Best 8-Person Tents of 2022

8-Person Tents

The best 8-person tents enable people to camp outdoors with friends and family in all weather conditions due to their quality of construction. You can fit portable camping chairs in one and have an enjoyable time with family members. They also protect people from UV, dust, and rain, and have a well-ventilated design that is suitable for sleeping in all night long. Finally, most premium models have removable floors and mesh curtains for added protection and privacy. While camping in the woods, bugs or snakes will not creep into your tent and ruin your experience. Here are the ten most trusted brands that deliver excellent results in most settings:

List of the Best 8-Person Tents of 2022

10. NTK Arizona 7 to 8-Person Tent

NTK Arizona 7 to 8-Person Tent

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NTK Arizona tent is 100% waterproof and therefore suitable for use during rainy seasons. It features two doors for easy entry and exit. You can use this tent when you are out hiking with adults or kids. Its color-coded poles make assembling this tent easy and quick. Double-layered polyester material strengthens the tent making it durable. A water column prevents water from standing on the surface of the tent by draining it all off.

Capacious utility pockets in the NTK Arizona tent further provide you with a place to store all your items conveniently. Zipped E-port makes wiring easier and faster. Mosquitoes will never bother you when you use the NTK Arizona tent thanks to its mosquito mesh. Anti-fungus material making the floor of this tent keeps it in good condition and functional for a long time.

What We Like
  • Zipped E-port
  • Mosquito mesh
  • Large utility pockets
  • Waterproof construction
Our Verdict

NTK Arizona tent will serve you well for a long time. It has an anti-fungus floor material that does not wear out even after exposure to water. You also get to store your items in the large utility pockets conveniently.

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9. Eureka 8-Person Tent

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Eureka tent contains two rooms that enable it to accommodate two different bunches of people. The rooms also provide you with one place to stay and another one to store your luggage. You can remove the partition to achieve one large room when you do not need separate rooms. The poles of the tent are almost vertical and do not, therefore, take up too much space. You can fit airbeds and cots and in this tent thanks to the ample space available. You can charge your devices in the tent by connecting an electrical power cable to the available power port.

Six windows further ventilate the Eureka tent giving it a fresh environment. The windows also allow you to view the surroundings all around the tent. Two doors make entry and exit from the tent easy. Six large pockets provide convenient places to store your necessities during your hike. The floor of the tent measures 13×10 feet with a 7 feet height. It has a 2-ounce weight that is easily portable, thus usable in different settings. You do not need any prior assembling experience to set this tent up quickly with no hassle.

What We Like
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy assembly
  • Six large pockets
  • Two doors
Our Verdict

Eureka tent is easy to access thanks to its two spacious doors. It has six large pockets where you can store your luggage. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around from place to place.

8. HIKERGARDEN 8-Person Tent


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HIKERGARDEN 8-Person Tent has an easy set-up procedure that you can complete without using too much time or energy. The tent protects you against wind and rain thanks to its water and waterproof construction. Five large meshes keep the tent well ventilated and therefore cool. Double-layered construction further makes the tent sturdy increasing its service life.

You can also carry the HIKERGARDEN 8-Person Tent to various settings with ease thanks to its lightweight. Its package consists of a free carrier bag that you can use to carry the tent. You can fit up to three queen-size air mattresses in the tent. Eight individual sleeping bags can also fit inside the tent, enabling it to accommodate several people with no congestion. Five mesh windows increase the ventilation in this tent for a fresh and comfortable environment.

What We Like
  • Easily portable
  • Five mesh windows
  • Easy assembly
  • Wind and waterproof
Our Verdict

HIKERGARDEN Tent is capacious and accommodates up to eight people without causing any congestion. It is wind and waterproof, thus ideal for use on the outdoors.

