3D rotary shaver conforms to the contours of the head and neck to deliver a close and clean shave. This shaver is skin-friendly and can shave your head, sideburns, and trim your moustaches. It also features a tab that is easy-to-open that is effective in cutting facial hair.

You can do wet and dry shaving using the shaver thanks to its waterproof nature. Its water resistance also makes it possible to clean the shaver in water without damaging it. Its high-speed motor also enables the shaver to work fast, thus saving you time. This motor is also quiet and does not, therefore, cause too much noise while at work.

What We Like
  • High-power motor
  • 3D rotary shaver
  • Easy to clean
  • Floating heads (4D)
Our Verdict

Consider buying SweetLF if you need a fast and quiet 3D shaver. This shaver is also waterproof and thus performs wet shaving efficiently. Cleaning it in water does not also damage it.

3. Remington F5-5800 Electric Shaver

Remington F5-5800 Electric Shaver

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The Remington F5-5800 Electric Shaver features an intercept shaving technique that helps in pre-trimming longer hairs. You also get one hour of cordless shaving thanks to its high-range battery. You only need a maximum of two hours to charge it fully. The shaver further features foil technology that enables it to keep close to the skin, giving you a cleaner shave. You do not need to worry about keeping this shaver clean since it is waterproof and washable in water.

The multifunctional nature of the shaver further allows you to shave head and facial hair. This shaver measures 3.4x5x9.1 inches, a size that is easy to carry around. It also weighs 1 pound, a weight that is light and conveniently portable.

What We Like
  • Intercept shaving technique
  • Cordless use
  • Foil technology
  • Small and lightweight
Our Verdict

You can carry the Remington F5-5800 Electric Shaver to wherever you need to use it. All you need is to charge its battery to allow you cordless use.

2. Philips Norelco 2100 Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco 2100 Electric Shaver

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The Philips electric shaver has a rechargeable battery that you can charge and later use it without an electric connection. This lithium-ion battery is also durable and does not require frequent replacement. The low cost of buying this device makes it affordable for most people. A unique shaving style prevents the shaver’s blades from hurting your skin. Self-sharpening blades keep the shaver in good working condition for a long time without having to replace its blades. These blades also give you a smooth shave every time you use the shaver. Its 4-dimensional flex heads adjust the curves on your head, face, and neck’s curves by moving automatically in all directions.

You will shave fast with this product thanks to its powerful motor. A protection cap keep dust out while an LED display also shows you the remaining battery charge. To clean the Philips Norelco 2100 electric shaver, you only need to open the heads and flush it with water.

What We Like
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 4-dimensional flex heads
  • LED battery charge display
  • Easy to clean
Our Verdict

Once you buy the Philips electric shaver, you use it for a long time without the need to replace them frequently. Its battery is also long-range and durable.

1. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver

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With the Panasonic electric shaver, you can perform both wet and dry shaving, depending on what you prefer. It also features a pop-up trimmer that perfectly trims your facial hair. Three nanotech blades and a thin foil follow your facial curves giving you a quick and close shave.

The high powered motor of the Panasonic electric shaver cuts at 13,000 revolutions per minute. This motor maintains power from the beginning to the end, while its on-board LCD indicator shows your battery status. Thus, you will know when the shaver is ready to use easily. Cleaning this electric shaver is quick thanks to its sonic vibration that removes all hair and dirt easily.

What We Like
  • High-power motor
  • LCD indicator
  • Sonic cleaning
  • Wet and dry shaving
Our Verdict

Cleaning the Panasonic electric shaver is easy since it features a sonic vibration feature. This feature easily removes all dirt and hair from the shaver. You also get to tell your battery status by reading the LCD battery indicator.