Best Electric Blankets of 2023

Electric Blankets

Electric blankets generate a warm and non-irritant heat that soothes people to sleep. The microfiber used to make most models also has a plush structure that boosts comfort further while sleeping. Thus, if you have rough winters or have a hard time staying warm while reading books, this is one of the best remedies. They come in several colors and sizes with our top ten picks ranked the best.

List of the Best Electric Blankets of 2023

1. Perfect Electric Blanket

Perfect Electric Blanket

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Perfect electric blanket has a soft plush fabric that keeps you warm and comfortable. Unique preheat feature warms your bed before snuggling in for the night. The blanket is lightweight and has a micro-fleece inner surface that is soft and comfortable on your body. This blanket also has thin, flexible wires, enabling them to lay flat with the blanket.

These thin wires distribute warmth evenly through the blanket; thus, leaving no hot or cold spots.

Perfect electric blanket further uses little electrical energy while keeping you warm; thus, saving on energy. It is also available in different colors that you can choose a color that matches your home décor. A wide variety of available colors allows you to choose one that best suits your preferences. This blanket has a low voltage warming technology that poses no risk of electrocution.

What We Like
  • Even heat distribution
  • Low voltage technology
  • Wide range of colors
  • Wide variety
Our Verdict

The perfect electric blanket offers even distribution of heat that keeps you warm throughout the night. A wide range of colors enables you to choose one that suits you. Its low voltage technology not only saves you energy but also keeps you safe from electrocution.

The best-weighted blankets in 2023 are equally comfortable even though they lack heat.

2. Degrees of Comfort Electric Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Electric Blanket

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The Degrees of comfort electric blanket emits no EMF radiation, thus protecting your skin from burns. It has 20 different heating levels that enable you to choose the right temperature conveniently. The positioning of its cords is ideal, as they do not poke you while you sleep. The power cord is 12.5 feet to enable you to reach your power socket conveniently. This blanket also has a 6-feet control cord making it easy for you to reach and tuck it away.

Degrees of comfort electric blanket also features a preheat function that warms your blanket 30 minutes before use. The LCD screen is easily visible, enabling you to read and set temperature levels you desire. It also features an auto-shutoff feature that automatically switches power off when the blanket attains the set temperatures, preventing overheating.

This feature consequently enables you to save energy, thus saving on your power bills.

What We Like
  • Easy to wash
  • LCD screen
  • Auto shut off feature
  • 20 different heating levels
Our Verdict

The Degrees of comfort electric blanket is easy to wash without damaging its fabric, thus maintaining high-level hygiene. The 20 different heating levels with an easy-to-read LCD screen enable you to set the temperature you desire with ease.

3. Vremi Electric Blanket

Vremi Electric Blanket

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Vremi electric blanket makes a perfect companion that adds warmth to your chilly winter nights. It has a soft and thick fleece fabric that is comfortable and warm on your body. You get a large-size heating pad with micro-wires that distribute heat evenly from head to toe to boost comfort.

Its fast heating ability has a therapeutic feel that provides healing for achy parts and sore muscles. Six heat setting controller enables you to customize your preferred heat levels.

Vremi electric blanket further has a detachable 10 feet power cord that is easy to use with any power outlet anywhere in the room. You can easily set the power shut off time, thanks to its automatic shut off feature. This feature prevents overheating and saves on energy/power bills. The blanket is machine/hand washable and is therefore effortless to clean whenever it is dirty.

What We Like
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto shut off
  • LCD controller
  • Machine and hand washable
Our Verdict

Vremi electric blanket is soft and cosy with an LCD controller and auto-shutoff that enables you to set temperatures easily. It is also machine and hand-washable, thus maintaining good hygiene.

4. iTeknic Electric Blanket

iTeknic Electric Blanket

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iTeknic electric blanket offers maximum warmth, comfort, and soothes your body’s sore and tired muscles. The available switch off feature shuts off automatically after 240 minutes, thus preventing overheating and reduces power consumption. Ten personalized heat settings enable you to set the temperature that you prefer. This electric blanket is light in weight and does not weigh you down.

