Best Cigarette Rolling Machines of 2023

Cigarette Rolling Machines

Do you spend a lot of money on store-bought cigarettes every day? If you can get quality tobacco and one of the rolling machines on our list, expect good results. These handheld devices have portable, high-performance designs that make slim, king-size, and 100 mm cigarettes in seconds. They are food-grade and require little effort to set up, as most of them have detailed instructions.

List of the Best Cigarette Rolling Machines of 2023

1. New Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

New Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

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Top O Matic cigarette rolling machine will ease your work while making cigarettes or joints at home. It enables you to make fast and efficient cigarettes. Moreover, you do not have to worry about torn tubes or jammed gears, as it has a reliable hand-cranked system that uses most cigarette papers and tobacco. New Top-O-Matic has an adjustable switch that allows you to prepare different-sized cigarettes. You can make 100mm, king size, and regular filtered tubes for your cigarettes, for instance, in seconds. It has a shorter spoon for filling cigarettes and is simple to use as it requires little effort to fill your cigarette’s paper. The stainless steel chamber is durable. Thus, whether you smoke daily or occasionally, expect years of good service. New Top-O-Matic weighs 3.35 pounds, is less cumbersome, and is thus easy to travel with.

What We Like
  • Rolls all cigarette sizes
  • Lightweight (3.35 pounds)
  • Rolls cigarettes in seconds
  • Stainless steel chamber
Our Verdict

If you are looking for a durable cigarette roller that is easy to use, the New Top-O-Matic model is one of the best. With one, you can prepare large and small batches of cigarettes in seconds while exerting little effort. It is portable as well.

2. Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

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The Powermatic Cigarette Rolling Machine is one of the most reliable and consistent models with powerful motors and improved gear systems. Thus, with one, you can roll quality cigarettes, fast, and efficiently anywhere and at any time. It has a green and red light indicator, which shows when it is on and jammed. The spoon injection method allows you to make cigarettes that burn evenly without surprises. Finally, its versatile design makes standard size, king size, and 100 mm tubes, while its large tobacco hopper enables you to make cigarettes continuously. The Powermatic 2 PLUS comes with a plethora of helpful tools for cleaning and maintenance and a DVD containing usage instructions. It has a compact design that does not clutter space and is effortless to carry with you while hiking or camping. It is easy to store as well.

What We Like
  • Compact and portable design
  • Cigarettes of different sizes
  • Detailed instruction guide
  • Non-stick gear system
  • Powerful electric motors
Our Verdict

The Powermatic 2 PLUS is a dependable cigarette maker with a non-stick gear system and a powerful motor that delivers. Rolling cigarettes is a breeze as it comes with instructions. You will like its ease of use and dependability as well.

3. RAW 79MM 1 1/4 Hemp Cigarette Rolling Machine


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The RAW cigarette rolling machine is probably the easiest model to use during parties or when you need to roll quick joints for friends. It rolls cigarettes in seconds into a firm mass without tearing paper tubes. These can be one-and-a-quarter in size and from all species of tobacco. The roller is hemp plastic, which is durable and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the material not only lasts for long but also comes pre-fitted with an extra apron that you can replace fast when the first one wears out. RAW 79MM 1 1/4 is compact and therefore perfect for travelling. It takes up little storage space and comes at an affordable price in most reputable brick and mortar shops and online stores.

What We Like
  • Durable hemp plastic
  • Make cigarettes of all sizes
  • Space-saving design
  • Environment-friendly
Our Verdict

The premium hemp plastic used to make a new RAW 79MM 1 ¼ is one of its standout features. The material is durable, Eco-friendly, and rolls without jamming or affecting the flavor of cigarettes. It is portable and easy to use.

4. Premier Excel Cigarette Rolling Machine

Premier Excel Cigarette Rolling Machine

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The Premier Excels Cigarette Rolling Machine makes cigarettes fast with little effort from users. To roll cigarettes, all you have to do is fill the chambers with your favorite blend of tobacco and crank the handle to roll them into a joint. It has solid parts that last for long and a versatile tobacco injector that makes king size and 100mm cigarettes in seconds. Premier Excel has five free tubes for rolling cigarettes and a free lighter as part of its package, which comes in handy whenever you want to smoke. It has a smooth crank handle that injects cigarettes without spilling and a compact in size that is perfect for travelling. Also, you are getting a cost-effective product with a one-year limited warranty.

What We Like
  • Adjustable cigarette size
  • Smooth crank handle
  • Versatile tobacco injector
  • Spill-free system
Our Verdict

This Cigarette Rolling Machine rolls quality cigarettes fast without spilling tobacco. It also has an efficient hand-cranked design with a versatile tobacco injector that makes 100 mm and king-size cigarettes. It is perfect for smokers.

5. Icfun Hand Operated Cigarette Roller Maker Injector Machine

Icfun Hand Operated Cigarette Roller Maker Injector Machine

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Icfun Rolling Machine is a 100{c4fea3e88328c83002bb5d821176890392b98b9cf2cf1124852b6b048349d6eb} hand-operated device that makes cigarettes fast with little effort from users. It is user-friendly and eco-friendly, thus a worthy investment. It is also sturdy and fitted with a stainless steel handle that withstands day-to-day abuse well. The machine can make 10mm, king size, and regular tubes buy adjusting a size selector that comes built into its system. Position A is 100mm cigarette sizes, while B and C are for King Size and regular size cigarettes respectively. It also features a sturdy vertical handle and a wide platform measures 9.8 x 7.1x 3.9 inches for balance. The non-slip base is secure on countertops, while its 8mm diameter feed tube enables you to feed tobacco without spilling. Icfun is compact, portable, and relatively easy to store.