7. Outbound Dome Tent for Camping

Outbound Dome Tent for Camping

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Outbound is a reputable eight-person tent that is perfect for backpacking, camping, and spending time on the beach. Its spacious interior fits eight to 12 people comfortably. It is also stylish (blue) and has a portable design with a backpack for transportation. During your outdoor trips, you can fold it into a compact package and carry it in the boot of your car without cluttering personal space. Its D shape door is spacious, while the zippered windows on offer are secure and designed to keep its interior cool and habitable. As such, even during warm summer months, you will enjoy using this product outdoors.

The Outbound Dome Tent is a weather-resistant camping accessory. Its seams, for instance, are tight and leak proof. Moreover, because it has a coated 600mm rainfly that offers optimal weather resistance, you can use it in the rain or high winds without issues. The material is also durable, as it has welded and leak-proof seams that last for years. Outbound weighs 17 pounds but measures about 14x18x5’10” feet.

What we like:

  • Lightweight (17 pounds)
  • Fits 8-12 people comfortably
  • Leak-proof windows (zippered)
  • Welded seams (leak proof)
  • Coated rainfly (600mm)

Our verdict:

Outbound is a reputable dome tent for camping and beach going, with a comfortable 14x18x2’10” feet design. It is portable (17 pounds) and made of a weather-resistant polyester fabric that lasts for many years.

6. NTK Laredo 8-9-Person Tent

NTK Laredo 8-9-Person Tent

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NTK Laredo tent accommodates eight or nine people at one go. It features one large door that enables you to enter and exit from it with ease. It also has three windows that help in increasing the airflow in the tent. Enough air circulation gets rid of foul odors creating a fresh environment inside the tent always. Easy assembly procedure saves you time and energy that you need to set this tent up. Its color-coded poles make the tent an attractive and classy addition to your camp.

NTK Laredo tent also features a water column that drains all rainwater from the surface of the tent. The water column is polyester construction, which safe for humans and the environment. The material is durable and thus keeps the column from wearing out easily. A mosquito mesh keeps mosquitoes and other small insects from flying or crawling into your tent. This mesh is translucent and enhances privacy by blocking outsiders from viewing the inside of your tent.

What We Like
  • Mosquito mesh
  • Water column
  • Easy assembly procedure
  • Three windows for airflow
Our Verdict

The NTK Laredo tent keeps you safe from insect bites by keeping mosquitoes and other insects from accessing your tent. It has a mosquito mesh that also increases air circulation in the tent.

5. QT QOMOTOP 8-person Camping Tent

QT QOMOTOP 8-person Camping Tent

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QT QOMOTOP 8-person Camping Tent is easy to set up, a process that requires only one minute to complete. Water-resistance material makes the tent usable even during the rainy days. The top rainfly provides you with further protection against rain. A room divider partitions your tent, enhancing your privacy. Partitioning the tent also allows you to host different kinds of people that are hard to contain in one tent. The floor of the tent is always dry, thanks to its PE-tube floor. The floor also has strong welded corners that give the tent more stability.

A spacious interior further enables the QT QOMOTOP tent to accommodate two airbeds of queen size. The tent measures 13×9 feet and has a 6-inchx6-feet center height. This height enables you to carry out your activities in the tent comfortably. An electrical cord slot provides you with a place to connect your electrical cords. You can fully close this port when you are not using it. Closing the port protects it from water and dust, which in turn reduces its chances of damaging quickly. You get a free carrier bag, tent stakes, a mat, gear pockets, and lofts upon buying this tent. A mesh roof boosts ventilation to get rid of bad odors, while a ground vent helps in increasing airflow, creating a fresh and comfortable environment in the tent.

What We Like
  • Enough air circulation
  • Electrical cord slot
  • Waterproof material
  • Spacious interior
Our Verdict

The QT QOMOTOP tent has a large vertical space that allows you to do your things comfortably. It also has a PE-tube floor that keeps the floor dry even during heavy rains.

4. Kodiak Canvas 8-Person Tent

Kodiak Canvas 8-Person Tent

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You can host up to eight people in the Kodiak Canvas tent. Its canvas construction gives the tent a sturdy structure. The material is watertight; thus, you never need to worry about the weather when you are out camping. Being 100% cotton, the tent is safe for you and the environment and does not retain any smells thanks to the airtight nature of the material.

