Best Artificial Christmas Trees of 2022

Artificial Christmas Trees

The best artificial Christmas trees have grown in popularity, as they are durable and easier to maintain than natural trees. You can also fold one, store it out of sight, and recycle it during another special occasion to save money. Finally, unlike natural trees that catch fire when dry, artificial ones are relatively safe, as they are fireproof. Thus, you can set up lights on them and all manner of decorations without worrying about safety. Herein are the most dependable brands for homes that are eye-catching too:

List of the Best Artificial Christmas Trees of 2022

1. Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas Tree

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Best Choice Products artificial Christmas tree is beautiful and adds a festive mood to your house. It has fluffy spruce-style branches that resemble that of a real tree. You can choose the tree that you prefer from the two versions available. The 7.5-foot version consists of 1346 tips, while the 9-foot version with 2028 tips. This tree will not fall over easily thanks to its sturdy steel base that provides maximum stability.

You can also assemble and put the Best Choice Products Artificial Christmas tree apart easily, within a short time. It has three sections with hinges that give it a collapsible design for easy storage and portability. Since the tree is artificial, it is long-lasting, allowing you to fold and store it until the next Christmas. PVC plastic material making the branches is fire-retardant, and they will never catch fire.

What We Like
  • Easy assembly/disassembly
  • Three hinged sections
  • Collapsible design
  • Fire-retardant branches
Our Verdict

Best Choice Products artificial Christmas tree is easy to assemble and put apart and has a collapsible design for easy storage. It has fluffy spruce-style branches with a fire-retardant PVC. Pair with the best Christmas lights to create a soothing environment.

2. National Company Christmas Tree

National Company Christmas Tree

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National Company Christmas tree has 892 branch tips that create an ultra-realistic natural look and feel. The tree has hinged branches that are easy to attach and remove. When you attach them to the center poles, the branches easily set themselves into position without requiring you to use any tools.

This tree has a collapsible design that easily folds back for transportation and storage. A sturdy metal base keeps the tree intact, preventing it from falling.

The tree has long-lasting needles that are fire-resistant and non-allergic for safety. This artificial Christmas tree offers a slightly thinner profile that may be a better fit for areas with a small space. Your purchase includes a metal tree stand and assembly instructions for starters. The tree also has a customer guarantee service for any queries and a limited 5-year warranty for quality control.

What we like

  • Durable materials
  • Easy to store
  • Seller service guarantee
  • Quality control
Our Verdict

National Tree Company has a versatile design that you can mount it anywhere in your room. The tree is robust, stylish, and has a pre-assembled design that is ready to use.

3. Vickerman Carmel Christmas Tree

Vickerman Carmel Christmas Tree

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Vickerman Carmel Christmas tree has Carmel pinecones that are ideal for decoration purposes around your space. The pinecones are also sturdy to withstand long-term use. The tree also has 684 PVC tips that give it a fuller, more attractive and real appearance. It is an artificial Christmas tree hence does not wither or deteriorate.

Vickerman Carmel Christmas tree has a sturdy Burlap base that secures it to the floor. The tree also has glass ornaments that serve as decorations or lighting. You can use it tree for lighting purposes or as a Christmas tree to enhance your indoor/outdoor décor. The glass ornaments are shatterproof and do not break or crack during accidental falls. This tree also has a stylish arrangement that adds taste to your space.

What We Like
  • Sturdy Burlap base
  • Shatter-resistant ornaments
  • Durable materials
  • Lighting/decoration purposes
Our Verdict

Vickerman Christmas tree is ideal for use in homes with small children since the glass ornaments are shatter-resistant. You can store the tree and use it later during a different occasion since it has a long lifespan.

4. KUUQA Miniature Christmas Tree

KUUQA Miniature Christmas Tree

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KUUQA Christmas tree is ideal for use as a tabletop or railway décor. The tree comes in six sizes perfect for you to decorate an outdoor party or your personal space in your house. You get to experience DIY crafts with the mini model bottle trees where you can add ornaments to decorate your space. The tree is an ideal gift for kids, friends, or family to cheer them up and for use as decors.

The KUUQA Christmas tree also has a massive snow effect enabling you to create a winter scene or a Christmas village. The trees are easy to pin on a wooden base to allow them to stand firmly without falling. They are easy to install wherever you desire and create different types of layout models. The package includes 48 blue-green mini Christmas pine trees that are enough to decorate a large area.

What We Like
  • Massive snow effect
  • Easy to mount
  • Different sizes
  • Stable wooden base
Our Verdict

KUUQA trees are ideal gifts for kids, friends, or family, especially during Christmas due to their snow effect displays. You can also use these trees for DIY hacks to create a Christmas village, a winter village, or personal preferences.

5. Lightshare Artificial Christmas Tree

Lightshare Artificial Christmas Tree

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Lightshare Artificial Christmas tree stands 5ft tall with a 16ft lead wire. This tree has a unique design that forms nice scenery display for the beach, swimming pool, garden, lobby, square, or leisure plaza. It also has a green leaf fabric that gives it a real-life appearance. A beautifully curved brown trunk complements your decor. Therefore, it works well as décor for the home during every day and during special holidays.

Lightshare also has a 24V UL low voltage adapter, making it safe or indoor or outdoor use. Its 56 LED lights illuminate your space for up to 30000 hours and save on energy.

Its brown trunk has a 32L mini LED light for a sparkling decoration. This tree consists of stable 4-ground stakes for the iron stand and is therefore easy to set up and move.

