Best Beach Umbrellas of 2022

Beach Umbrellas

Wearing a hat and a pair of cool-looking shades is not enough to protect you from the sun and other harsh elements at the beach. To avoid sunburn, you need an SPF 50+ rated sunscreen and a beach umbrella that provides cooling shade for you to lie in outdoors. Here is a guide on how to choose the best sunscreen for your upcoming trip. However, if you require a durable, portable, and protective beach umbrella, read on.

List of the Best Beach Umbrellas of 2022

10. SueSport Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

SueSport Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

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The first thing that will enhance your interest in this SueSport Sand Anchor Beach support beach umbrella is its plethora of fun colors. The construction of the umbrella is also another attractive feature that assures you of durability and sturdiness. It has a heavy oxford material with a coating and a sturdy aluminum pole with eight fiberglass ribs that make it withstand all kinds of weather situations. The seven-foot canopy umbrella provides you with 95% UV protection.

For even better stability, the umbrella has a sand anchor that is effortless to set up. It weighs only 88 ounces and a carry-on case, making it lightweight and easy to transport. The large size of the umbrella allows several people to use it at the same time without any problems, and it comes with vents to allow the smooth flow of air to keep you fresh during the hot weather.

What We Like
  • Heavy oxford material
  • Portable carry-on case
  • UV protection (95%)
  • Lightweight (88 ounces)
  • Free sand anchor
Our Verdict

SueSport Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella is a heavy-duty beach umbrella with a protective oxford cover. It offers optimal UV protection (95%) and is lightweight (88 ounces) and portable.

9. Coleman Beach Shade Shelter

Coleman Beach Shade Shelter

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Coleman is one of a kind beach umbrella that comes with a tent design with sturdy and durable construction. The 2-in-1 beach tent umbrella protects you from the sun and rain equally. It also has a sealed floor that protects you from bugs, the hot sand, or getting wet during the rainy season. Finally, you get six sandbags that secure the umbrella to the ground during high winds.

The 50+UPF level of protection that this umbrella offers is good enough to protect you from the scorching sunlight at all times. The design of the umbrella does not limit its use for the beach only, and you can use it for your camping trips, fishing or picnics. Other attractive features are the storage pockets that you can use for your items and a dry line for your beach towel and other light clothing. For ease of portability, the 99-ounce umbrella comes with a carry-on case.

What We Like
  • Two in one beach tent
  • Lightweight (99 ounces)
  • Free carry-on case
  • Inbuilt storage pockets
  • Free sandbags (six)
Our Verdict

Weighing just 99 pounds, Coleman Beach Shade Shelter is a portable beach umbrella with novel attributes. Its built-in pockets, for instance, offer sufficient storage space for phones and digital cameras. You also get free sandbags for stability and a carry on case for storage and transport.

8. Sport Brella Versa Brella Beach Umbrella

Sport Brella Versa Brella Beach Umbrella

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For the person that loves to enjoy some time alone at the beach, The Sport Brella-Versa Brella Beach Umbrella is the best one to use for maximum protection against the sun and wind. The umbrella comes with a universal clamp that clips easily onto your beach chair. It also has a swiveling (360 degrees) 4-way design that you can adjust to give you protection from all angles.

It also comes in regular and extra-large sizes with a span of 40×42 inches and 44 by 44 inches, respectively. The umbrella also comes in a few beautiful color selections and a user manual for a more comfortable setting up. Though the umbrella lacks some of the features that many other beach umbrellas come with, it is a perfect choice, especially if you want to have q quiet day at the beach on a sunny day. It is easily portable and affordable.

What We Like
  • Swiveling top (360 degrees)
  • Beautiful color options
  • Protective 4-way design
  • Universal chair clamp
Our Verdict

The Sport Brella comes in regular and extra-large sizes for individuals and families. Each model has a free carrying case for transport and a swiveling top that offers users optimal UV protection.