You can also hand-wash the iTeknic electric blanket easily or clean it using your washing machine. It withstands frequent washing without losing its effectiveness and retaining its softness and beauty. Once you connect it into a power outlet, it stays put, secure, and is not easy to pull out. It works effectively and warms up immediately when you turn it on.

What We Like
Hand and machine washable

  • Automatic switch-off
  • Ten personalized heat levels
  • Lightweight design
Our Verdict

iTeknic electric blanket will give you and your family a supremely comfortable and soft feel. It has a lightweight that does not weigh you down. It also offers therapeutic functions when feeling anxious and insecure.

5. Beautyrest Electric Blanket

Beautyrest Electric Blanket

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Beautyrest electric blanket uses a secure comfort technology that eliminates electromagnetic field emissions allowing you to sleep peacefully. Its ultra-soft microlight plush fabric ensures your comfort by reversing a soft Berber to add extra warmth and loft. You can adjust the temperature level according to your need, thanks to the 20 heat-level settings on the heat controllers. The blanket provides even heat distribution even on low settings to allow you to sleep peacefully.

The Beautyrest electric blanket has soft, flexible wires to ensure your comfort, giving you an undisrupted sleep. This product is available in seven different colors, blue, chocolate, grey, indigo, ivory, red, and tan to suit your preference.

A thick, soft, and cozy fabric provides extra comfort during sleep and weighs 10.33 pounds. This king size blanket measures 100x90x0.25 inches, enabling you to tuck it under the mattress easily.

What We Like
  • Thick Soft and cozy fabric
  • Variety of colors
  • 20 heat-level setting
  • Machine washable
Our Verdict

Beautyrest electric blanket has an auto-shutoff feature after 10 hours thanks to its heat controller function. The fabric of Beautyrest is sturdy and has a low maintenance machine washable structure.

6. Maxkare Electric Blanket

Maxkare Electric Blanket

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Maxkare electric blanket has an elastic, breathable select polar fleece to facilitate heat penetration and preservation. Indulging in the warmth of this blanket refreshes you throughout your sleep. This product is skin-friendly and heats up quickly with four levels to customize personal comfort.

The overheat protection further keeps you safe, enabling you to safely and comfortably snuggle on your couch or bed. The auto shut-off timing feature of this product automatically switches off upon reaching optimal temperature, thus saving you energy.

Maxkare electric blanket is also machine washable and hydrophobic hence easy to care and dry for prolonged service life. This product has neat reinforcement stitches around the sewing connection area, making it extremely durable, thus giving value for your money.

The elegant gray color of this blanket adds to the overall look of your home décor. It measures 15.7×10.2×6.3 inches, which makes it appropriate for use by two or more people.

What We Like
  • Four levels setting
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Soft and breathable
Our Verdict

The 4.5-meter power cord of the MaxKare electric blanket allows flexible use as it covers a wide area. You can use it while in your bed and couch while watching Television with family. The warmth that the blanket produces makes it ideal for outdoor and indoor use, even on chilly weather.

You can use one of the best fabric shavers to clear pilling without ruining this electric blanket.

7. Utopia Electric Blanket

Utopia Electric Blanket

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Utopia electric blanket has four adjustable heat modes that allow you to have a personalized temperature setting. You can comfortably adjust the heat to an optimal level throughout the night for a comfortable sleep. This product has a soft micro-fleece that provides you with a cozy and comfortable night’s sleep, especially during cold weather. The dual control feature distributes the temperature in two separate portions, allowing you to obtain your desired heat level.

Utopia electric blanket is also machine washable and dryer-safe its quality fabric does not shrink nor stretches. The lightweight of the micro-fleece blanket allows you to enjoy your sleep without adding extra baggage to your bed. You can comfortably use this blanket on your bed or couch.

The blanket’s polyester foam base allows for insulation without causing any additional weight. You can use this product for a long time, as it does not peel upon washing.