What We Like
  • 56 LED Lights
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy to set up
  • Low voltage adapter
Our Verdict

Bring the Hawaii happiness closer to you every day with the LIGHTSHARE Artificial Christmas tree. This tree is patent-protected and features unique design and material, giving beautiful scenery indoors or outdoors.

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6. Aleko CTS59H450 Artificial Christmas Tree

Aleko CTS59H450 Artificial Christmas Tree

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Aleko CTS59H450 artificial Christmas Tree has snow-dusted green branches with a hooked construction for a full and real-life look. Its 450 beautiful pine tips give the tree a full and real-life look. They also have a natural-looking fresh-cut look that will last all season. The snow-dusted effect gives it the look of a freshly fallen snow. You can thus use it to decorate your home with a winter cheer for a brighter, fresher look.

Aleko CTS59H450 artificial Christmas tree consists of dense fire-retardant PVC needles. The needles will not burn even upon exposure to fire. The tree has a metal stand that provides extra support and stability. Assembling this tree is quick and easy and does not require any tools. This tree stands 5ft tall and can fit in any room.

What We Like
  • Ultra-lush snow tips
  • Hooked construction
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Quick and easy assembly
Our Verdict

Brighten your room with ALEKO CTS59H450 artificial Christmas Tree. It has beautiful pine tips with a snow-dusted effect giving your room the look of freshly fallen snow.

7. ReLIVE Artificial Christmas Tree

ReLIVE Artificial Christmas Tree

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ReLIVE Artificial Christmas Tree comes in many color options that work well in most spaces. The star at the top of the tree adds style, giving your space an attractive look. Multiple light bulbs f different colors add beauty to the tree. You can, therefore, as a decorative item or alternative lighting. The tree consequently saves you on power costs by eliminating the need to use another light source.

ReLIVE Artificial Christmas Tree has a sturdy round base that keeps it in position, preventing accidental falls. You can place at any place in your house, including countertops and the corners of your home. The tree has a ceramic material construction that is robust and withstands impact, thus durable.

ReLIVE is 16 inches tall and can fit in any room of standard height. A compact design enables you to move it from point to point with ease.

What We Like
  • Sturdy, round base
  • Robust ceramic material
  • Multi-colored light bulbs
  • Alternative light source
Our Verdict

ReLIVE Artificial Christmas Tree has multi-colored bulbs that make it attractive. These bulbs illuminate your place and allow you to use it as an alternative light source, thus saving on power cost. Its ceramic components do not wear out quickly.

8. CC Christmas Decor Artificial Tree

CC Christmas Decor Artificial Tree

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CC Christmas Decor Artificial Tree consists of 200 beautiful pine tips for a fuller, natural appearance. It has a natural 2-tone medium natural green color that gives the artificial tree a real look. A hinged branch construction makes the tree easy to set up. It only requires you to open it, and the branches will automatically fall into the right place. This tree is also freestanding and does not require any support or mounting.

CC Christmas decor artificial tree also has a base with a metal material construction that is sturdy for long-term durability. It also provides it with stability to keep it from falling. The treetop slides into the bottom half, allowing you to remove the stand for bucket or pot fit. You can disassemble the tree and put away in the box for future use. The tree stands 4 feet high from the base to the top and has a thick and stable 21-inch diameter. Therefore, it works well indoors in large and small spaces.

What We Like
  • 200-beautiful pine tips
  • Freestanding design
  • Hinged branch design
  • Easy to assemble
Our Verdict

CC Christmas Decor Artificial Tree is easy to assemble and its top slides into the bottom half. You can remove the stand to fit in a bucket or pot. You can also disassemble the tree for easy transportation and storage.

9. RJ Legend Artificial Christmas Tree

RJ Legend Artificial Christmas Tree

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RJ Legend Artificial Christmas Tree has ceramic materials that do not wear out quickly, allowing for long-term use. It also has an attractive champagne gold color that results from the use of innovative electroplating techniques. This golden color offers a reflective and more festive look and adds décor to your space. The tree has 50 colorful lights and point star topper that complements your décor.

RJ Legend Artificial Christmas Tree measures 8.5x 15-inches and can, therefore, fit in relatively small apartments. You can also use the tree to complement the décor in your various rooms, such as the living room, kitchen, or office. You receive a complete refund if it does not satisfy you and you can input three AA batteries at the base to watch the magical lights that make the tree ideal for meditation.

What We Like
  • Reflective and festive look
  • 50 colorful lights
  • Complements your decor
  • Three AA batteries
Our Verdict

With RJ Legend Artificial Christmas Tree, you can complement your décor in your living room, kitchen, or office. This tree features gorgeous golden color complemented by 50 colorful lights and points star toppers thus an ideal décor.

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10. Ectmact Artificial Christmas Tree

Ectmact Artificial Christmas Tree

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The Ectmact Artificial Christmas Tree has six sets of 48 mini shapes that give it a stunning look. You can decorate the set according to your own ideas for a customized Christmas flavor. It is also an ideal gift for children, friends, and family.

This tree has an exquisite white cedar design with blue and green branches, bringing out a realistic look. You can thus build your own small forest using the trees to experience the fairy tale world. Ectmact Artificial Christmas Tree allows for a multi-scene application that helps you to install it in different settings. You can thus install it in the living room, bedroom, and other counters at home.

This tree has pure natural hemp silk that is textural and attractive. A pine material base keeps the tree upright and in position, preventing it from swaying or falling.

What We Like
  • Realistic appearance
  • Multi-scene application
  • 48 mini set
  • Sturdy base
Our Verdict

Ectmact Artificial Christmas Tree features a multi-scene application for use in different settings. It also has a sturdy base that keeps it from falling off after installation.