Best Baby Alive Dolls of 2022

Baby Alive Dolls

Find your baby’s better half from the best alive dolls.

Don’t we all remember having a baby doll back in the old days? But I’m sure most of us will agree with the fact that they weren’t so realistic back then. Well, then the authenticity of the dolls wasn’t so much of major concern but today if you feel like buying baby alive dolls – you are sure to stand more chances of finding the perfect one! Dolls are as much as popular they were ages ago, but with the plethora of options in the market right now, finding a great one can rather be a daunting task. That’s why we bring to you this “show me baby dolls” review so that the next time you want to gift your cute baby alive dolls, you will exactly know which ones to go for!

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10. Magical Scoops Baby

Magical Scoops Baby

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Don’t all of our kids love having ice cream? Why not bring them a baby alive doll that loves eating ice cream too? This is a near perfection authentic doll that comes in with ice cream cone, scoop, and sprinklers shaker becoming the classic baby doll that eats. Let your kid style her hair with the accompanying comb for their imaginary ice cream parlor getaway. Bring your boy, baby alive doll (Yeah, this one!) and he won’t ever get fussy about food during dinner time.

What We Like
  • All-inclusive baby alive doll with cone, scooper, sprinkles shaker, bib, comb, and dress
  • Push cone to reveal and retract ice cream scoop
  • Brush and style her rooted hair
  • Repeatable play
Our Verdict

Baby Alive turns real mommy and daddy moments into a magical world of play. Girls get to be like mommy and boys get to be like daddy, experiencing first-hand what it’s like to be a parent who is excited, delighted, and surprised by the many ways they can nurture and play. They’re more than adorable dolls! Using accessories based on each baby’s theme, kids can feed her a bottle, change her diaper when she wets, get her ready for activities, and more. With Baby Alive, kids can experience nurturing playing and loving every moment just the same way as mommy or daddy does!

9. The New Baby Alive Cupcake Birthday Baby

The New Baby Alive Cupcake Birthday Baby

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Want your kids to be more social? Well then get your kid one of the top dolls – This blonde beauty! Designed to represent a perfect birthday party guest – this newborn baby alive doll features a complete gift box with a teddy bear in it. So it’s a doll that comes with a mini-doll. Phenomenally dress in an adorable tiara makes this doll look like she’s all ready for a party! Your child can organize a birthday party with whomsoever they feel like giving a treat – And how is a birthday party complete without a cake? She comes with a handful of cake with two different topping options to tease that sweet tooth of yours.

What We Like
  • Features in baby doll clothes – Adorable party dress and a tiara
  • Prepare for a party using inclusive two invitations, gift box with a teddy, and the two toppings cupcake
Our Verdict

New Baby Alive dolls provide boys and girls with so many sweet and enjoyable moments. And now, Cupcake Birthday Baby makes celebrating those moments even more memorable! Your kid’s first social event could be a special pretend birthday with a cake that has a candle that they can play-pretend to blow out. She even has a gift! With a chic party outfit and tiara, she’s perfect for any occasion!

8. Potty Dance Baby

Potty Dance Baby

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Want your kids to embrace their voluble side? Well, Potty Dance baby is the baby alive toy that’ll exactly do that! She comes in with 50 funny phrases – both in daddy and mommy modes with language preferences of English and Spanish. When it is potty time, use the progress sticker chart to reward the baby for keeping her doll clean. It is a great way of educating your kids about hygiene especially when they are in the phase of being potty trained. This baby alive talking doll will do it for you!

What We Like
  • Features in with baby alive clothes – a great pair of sweat pants and a top, underwear, and bathroom essentials – toothpaste, brush, hand wash, soap, comb, toilet paper, and a toilet seat
  • The progress sticker chart is a great way of rewarding your kids on understanding the importance of staying clean
Our Verdict

Big Baby Alive doll sounds like a great medium of educating your kid’s about health and hygiene. Gift it to your granddaughter as a Christmas present and you’ll cherish the look on her face when she opens it. It’ll talk, dance, and go potty with her! Have more success with your kids potty training via this cute doll.

7. Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy

Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy

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“Show me baby alive dolls?” wished the kids to the fairy. The fairy answered the kid’s wishes by creating an Alive Fairy doll just like her! This magical fairy doll is bound to take your breath away. The stand out gullible feature is that she has magical face paint which is only revealed once in contact with ice water. She also comes in with baby alive doll bottles to drink from and then wets her diaper just like other kids. Wand, resplendent wings complete the overall look of this wonderful doll. The face paint will be a forever joyous thing to do for your kids whenever they want – today, tomorrow or years later.