7. EasyGo Rainbow Beach Umbrella

EasyGo Rainbow Beach Umbrella

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At 8 feet, the EasyGo beach umbrella is one of the largest in the market. Despite its large size, the umbrella weighs only 8.6 pounds making it conveniently lightweight. Its construction is sturdy, made from heavy-duty and thick nylon/plastic material, and rustproof aluminum pole. The umbrella also has fiberglass ribs that enhance its stability. It protects the whole family against sunlight and strong winds and has height adjustment options to suit different people.

A tilt mechanism gives you the opportunity of setting the umbrella at any angle you deem suitable for you. The vented top of the umbrella helps to prevent it from collapsing during windy days. For more stability, the umbrella has a heavy-duty screw with an easy to twist handle that keeps it firmly on the ground and easy to rotate. The easy to fold comes with a carrying bag that makes it convenient to transport and store.

What We Like
  • Stable in high winds
  • Lightweight (8.6 pounds)
  • Cool (vented top)
  • Height adjustable
Our Verdict

The EasyGo Rainbow is an 8.6-pound beach umbrella with a vented top that keeps its occupants cool. It is stable in high winds and has a height-adjustable design that fits most individuals.

6. Beach Brella Umbrella

Beach Brella Umbrella

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If you love style and vintage designs, you will fall in love with the beach umbrella. The umbrella has an eye-catching vintage design complete with beautiful fringes. Besides the elegant design, the umbrella provides 100% UV protection against the sun rays. The waterproof and fade-resistant umbrella has a durable construction making it the perfect choice for the beach.

The lightweight beach umbrella is easily portable and comes with a convenient denim carry-on bag with a shoulder strap that is easy to sling over the shoulder. A pocket provides you with a place for your keys, smartphone, or other small items. Furthermore, the Beach Brella is affordable and will get you noticed on the beach due to its eye-catching and fun design.

What We Like
  • Pocket for phones/keys
  • Lightweight umbrella
  • 100% UV protection
  • Fade and waterproof
Our Verdict

Beach Brella is a fade proof beach umbrella that offers 100% UV protection outdoors. It is portable (lightweights) and has on-board storage for small items such as keys and phones.

5. Tommy Bahama 7-Foot Sand Beach Umbrella

Tommy Bahama 7-Foot Sand Beach Umbrella

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When it comes to quality and style, few beach umbrellas can beat Tommy Bahama. This 7-foot model, for instance, has a durable and robust construction of thick material and an aluminum undercoating. The umbrella also provides you with UV protection against the harmful rays of the sun: a wind vent and a sand anchor help to add to the stability of the umbrella.

The sand anchor secures the umbrella firmly on the ground preventing it from collapsing even during the windiest days. It also comes with a convenient telescope-tilting pole with easy to rotate handles that give you the option of positioning the umbrella at any angle that shields you away from the sun. The beautiful design of the umbrella comes in different colors and ease of portability. It can fit several people at a go, and it has excellent value for its cost.

What We Like
  • Telescoping pole
  • Eye-catching outlook
  • Optimal UV protection
  • Long-lasting construction
Our Verdict

Tommy Bahama has an adjustable 10 foot design that fits most people. You can adjust it to fit short and tall individuals on the beach. It is also durable and protective against harsh UV rays.

4. Sunphio Large Windproof Beach Umbrella

Sunphio Large Windproof Beach Umbrella

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Sunphio is the best umbrella to carry with you if you choose to go for any trip irrespective of whether it is at the beach, camping picnic, or fishing. The umbrella is six feet high and has a modern 4-layer canopy design. It also comes with 100% UV protection that shields you from the sunlight at all times. Another feature that makes the umbrella stand out is a 360-degree tilting mechanism that makes it easier for you to angle the umbrella where you need it.

The constriction of the umbrella is durable and sturdy. It comes with two sand anchors that make it strong enough to stand firm against strong winds. For ease of portability, the umbrella, which weighs only 115 ounces, comes with a carry on case. Besides adjusting the angle of the umbrella, you can also change its height to suit your preferences. It is affordable and easy to set up.