What We Like
  • Machine washable
  • 4-heat setting
  • Soft micro-fleece
  • Light in weight
Our Verdict

Utopia electric blanket uses low voltage energy and automatically shuts off after 10 hours of continuous working. Its light and soft micro-fleece makes the blanket comfortable on your body.

8. Shavel Home Products Electric Blanket

Shavel Home Products Electric Blanket

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Shavel Home Products Electric blanket is available in a variety of colors that you can choose from depending on your decor. The blanket has a high- quality construction of 100{c4fea3e88328c83002bb5d821176890392b98b9cf2cf1124852b6b048349d6eb} polyester materials that makes it luxurious and soft. It has seven layers of quilted micro flannel comfort. These layers keep you from feeling the cables in the blanket, giving a comfortable undisrupted sleep. This blanket is machine washable, saving you time and energy as well as making it easy to maintain a hygienic environment. It does not fade, shrink, or peel thus maintains its luxurious look for long.

Shavel Home Products Electric blanket further features an updated controller with automatic backlight that shuts off after 40 seconds. It features a 10-hour auto shut-off feature, which offers you an undisrupted sleep, by eliminating the need for manual switch off. The blanket heats up quickly, thus saving you time that you would need to wait for it to heat up. A 17-foot cord improves is reach, while its ten secure heat settings help you to set the temperature that suits you. The thin wires in the blanket are lightweight and do not, therefore, add too much weight on the blanket.

What We Like
  • Variety of colors
  • Elegance and sophistication
  • Warm and comfort
  • Programmable timer
Our Verdict

Shavel Home Products Electric blanket will keep you warm and comfortable all night long. The variety of colors and sophisticated fabric add elegance to your room.

9. Pure Warmth Electric Blanket

Pure Warmth Electric Blanket

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Pure warmth electric blanket is available in a variety of colors to suit your décor. It is easy to keep clean, as it is washable by machine and dryer safe, thus saving on time and energy. However, you should remember to disconnect and remove the controllers before washing. The heated blanket is very therapeutic as it provides consistent, deep warmth. Heat is a great pain reliever, and this blanket offers a warming, therapeutic healing for those achy, sore muscles.

The two controllers help you control the temperature on either side of the blanket.

Pure Warmth electric blanket has ten heat settings allowing you to control the heat according to your needs. The blanket has ultra-thin wires making it light and comfortable. You can sleep sound and comfortable without worrying about your safety, thanks to the 10hrs timer. You will save your energy costs as you can turn down your house thermostat and remain warm all night.

What We Like
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Auto-shutoff controller
  • Variety of colors
  • Therapeutic therapy
Our Verdict

Pure Warmth electric blanket provides therapeutic warmth for those who have arthritis and muscle aches. It is also machine washable, therefore, easy to keep clean, thus saving you time and energy.

For faster pain relief on a small area of the body, order one of the best heating pads as well.

10. Serta Heated Electric Blanket

Serta Heated Electric Blanket

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Serta Electric blanket comes in two sizes – queen size and king size. The colors allow you to choose the size that suits you best. The blanket has a soft and silky 100{c4fea3e88328c83002bb5d821176890392b98b9cf2cf1124852b6b048349d6eb} plush polyester fabric that is soft and fluffy. You do not have to heat the blanket every time you need to use it since it also warms naturally. The material is washable using a machine, and it does not change the texture or fade. Remember to unplug the controllers before washing to avoid electrocution.

The cords are long enough to cover a wide diameter and stay out of your way.

Serta electric blanket also has fine wires, which make the blanket less bulky. The controller has easy to use features that make it ideal for use by anybody. The 10-hour timer enables you to set the blanket’s heat-up time from 30 minutes to 10 hours.

The blanket has an automatic shut-off feature after the timer goes off, thus preventing overheating.

What We Like
  • Soft and silky fabric
  • 10-hours heat settings
  • Fast heating
  • Lightweight design
Our Verdict

You can experience warmth every night with the Serta electric blanket that has a soft micro-fleece inner surface. Adjustable heat features enable you to set the heat levels that you desire.