Two large doors with zippers make it easy to access and exit from the Kodiak Canvas tent. Four large windows increase air circulation within the tent. These windows also have translucent that allow you to view your surroundings from inside the tent. The mesh inhibits people from outside from viewing the inside of the tent, enhancing your privacy. Two funnel-flow outlets also improve airflow and help in managing the temperature in the tent. The tent is spacious and has a ceiling height of 6.6 inches. The height allows you to walk around inside the tent comfortably.

What We Like
  • Large doors and windows
  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Watertight construction
  • Breathable material
Our Verdict

Kodiak Canvas tent has a breathable canvas construction that does not retain any smells. It also has large windows that improve air circulation inside the tent. Large doors further make it easy to enter and exit from the tent.

3. TOMOUNT 8-Person Tent

TOMOUNT 8-Person Tent

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TOMOUNT 8-person tent is both water and windproof. You can carry it easily to any place that you need to use it. It has a solid size that is portable using the carry bag available in the tents package. Setting the tent up is quick and hassle-free, as most people can do so single-handedly. Moreover, it double-layered construction makes this tent sturdy and durable since it does not wear out quickly. The tent is available in green, which makes it fit perfectly on the outdoors.

The large mesh also makes the TOMOUNT tent comfortable as it allows airflow and keeps the interior environment fresh. You get to go in and out of the tent with ease, thanks to the easily accessible zippers. The tent comes with a free mesh curtain that you can use to partition it. Partitioning offers you privacy and gives you a separate room to store your luggage.

What We Like
  • Curtain for partitioning
  • Accessible zippers
  • Good ventilation
  • Water and windproof
Our Verdict

TOMOUNT 8-person tent fits well in any outdoor setting thanks to its green color. It is also lightweight with a solid size that makes it easy to carry around to different settings.

2. Wenzel 8-Person Tent

Wenzel 8-Person Tent

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Wenzel 8-person tent is a Bangladesh product that you can use both indoors and outdoors. A rainfly protects you against drenching from rain and scorching from the sun while inside the tent. You can remove this rainfly to achieve a better airflow within the tent. Removing the rainfly also enables you to wash it with ease.

You can also fit two queen-size beds in the Wenzel 8-person tent. The size of this tent is therefore large enough to accommodate several people at one go. Its 6.5 feet vertical space allows you to move around in the tent comfortably. A screen awning at the front of the tent allows you to see the environment and happenings around the tent. Convenience pockets provide you with a place to store your items. The roof of the tent further has vents that increase air circulation in the tent during warmer days.

What We Like
  • Vents in the roof
  • Convenience pockets
  • Screen awning
  • Large vertical distance
Our Verdict

The Wenzel 8-person tent gives you a comfortable shelter during hiking. It has good air circulation thanks to its removable rainfly and vents on the roof.

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1. Coleman Elite Montana 8-person Tent

Coleman Elite Montana 8-person Tent

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Coleman Elite 8-person tent measures 16×7 feet and weighs 27.4 pounds. You have enough space to move in as this tent has a 2-inch height. It has a polyester construction that is sturdy and does not easily wear out. This material is also easy to wash, allowing you to keep it clean. Polyester is waterproof, making the tent ideal for use even under the rain. You can fit up to three queen-size airbeds allowing enough space for your family.

Coleman Elite 8-person tent also features LED lights. You can set the amount of light that you need from the three settings available. Hinged doors allow you to enter and exit the tent with ease. Four poles reinforce the stability of this tent and make it stable. The poles are color-coded, which makes them attractive.

What We Like
  • Bright LED lights
  • Spacious hinged doors
  • Color-coded poles
  • Washable polyester
Our Verdict

Coleman Elite 8-person tent has a sturdy construction making it durable. It is also waterproof and usable during the rainy season.