What We Like
  • Different sized cigarettes
  • Study hand-cranked design
  • Large receptacle (10 mm)
  • User/eco-friendly design
Our Verdict

Icfun is a dependable hand-operated cigarette maker that rolls quality cigarettes of different sizes. It is easy to use, portable and has quality parts.

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6. T2 Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

T2 Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

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The T2 Top-O-Matic cigarette rolling machine is a hand crank cigarette maker with a chrome coated design made of steel. It has a precision-engineered loading system that lasts for long. It is also fast, easy to load, and has a versatile design that makes cigarettes of two sizes – king-size and 100 mm size. The machine has a speed lock system that enables you to quickly convert the size of your cigarette from king size to 10mm. It has a stainless steel nozzle and a non-slip mat that prevents it from skidding while in use. Finally, the machine comes with five packs of free cigarette tubes and lighters that last for long.

What We Like
  • Free cigarette tubes
  • Adjustable cigarette size
  • Precision-engineered system
  • Non-slip bottom-mounted mat
Our Verdict

With T2 Top-O-Matic, you can make 100mm and king-size cigarettes fast at home and on the road. It is super-efficient, durable and has food-safe parts.

7. Zig-Zag Premium 70mm Rolling Machine

Zig-Zag Premium 70mm Rolling Machine

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Zig-Zag Premium Rolling Machine is a perfect roller for making cigarettes when you need them in the comfort of your home. It is simple to use, durable and has an extra sleeve that you set up quickly when the original one wears out. It is fast and convenient, as you can roll up to 25 cigarettes an hour. The sleeve is smooth rolling than traditional sheets and has a large surface area with a wipe to clean structure. This machine fits 70mm zig-zag paper and easy to use in four simple steps. You load the paper then tobacco and start rolling to get high-quality cigarettes consistently in less than one minute. The cigarettes produced with this machine burn evenly, unlike those made by hand. For the best results, ensure the paper is flat and spread tobacco evenly before rolling.

What We Like
  • Make 25 cigarettes per hour
  • Fits 70mm zig-zag paper
  • Low maintenance design
  • Fast and effortless to use
Our Verdict

Zig-Zag Premium is one of the most reliable 70mm cigarette rollers, as it can roll up to 25 cigarettes per hour. It fits comfortably in hand and has a low-maintenance design that you can use consistently for days without issues.

8. Gizeh Roll Box Cigarette Rolling Machine

Gizeh Roll Box Cigarette Rolling Machine

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Gizeh Roll box is an automatic cigarette-making machine that is easy and convenient to use. It enables you to make cigarettes in seconds, produces top quality cigarettes, and has a long-lasting stainless steel structure. The rolling box is suitable for rolling different-sized cigarettes. Moreover, you can use it to store made cigarettes or roll papers or filters. With an original one, you can roll two sizes of cigarettes by setting its belt bar to the positions ‘S’ for slim size cigarettes or ‘R’ for regular size cigarettes. The machine comes with instructions in four languages and has a lightweight 4.2 ounces design that is relatively easy to transport and store. Since it also has storage space, this rolling machine is convenient even for traveling smokers.

What We Like
  • Rolls different-sized cigarettes
  • Detailed usage instructions
  • Low maintenance design
  • Easy to transport/store
Our Verdict

With Gizeh Roll Box, you can roll quality cigarettes in minute in slim and regular sizes. Its operation is easy and it ships with instructions in four languages.

9. Gambler Red King Size Cigarette Machine

Gambler Red King Size Cigarette Machine

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Gambler Red Cigarette Machine is a lightweight and easy-to-use device for rolling cigarettes in a few seconds. Even though manual, its system is super-efficient. Its compact design fits snug in the hand while its side-mounted lever injects tobacco into the feed tube for to produce firm cigarettes. The tobacco chamber is where you stick out your cigarette. To make your cigarette, insert your cigarette tubes on the side port and then engage the lever – that is it! The machine has an opening on the top where you can put your hand to hold it firm as you engage the lever and inject your cigarette. Set up well, you should expect firm, king size cigarettes that easy to light and smoke. Gambler is compact (almost hand size) and thus easy to carry wherever you go if you need to. Its small size is easy to store, as it does not take much storage space.

What We Like
  • Compact/portable design
  • Side mounted lever
  • Sturdy king-size cigarettes
  • Fast-rolling technology
Our Verdict

If you like hand-rolled king-size cigarettes, the Gambler Red is a must have device. Even though it sucks at making 100mm cigarette, its king sized ones are firm and easy to smoke. The device is portable and last for many years.

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10. Mikromatic Cigarette Machine

Mikromatic Cigarette Machine

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Mikromatic Cigarette Machine is a manual and tabletop device that enables you to roll cigarettes in the comfort of your home. Investing in this machine will save you money in the long run than, as it cuts down the production costs of cigarettes. While in use, it delivers perfectly rolled king size cigarettes. It can roll most tobacco blends and has an efficient design with a swing lever on the top. It also has a non-irritant handle on the lever that protects the fingers and palms from bruising while rolling cigarettes for long. Mikromatic has a tobacco chamber where you place your tobacco and a plate slides to cover the chamber once you engage the lever to prevent spilling. The bottom is a non-slip rubber that secures it to most surfaces. You can remove the rubber and cleaning the roller whenever tobacco spills off the chamber on to the bottom of the machine.

What We Like
  • Perfect king-size cigarettes
  • Non-irritant handle
  • Non-slip bottom (rubberized)
  • Smooth swing lever
Our Verdict

Mikromatic delivers factory-grade king-sized cigarettes using most blends of tobacco. It is easy to set up, food-safe and is secure on most types of surfaces.