What We Like
  • Tilt mechanism (360 degrees)
  • Lightweight (111 ounces)
  • Four-layer canopy (durable)
  • Free carry on case
Our Verdict

Sunphio is a windproof, 111-ounce beach umbrella with a long-lasting four canopy design. It tilts to improve coverage and has a free carry on case for transporting it to and from the beach.

3. Rio Brands Beach Umbrella

Rio Brands Beach Umbrella

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Rio Brands will not disappoint you when it comes to the quality and reliability of their beach umbrellas. The 6-foot beach umbrella comes with 50 + UPF, recommended by the skin cancer foundation for protection against UVA/UVB. A 360-degree telescopic tilting mechanism allows you to adjust the beach umbrella to any angle you deem suitable for your comfortability. The rugged 300 D polyester fabric and High-class powder-coated steel ribs and pole used to manufacture this beach umbrella enhance the stability, durability, and overall looks.

It also comes with wind vents and an integrated sand anchor that are other additions to its security, especially during the windy days. The affordable umbrella comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The 4-lb umbrella is easy to set-up and comes with a carry-on case that enhances its portability. It is large enough to accommodate several people at a go.

What We Like
  • Telescoping/tilting frame
  • UVA/UVB protection
  • Rugged polyester top
  • Powder-coated steel ribs
Our Verdict

The powder-coated ribs (steel) and rugged polyester top of the Rio Brands beach umbrella offer value for money. Its tilting frame is durable and the top large and protective.

2. MOVTOTOP Beach Umbrella

MOVTOTOP Beach Umbrella

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MOVTOTOP is a unique 6.5-foot beach umbrella that comes with novel features that make it a favorite of many people. One of the umbrella’s best features is the waterproof silver-coated polyester fabric material. The top of the umbrella has an air vent design that allows for the rise and dissipation of heat to provide you with more refreshing moments during the hot weather. The umbrella also provides enough protection from harsh UV rays preventing you from sunburn.

For sturdiness, the beach umbrella has an integrated sand anchor that holds it firmly onto the ground, especially during the windy weather. The anchor has a built-in handle that enables easy twisting of the umbrella and stability. All the parts of the umbrella are easy to detach for portability and storage. It comes with a carry-on bag, 100% lifetime benefits, enough space for the whole family, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

What We Like
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Decent size (6.5 feet)
  • Waterproof (silver coated)
  • Durable polyester fabric
Our Verdict

MOVTOTOP has a heavy-duty polyester top with a waterproof silver coat that keeps its users dry. It fits most people (6.5 feet) and has a money-back warranty that covers factory defects.

1. Dig-Git Beach Umbrella with Integrated Anchor

Dig-Git Beach Umbrella with Integrated Anchor

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Dig-Git is one of the best beach umbrellas in the market today. The sturdy and durable waterproof umbrella, with a Nano-coating design, comes with a convenient 360-degree tilting mechanism that allows it to move to whichever angle you deem suitable for you. The construction of the umbrella can withstand all kinds of weather seasons. This umbrella has three stand anchors and that adds to its stability and, therefore, performance on the beach.

The construction of the umbrella also includes stainless steel and fiberglass ribs that hold it in place against strong winds. The 6.5-foot canopy beach umbrella weighs 184 ounces and comes with a carry on case for ease of portability. Other features include a top window vent that provides you with breeze during the hot days and fade-resistant material that makes it look good irrespective of how long you use it. Despite the umbrella being more expensive than other models in the market, it comes with value for its price and an easy set-up.

What We Like
  • Portable storage case (carry-on)
  • Vented top window
  • Lightweight (185 ounces)
  • Tilting mechanism (360 degrees)
Our Verdict

The Dig-Git Beach umbrella has a wide tilting top that offers optimal coverage outdoors. It is durable as well and has a vented design that not keep users cool and protected from UV rays.