What We Like
  • Play fairy with a removable dress, set of wings, wand, diaper and milk bottle
  • Drinks her bottle and wets her diaper
  • Reveal magical face paint with ice water
  • Wipe face with warm hands to make the paint disappear
Our Verdict

Imagine fun fairy tales with the Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy doll. Girls and boys can simulate painting her face to look like a fairy! After her face is painted, kids can complete their baby doll’s look with her detachable fairy wings. Dress-up and fantasy play make mommy and daddy moments with the Face Paint Fairy doll magical, too! Gift it to your friends who have just turned out to be mums or take it as a happy charm gift to a baby shower.

6. Ready for School Baby

Ready for School Baby

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This doll is ideal for kids that are about to start schooling. Getting dressed up, packing their notebooks are the things kids can get used to with this doll! Didn’t we all want to have different hairstyles every day of the school? This doll comes in with a comb so that every day is a new hairstyle day.

What We Like
  • A brush to style her silky and smooth hair
  • A fun themed dress with a pretend notebook for school
Our Verdict

If you have a kid who isn’t so excited to start schooling, get him this doll for the school excitement to kick in.

5. Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Girl Doll

Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Girl Doll

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Getting kids used to the idea of nutrition – eating and drinking can now be fun with this Spoonfuls Doll. Food for this doll is specially prepared from the powdered doll food in her hand crank blender and bowl, fed via spoon and the thirst is quenched with her water bottle. This will surely make kids eagerly wait for eating times every day!

What We Like
  • Inclusive of a removable outfit, blender with hand crank and bowl, 2 packets of powdered doll food, spoon, bottle, 2 diapers, and a comb
  • Poops and pees in her diaper
Our Verdict

Oh, goodness – baby’s hungry. It’s time to cook her favorite meal in a jiffy. Kids can choose a packet of the Sweet Spoonful doll’s favorite to pretend food and add the contents to the blender with water. Just spin the handle to mix her food into a yummy mummy-made meal. Great for kids beyond 3 years of age. Watch them play, cook, and eat with this doll.

4. Baby Go Bye Bye

Baby Go Bye Bye

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If you are on the lookout for an active doll for your active kid – This your go-to-doll! The baby will react to tickle, rattle just like a talking nearly alive doll. Drinks from her bottle, pees in her diaper and comes in with a standout baby stroller so that your kids can have their own doll-parenting experiences.

What We Like
  • Includes doll, outfit, carrier, bottle, diaper, rattle, and brush
  • Impressive speech with sounds and movements
  • Drinks from her bottle and wets diaper
  • Comes with on-the-go carrier
Our Verdict

Watch Baby Go Bye Bye as she crawls! The Baby Go Bye Bye doll is a baby who loves to talk and giggle, with different ways for girls to play. But why do they call her Baby Go Bye-Bye? Because she’s always on-the-go! Watch your kids take their baby dolls for a walk in the park with her own stroller. By-By!

3. African American Real As Can Be Baby Doll

African American Real As Can Be Baby Doll

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Embracing different cultures via dolls can be a great teaching moment for your kids. This little African Princess makes on-the-spot sounds dressed in her bib, blanket, pacifier, chic outfit, and disappearing milk bottle. The giggles are surely a fun way to be part of a conversation.

What We Like
  • Features 80+ lifelike expressions, movements, and real baby sounds
  • Features beautiful baby care accessories, including removable outfit, hat, bib, blanket, pacifier, and bottle with disappearing milk
Our Verdict

During playtime, kids can tickle Real as Can Be Baby and her wiggles and giggles. This baby loves chatting and will turn towards a child when they speak to her. Kids can even hold baby’s hand to her mouth to help her blow kisses. What a sweetheart! Gift it to your grand kids and you’ll have a good time giggling them play with this doll.

2. So Many Styles Baby

So Many Styles Baby

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Want your kids to be an expert in color coordination, mix and match? Well, this popular doll can be a great way for your kids to learn things playfully. Let your kids embrace the fashion designer in em!

What We Like
  • Comes in with 16 stick-on style accessories
  • Cute ensembles with two outfits and accessories galore
  • Includes one each of removable outfit, skirt, jacket, pair of shoes and boots, diaper, sunglasses, comb, bottle, and 16 applique pieces
Our Verdict

The day this doll will arrive, your kids will surely play with it nonstop all day and would even bring it to their baths and night night’s. Splish-splash party with rain boots and coat, or fun in the sun with sunglasses – all is possible with this little doll.

1. Real as Can Be Baby

Real as Can Be Baby

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Real as can be baby, indeed! This doll is the most authentic doll you’ll come across. Trust us; it doesn’t get any better than this one when it comes to real doll lookalikes!

What We Like
  1. 80+ lifelike expressions, movements, and real baby sounds.
  2. The doll turns her head when kids call her.
  3. Impressive real baby sounds.
  4. Accompanied by baby care accessories, including removable outfit, hat, bib, blanket, pacifier, and bottle with disappearing milk.
  5. Amazon’s Choice of recommended product.
Our Verdict

Gift your grandkids this doll on their birthday! They’ll surely love it! You can watch the kids babble to the doll and the doll babble back! Fun, ain’t it?